Abby: * tries to sabotage Nia’s acting audtion and singing career, excludes her from ALDC activities, trashes on both of her music videos, gives her poorly choreographed solos, makes offensive and hurtful comments towards her and continuously underestimates her*

Nia: *slays red carpets, does various tv and magazine interviews, has millions of views on her music videos, puts out an amazing dance video showcasing her talent, shooting a movie as well as working on new music, is mentioned in a Wall Street Journal Article, currently dancing in Trip Of Love*

Nia @ Abby:


She has, fascinatingly, really created her own world of dance,” says Troy Schumacher, a New York City Ballet dancer and choreographer who worked with Ziegler on a striking Capezio commercial this past year. “When we talk about great dancers, it’s definitely a persona that leaves a lasting impression — it’s not necessarily the most technically perfect dancer. She’s only 13, but there’s a strong sense of personality that comes through in her movement that is somewhat iconic.” Ziegler has become, in a sense, “the first digital dance star,” he says.

iisuperwomanii: Honestly, @maddieziegler is magic. I finally had the honour of watching her dance live and it was a spiritual experience. There are a few things I could watch forever and her performing is defo one of them. Bless your soul sista xo #Chandelier #ALLDAY 🙏🏽🙌🏽❤️