potentially lukewarm tea: p sure maddie is dating stevie wonder’s son

ok so as most people know by now, kenzie is on dwts juniors as a celeb. another one of the celebs on this show is mandla morris, stevie wonder’s son, who is 13 and partnered with brightyn brems. stevie has another son named kailand who is 17 and i am like 99% sure him and maddie are dating. 

but, caroline, why do you think that?

i’m gonna start w most recent and work backwards. maddie posted this photo last night, tagged kailand (who took the photo), and captioned it with a black heart (which is in kailand’s profile and something he often uses) in captions. kailand commented: 

also, kailand was w maddie on her bday. so were other people, but noticeably, kailand and sia were the only ones that maddie actually posted a pic with, the rest were all on her story (not remembering exactly who but i believe jake monreal and mandla were both there)

kailand commented again:

also around this time, a bunch of maddie’s friends started following kailand on insta and posting things with him. they’re all gone now but one post i remember specifically was cameron posted pics of them together on his story. lots of those people are still following kailand now, including people like summer, summer’s boyfriend, and kenzie’s new boyfriend ashton (@/ashtonarbab on instagram). 

other misc social media activity:

a lot of this stuff has been posted on stories so it’s only in passing, but while it totally makes sense maddie and kailand would’ve met through their siblings, i’m p sure they are dating now. there’s also some video somewhere that maddie made with summer when they were on vacation together and during the video maddie gets a text from a boy and her and summer both freak out about it. i’ve been seeing this stuff for weeks and this rly isn’t even all of it and yes, i DO feel weird making a post about the potential relationship of two teenagers, but life is boring and i want to discuss this with other people so here u go. no definitive proof but if social media activity indicates anything i think these two are dating

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