Thoughts during dance class:

  • what the fck the teacher doin
  • ok i got this
  • no wait fuck fuck fuck i dont
  • aaaand we’re turning
  • im like 500% sure that isnt even a real word
  • french ass bullshit pretty sure thats a cheese
  • dammit im hungry why the fuk didnt i eat lunch
  • her leotards cuter than mine ugh
  • everything hurts so this is how i die tell my family i love them bye
Things only dancers will understand:

-having to get completely naked in order to go to the bathroom (tights and leotards are inconvenient) 

-no one in the room is wearing underwear and that’s not a sexual thing (tights and leotard don’t leave much to the imagination either) 

 -slipping on other people’s sweat imprints on the floor is an occupational hazard 

-the whole studio/company is on the same menstrual cycle (hey girl, will you check my butt out for blood?) 

 -arriving sweaty to an academic class after a dance 

 -you know all of your teachers/professors by first name, are friends with them on facebook, and have their cell numbers (especially if they’re your choreographer too) 

-gross feet are whatever (you’re lucky if you’ve never lost a toenail or bled in your shoes) 

 Did I forget any?

  • me, during dance class: this is so hard my legs hurt so bad I'm so tired this is the most I've ever hurt in my whole life
  • me, after a dance performance: I LOVE dance! I'm so thankful for being a dancer :) this is so much fun I've made so many great friends and had such cool experiences because of it :)
  • me, literally the next day, in class again: this is so hard my legs hurt so bad I'm so tired this is the most I've ever hurt in my whole life

People don’t understand that dancers are not graceful little flowers all the time but we’re seriously the most profane people you’ll ever meet.

For example, this girl in my class is on her way to being a famous ballerina. She’s flawless and the most skilled dancer in the class if not the entire college. When another dancer asked her how she was able to get her arabesque so high without her hips tilting to the side, she said, “Your ass gotta be tight as SHIT. That motherfucker has to be like…. UNGH.”