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Let Me Put A Bogus Claim to Rest:

From the horses mouth…or Ninja’s fingers: “Lol these people who make up rumors are idiots who want attention. Meryl is dancing in all three shows. So is Peta. So is Amy. So is rest of cast.

I appreciate you taking initiative to correct this nonsense” I snipped the rest as it wasn’t germane to the issue.


The Making of SWAY 2.0.  "The Announcement".

Episode 4.

OK. Y'all KNOW how I feel about SWAY! Imagine how honored and flattered I was to discover Val posted a link to my review on his website! I’m on cloud nine, not only because he thought well enough of my work to post it… even more exciting to me is SWAY 3.0 is all but officially confirmed at this point! One extra plus is my hopes this helps to generate further interest in SWAY! Oh, happy day!

okay, apparently that peanut butter lie those trolls made up

actually did scare dwm last night, based on Rumer’s IG post - so I’d just like to give a shout out to the douche bags who made up the lie, the high strung bloggers who didn’t provide any facts but blew up the lie anyway, the IG posters who took the baseless lie & ran with it to other social media, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, again the original liars for never coming clean about things so actual people were actually scared. Well done on your hackery. Douche bags.

The people who made up the lie should go tell dwm what they did so those dancers can relax & the fans who are attending can feel comfortable they’re welcomed. I’m sure that won’t happen though.

It’s ON! @SWAYshow is coming to Manhattan this summer. The Forum last time had roughly 20 who attended, many flying in from across the country and some who attended #SWDOI (airing today at 4PM EST on ABC)

We had all sorts of meet-ups, including a bunch who weren’t forum members, which was cool: two in Westbury @ Chi Dining Lounge & many more in the City. We plan on doing it again, this time, with more advance notice, the group will likely be larger. All are welcome. Such a blast and so much more fun to share with fellow CFam/DWMFam supporters! Woohoo!!!

RT if you are so inclined. Send me a DM if you want in on the meet up info. Plan on doing like last time: find good food, good prices, great bar and great ambience. Then set something up w/ the proprietor, so they aren’t caught short-staffed and we aren’t waiting in line!


Val & Zendaya in ‘The Making of Sway’ - Episode 4 [x]

SWAY After Party v. Meet & Greet Response to an Ask

I received a DM from someone asking about the After Party and M & G. She’s trying to decide which one to attend. Since I’ve not followed her long enough to direct reply, I’m posting a longer response here.

Here’s my thoughts and I hope others who have been to one or the other share their impressions:

Disclosure: I am NOT a M & G kind of person. To me, it feels really peculiar to line up and greet someone, as the only purpose of an event. Which probably makes me weird. I accept that. That said, yes, I’ve been to both a SWAY M & G and After Party. To me, the AP is the one to do, if you have to choose.

After Party: First, it lasts a lot longer. Second, people mingle all over the place, so those who are interested can easily walk up and get a selfie, etc, with any of the performers, even if there is a bit of a line. Third, there are food and drinks. Fourth, a top NYC DJ will be running the music selection. Fifth, there is dancing. Sixth, because it’s longer, it’s a lovely opportunity to meet and chat with others attending. Seventh, because it lasts longer, it’s less stressful, in general, imo. Eighth, the AP is actually cheaper than the M & G by $50 pp. Ninth, in the past, two free drinks have been included w/ the AP ticket. I do not know if that will be the case, though, for the June event.

Meet & Greet: I went to the one on December 17: hot as Hades… on a cold day. Don’t think this will be an issue. I do expect the June M&G to be much more like a cattle call, with a quick line up and run through. There exists the very real possibility there won’t be an opportunity for individual pics, but only red carpet group shots. Especially for the Saturday night show, as the After Party immediately follows the M&G, so they’ll be very time conscious that night. If, instead, the M&G remains the same as on the 17th, there will be an opportunity for individual selfies, at least with some of the cast. If you want one with all, it’ll be like a timed treasure hunt, as you run around to the various dancers and queue up for a photo.

Disclaimer: The M &G’s and After Party are at a different and significantly larger venue. Thus, things may change up quite a bit… or not… and the numbers of attendees for each may change….or not… Nothing is guaranteed, and specifics may not even be completely finalized at this point.

Then there is this humorous, cautionary tale from the December M & G: A friend was stuck in a long line behind a woman who decided it was the perfect opportunity to counsel Maks on his personal, romantic relationships. Oy vay! My friend, a Baptist Minister’s Wife, was only a couple people from Maks, but she never got her selfie due to the time-hogging romance counselor. The experience may have resulted in my friend thinking less than charitable thoughts about that woman! Moral of the story: don’t be a time hog, when you’ve got a string of people behind you! (And probably best to skip the romance advice, no matter what!)

Here are a couple of pics of Forum members and some of our favorite dancers taken during the After Party, on Saturday, December 20, 2014:

Jenn and Kelly both win the prize for getting the most selfies, lol!

Jenn, Mistress Efficiency, checks off the Val selfie tic box.

The above was taken right after Forum friends Sandy, Jenn and I went up to Sharna. I greeted her, ‘All Hail, Lord Sharna!’ She was laughing hysterically, asking, ‘was that you?’ I replied that it was clever people on tumblr, but we’d embraced it, lol!

Kelly and the Ginga Ninja. He’s charming and funny.

Saved what I think the best for last. A cute, chaste peck on the cheek from my daughter Kelly’s fav dancer ;)