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Classic: Yuri!!! On ice (and yes it's a classic already for everyone who wonders :P)

  • Favorite Male Character = Yuuri. My boy. I don’t draw enough of this anxious bundle of joy.
  • Favorite Female Character = tie between ALL OF THEM. ALL OF THE GIRLS.
  • Least Favorite Character = I guess I could care less about Minami tbh. Cute kid, but like… eh
  • Favorite Friendship = Otabek and Yuri duh. They’re lovely. (Ishipthemhardcorebutlet’skeepthatbetweenusfriendseh?)
  • Favorite Quote “He meets me where I am” if that moment didn’t shake you to your core we can’t be friends
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = God I hope not lol
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = THAT FUCKIN. DRUNK DANCE SCENE. AND THE STAMMI VICINO DUET. THE WHOLE END OF EPISODE 12. I JUST. I
  • Saddest Moment = for me it’s when Yuuri basically breaks down on the ice after performing Eros at the grand prix final. He did such a good job but he got stuck in his head and it wasn’t enough and he KNOWS it and it hurts. I feel that so deeply it’s insane. 
  • Favorite Location = That church in Barcelona. I need to visit there soon.

“The live-action movies’ expert use of CGI make them seem magical, in a way that reminds me of why I enjoy the original movies so much, and are an advantage to seeing these movies brought to life this way. Like Cinderella’s transformation scene, or the opening to The Jungle Book, or the ballroom dance scene in Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes they’re effective enough for me to ignore some of the issues I have with the movies in that moment.”

remember that feeling of absolute pure joy when you first watched the hanna dancing to bang bang scene…nothing has come close comparing since…perhaps that was the our peak as humans…we can only pray we reach that level of ecstasy again

I feel like Rita’s question from Nina “ What are you dancing for? Is not exactly meant dance. But feel like meant why are you moving your body like that or something? Nina wasnt exactly dancing in that scene nor she thought she was dancing. As soon as Rita pointed out dance word. Nina thought about Charioce’s question of dance.:’) She would have said i didnt dance or something. Also Rita never triggered that, never meant exactly dance. It is Nina herself triggered that, thought that. 

But even if im happy with this situation. I hope Nina know and accept Charioce as his own person. Not because he was the man she danced with, but the person who kinda she disliked what he is doing. But still she is still willing to accept him would be great. But if not Nina cant see him, but escaping from the truth with her crush. So i hope Nina aware of everything, aware of Charioce, aware of Chris, aware of Demons, Humans and Gods situation.

 I really want Nina to accept Charioce as his true nature, not only seeing his Chris side, but seeing his Charioce side. She still wants to dance with him is big proof that she dont care if he is King or not. But i want to make sure that Nina aware of everything about Charioce. Still likes him whatever he is, not escaping from the situation. Thats the relationship i want for them. 

Even if they saw their different side, even if they are currently on different side, still caring for each other is important. Also witnessing the truth not escaping from it. 

Nina not to witness truth, not to see Charioce, but thinking only Chris side would be big fall for their relationship. So i hope Nina thought about Charioce’s question of dance in that situation implied she is accepting him as Charioce .

But Charioce and Nina are so real. :’)

Love and Peace! Guys


Love and Ruin!