I want to address a turn of phrase that’s been coming up a lot in the dance music world over the past week and that’s Post EDM. I want to talk about it cause in my opinion people are using it incorrectly. When A-Trak coined the phrase in 2014 he was talking about how producers were going to start favoring more nuanced and complex styles of dance music not only in production but also performance when the big room house bubble burst. A-trak’s message was about the next step in dance music’s evolution not the death of the scene which is how most people are referring to post EDM. A-Trak’s prediction was spot on cause that’s what happening now whether it’s Porter Robinson or Kygo performing their tracks in a more traditional way or Robert DeLong combing his performance style with the traditional instrumentation of Lindsey Stirling at Coachella people are coming up with new ways to produce and perform electronic music like they always have and the scene is as healthy as ever. A better way to look at post EDM would be to look at the picture above and cut out noobs, vets, and EDM what your left with is the reality of our situation dance music has made it far enough into the mainstream that people can see that dance music is more than a prepackaged acronym it’s a collection of styles that’s distinct and diverse but also interconnected. So if you hear someone talking about post EDM trying to sound smart interrupt them kindly inform them that they’re wrong and tell them that they’ve just figured out what dance music fans have known all along.

…and ARTPOP is officially declared by the music industry as a HIT! Five tracks off the album have charted on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. (including, non-single “Dope” which charted at #8). The album surpassed 2.5 Million Copies Worldwide this month. And spawned two Platinum+ selling hits, “APPLAUSE” & “DO WHAT U WANT.” The album also debuted at #1 in US, UK, and AUSTRALIA! Way to go, LADY GAGA! Slay!!!


PON3 - Junkrat Theme
(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMZhXhefV3M)