Dance scene

Okay, but like, how excited are we for Malec dancing? 
Is freaking out and having dreams of it normal? 
Am I too obsessed or should I step up my game? 

Okay so I know it’s a really brief moment, but I’ve sat there watching the dance scene over and over so that I could really analyze it, and I particularly focused on their faces. What I’ve noticed is that when Stanley twirls into LeFou’s arms LeFou looks a little surprised, but more of a sparkly twinkly “oh this cute guy is dancing with me now??” Surprise. Before with the girls he was all polite smiles and not really focusing just having fun la de da but then Stanley shows up and suddenly he’s more in the moment and not just polite manners he’s actually reacting to the person he’s with. Then you see Stanley’s face is a bit stoic but he’s slightly wide eyed. Not surprised but more like slightly nervous, like he’s trying hard to keep composed and make a good impression. I think Stanely’s purposefully engineered himself to end up in LeFou’s arms, though perhaps slightly unconsciously. I know I myself have had moments where I’m slyly adjusting myself little by little in unnoticeable ways so that I may end up closer to the girl I like. But you can see on his face he probably wasn’t actually expecting it to work/wasn’t actually prepared for the moment when he’d be holding LeFou in his arms, and it’s like he’s really here, and this is really happening. This is all real and he’s got to focus and he’s looking right at LeFou, they’re looking at each other like little star struck love birds, and have you noticed when LeFou is around it’s like he’s all Stanley can see? Even when Stanley is in the background of random scenes he’s looking straight at LeFou. But they’ve never been this close, and now LeFou is perhaps really noticing Stanley for the first time and this is a big moment for both of them, and I feel like for that moment it’s like everyone else fades away and it’s like they’re the only ones there, dancing in this giant ballroom like belle and the beast had. They have the same looks on their faces like those two did at that first initial dance. Sort of star struck, unsure, trying to focus and make a gold impression, but definitely only seeing each other and they fit together almost naturally. Notice that neither LeFou or Stanley has a moment of confusion where they don’t know what to do. They both slip right into their roles and are twirling beautifully. Just like Belle and the Beast, they fit, and perhaps that is another reason why they’re so awe struck. Because this feels so right.

there is no icon currently to express my feelings bc I just saw Beauty and the Beast and iT WAS GORGEOUS…..STUNNING……I CRIED 3 TIMES……….all that rococo fashion…..and AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT OF DIVERSITY!!!!! I mean, I’m still waiting for them to remake a Disney movie and cast a PoC as the lead princess for no reason other than they can, BUT THIS WAS CERTAINLY A STEP IN A GOOD DIRECTION!! And ffffff I wasn’t so sure about Emma as Belle at first, but she ended up winning me over. 


“Love actually” + 13 years later