Danese Corey

Susie MacMurray at Danese Corey Gallery

Susie MacMurray’s stately ‘Medusa,’ dignifies the maligned mythological character by refashioning her imposing figure in a beautiful surface of tiny, interlocked copper rings. (At Chelsea’s Danese Corey Gallery through May 21st.) Susie MacMurray, Medusa, handmade copper chain mail over fiberglass and steel armature, 72 x 96 x 96 inches, 2014 – 15.

Caroline Wells Chandler in ‘Common Threads’ at Danese Corey Gallery

Caroline Wells Chandler’s crocheted smiley creatures run and jump along the gallery wall in Danese Corey Gallery’s textile-related summer group show, ‘Common Threads.’ Goofily happy, they are pure fun. (In Chelsea through July 29th). Caroline Wells Chandler, installation view in ‘Common Threads’ at Danese Corey Gallery, June 2016.