LK Studio - Ballet Video Sample

     I ran into none other than Abby Miller of Dance Mom’s at Ross Dress for Less on La Cienega and 18th street. I’m an Angelino, so I try not seem too affected by quasi celebrities–however I couldn’t hide the recognition in my eyes when I saw Miss Abby piling designer duds on a counter, but that was only on account of we were both at a bargain barnyard. Look, I’m a bitch on a budget, but I’m sure she can afford to Dress for More. Then again she IS from Pittsburgh so, you know…
     She noticed that I noticed her instantly while I stood in line. There was a look of horror and discomfort on her face, as if I caught her stealing something. She also noticed when I reached for my phone and pretended to check my hair on my camera phone while I took a picture. She looked right into my lens. BUSSSTED!!! 
Oh…and PS: I’m not saying I never bought a pair of underwear at Ross, but last night, I was there for a set of towels. 


So my Dad and I have this special tradition. When I was getting my firsts to move out of prelim, my Mom and I joked that I only won when he wasn’t there (mainly because my Mom does the feises for the most part and my Dad does majors). But my dad took this seriously. Since then, he hasn’t watched me compete. He’s always in the room, but he never watches. In fact, he waits til I get up on stage and can see him and gives me the special “You can do it!” signal, and makes a big show of turning around so that he’s facing the back of the room. As I got older, and as I started to realize that superstitions didn’t really have an effect on my dancing, I told my Dad that he could watch me dance again. But he insists, every time, on keeping our tradition. I know that he’s a nervous wreck when my siblings or I dance, and that not watching makes it worse, but he does it because he thinks it will help me. He didn’t watch me when I danced all of my rounds at Nationals this year, and he cried every bit as much as I did when I qualified :)

I love my parents. They sacrifice so much so I can go out and give all of my dreams a chance. My mom has every thing in place for even the tiniest feises, and my Dad stones every single solo dress for me. They’re insanely awesome and with Oireachtas approaching quickly, I just wanted to take a second and thank God for giving me the best parents ever. 

just came home from The Beatdown Hip-Hop Competition! 
it was a really live show! there were so many amazing groups that came out and performed, not only from toronto but from new jersey and winnipeg! and it also gave me the opportunity to see people i havent seen in ages! such as @Chooters <3 and i must say, there were a helllll of a bunch of cute guys. LOL but all of them are out clubbing right now at Faces, while i’m at home. ): and i feel so dumb! cause my phone was down during the entire competition and when i got home, i fixed it. and it was fucking easy. hold down the sleep and home button. -_- why didnt i think of that earlier? im so dumb. ahaha