Long time IHM favorite Lucian made a huge imprint in the electronic scene with his debut EP earlier this year, but the prolific producer from New York is not content with quietly riding the waves of success. Lucian is at it again, forging thrilling and emotive future bass anthems. His new single Down The Middle is grandly magnificent. Boston alt pop duo Kid Coyote turn in bewitching vocals as Lucian’s vivacious flickering, Flume like production leaves us shivering with ecstatic excitement. Down The Middle is a free download from Toneden.

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Hc: the hamiltons at the kids dance recitals, band concerts, debates, etc...

Eliza coaches the kids’ sports teams when they’re little, especially soccer.  So she’s very involved but she tries to be very measured about her kids and not prioritize them over the other kids.  It’s important she not give them special treatment and she’s good at strategizing!

Angelica tries to do dance, but she’s pretty shy, honestly.  So it actually doesn’t last very long b/c she’s so uncomfortable being the center of attention.  Piano is nice for her b/c even if she does a recital (which she tries to avoid), at least she’s staring at the piano and not at the audience.  The Hamiltons just try to be encouraging with her but they don’t go crazy wild. 

Philip wants to be the goddamn center of attention all the time, so they totally give into that and Ham will be the loudest parent.  “Your kid is great?  Mine is better!  Watch him destroy your child in debate!  I made him practice with the president’s debate experts.  mwahahaha.”  Eliza is like “……..i want full custody.”  She’s more the praise after the event type.  Like, Eliza remembers all the little details and will give them a ton of compliments and it makes them feel like she was really paying attention, which always feels nice.

Hamilton is sometimes, honestly, the dad who is like ‘you did great, but….’ and then mentions something they could improve on.  He just wants them to be their best but sometimes, they just want Eliza to talk about the great catch they made in the outfield, not how they should’ve stolen second.  

Little Girl Dancing Behind NBC Reporter Didn’t Know She Became a Viral Hit

“I wanted to be on TV ‘cause I’ve never been on TV,” 7-year-old Janiyah Rush said in front of Sexton Elementary School Thursday afternoon. “I’ve never been on TV, and I’ve never seen myself on TV.”

… “Yeah, that’s my daughter,” mother Cassandra Rush said upon seeing the video on the iPhone of a DNAinfo Chicago reporter. “Is she going to be famous now?”

Rush said all five of her children love to dance and aren’t afraid of attention.

“My kids are always doing something,” Rush said, adding that she often makes beatbox noises while her children dance. “All of my kids dance.”

Read: DNAinfo.com Chicago


Here’s the sause of the gif that everyone’s been posting lately.