Notes from the Route: Dance Teams

New Orleans

The historiography of dance is an impossible one to trace. With conjecture, we can assume we first danced about the time we crawled out of the ocean, grew legs, felt the spirit and let it move us. We’ve since danced to summon weather, to heal the sick, to celebrate births and weddings, for salvation, redemption and to mark full moons and bat mitzvahs. We’ve danced in ballrooms, in forest clearings, in empty dive bars in eastern Oregon and in the wallpapered kitchens of our first loves. In whatever way we move our bodies, it is always to release the hounds of our selves in some way — and to conjure the spirit of the moment. Where language fails us, dance is the thing still true.

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This is actual insanity. 

  • We need feminism because my little brother wasn't allowed to even receive a flyer for the school dance team, let alone participate. He was told it's only for girls.
  • We need feminism because the "girls'" football team plays one game a year and is called Powder Puff.
  • Stop gendering sports please.
  • Boys can dance.
  • Girls can play football.