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IM5 - Zero Gravity

Cole Smut Imagine

(Warning: sexually graphic writing.Squirting. Masturbating. Handjob. Rough sex.)

“Baby, are you ready yet? If we don’t leave right now we’ll be late and you know how anal Gabe is about punctuality.”

You rush down the stairs, stuffing things in your purse and praying that you wouldn’t fall over in your heels. “Yes, yes, I know. Here I come.”

“Wow.” Cole says. You glance up and he looks as if he is undressing you with his eyes. You had put on a new dress that was tight, short, and red. Cole’s three favorite things. “Maybe we should be a little late to dinner.” He says reaching for your hip and pulling you closer to him. His hand slides and cups your ass, he squeezes hard, biting down on his lip. Mmm. He looks so sexy when he does that. He pulls you closer, pressing his hips into yours.

“Cole, we’re gonna be late.” You say, though you really wanted to give in.

Cole smirks. “Fine. But-,” he pulls his keys out of his pocket and drops them over your shoulder. “How about you pick those up for me, princess?” You smirk right back and turn around, his hand still glued to you and bend over right in front of him making sure he gets a good view of your ass in your new lingerie. “Unf.” He groans, pressing himself against you harder. You pull away quickly.
“If we don’t leave now, we’ll never leave.” You say and rush out the door.

“I can’t wait till we get home. ” Cole says as he struggles to keep his eyes on the road. You had hiked up your dress just enough and he had nearly killed you guys twice trying to peek. You yanked it above your hips and put your hand on the part of you that was begging to be fucked. You rubbed yourself through your thong. “Holy shit, baby.” Cole breathes, looking undone. You smirk and reach inside your underwear, massaging your clit. You moan, as you stick a wet finger inside and begin to pump. As you go faster and faster, your breathe grows more hitched. You can hear Cole muttering ‘holy shit’s and ‘oh my god’s which only makes you more heated. “Say my name, baby. Cum for me, baby.” He groans rubbing his crotch through his pants.
“Cole..fuck…yes..” you moan. And you repeat his name over and over as you feel yourself rising. “Oh! I’m gonna cum!” You shout and your walls come crashing down. You climax hard as you rub your pussy furiously. Your massaging slows as you come down from your high.
“I cannot wait to fuck your brains out, baby.” Cole says finally as your breathing slows, his eyes seeming much darker than usual.

“And if it isn’t the lovely couple. Nice of you to show up.” Gabe snarks as you and Cole walk up to the table. Cole rolls his eyes.
“We’re like five minutes late, dude. Chill.” he retorts. Dana snorts as we fill one side of the table by ourselves. Gabe scoffs as Alex rubs his shoulder, warning him to calm down. Conversation between the boys drones on, ranging from sports to music to food. Bored and looking to have some fun, you place your hand in Cole’s lap. He looks at you, puzzled but he continues his conversation. You start unzipping his pants, but his hand catches yours. He gives you a look of warning. You smirk and continue unzipping. Cole brushes you off. Its not until you have snaked your hand into his underwear and start palming his balls that he realizes you mean business. A slight smirk appears on his face as if to say ‘game on’. Under the tablecloth you slowly inch his dick out of his underwear, sliding your hand along as you pulled for extra edge. Cole fidgets in his seat but continues on talking. Your hands are already wet from touching yourself as you slide your hand up and down his member. His breath hitches in the middle of his sentence. “Fuck,” He mutters under his breath.

“What’s wrong, Cole?” You ask, feigning innocence. Cole laughs.

“Nothing, baby, just got something stuck in my throat.” He replies slickly.

“You really should eat moister foods. They slip right down my throat.” You say with a false smile, still pumping him.

“I bet they do.” He smirks again. Your friends around the table note this exchange with odd looks, but brush you two off. You continue rubbing your hands up and down his shaft, wishing you could take him in your mouth. You could tell it was getting harder and harder for him to contain himself. He found himself nervously tapping his fingers on the table. He leaned over to you, pressing his lips against your ear. Just the heat of his breath made you horny. "Princess, if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna cum.“ 

So you pull your hand away and get up from your seat, heading towards the bathroom. Thankfully, the bathroom is a one-person restroom. As you check your makeup in the mirror, Cole barges in and grabs you. He yanks your dress up from behind and pulls your panties down. He bends you over the counter and with one quick motion sticks two fingers in you and begins to pump slowly.

"Your pussy looks so pretty from behind, baby. Tell me who made you this wet, princess?” He says, taunting you. You look at him through the mirror.

“You did.” you moan as you feel his fingers inside of you. He grabs your breast with his free hand and starts squeezing.

“What was that, sweetie?”

“You did, Cole!” You say louder as he begins to pump faster.

“That’s right, baby. But I’m not gonna let you cum just yet. I want to be inside you.” He says and pulls his finger out of you. You sigh, disappointed. “You want me inside you right, princess?” You nod vigorously. “Okay, baby. I’m glad there’s a mirror so you can watch me fuck your brains out. ” He says, unzipping his pants. He pulls it out and slides into you, watching your face as you moaned with pleasure. He pumps himself in and out of you, heaving deeply, watching you in the mirror which only seemed to excite him more.

“Harder.” You breathe. And he heeds your demand. Hitting your g-spot with each thrust as you begin to fall apart. Your walls tighten around him and release with a shudder. You moan loudly as you feel juices squirting out of you. Cole pulls out, releasing onto your back and rubs your pussy furiously as you continue to squirt. He grips your thigh so hard it almost hurts, but you know that if he wasn’t , you would’ve fallen over from the uncontrollable pleasure.

As you felt yourself calming, Cole grabs some paper towels and begins to clean you up. He wipes your heat and you shivered at his slightest touch of him. Its super sensitive now. He pulls you panties back up and your dress down, and starts to help you stand up.

“You okay, sweetie?” He asks cautiously. You nod, still trying to control your breathing. He smiles. “So much for waiting until we got home, huh?”


Warning: Contains Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     You shuffled into the dark room. Sock covered feet dragging against the carpet as you tossed your purse into a chair. The room was too quiet for your liking and for some reason you still felt upset over the argument you and Dana had earlier. You could see the outline of his body under the covers and slight movements from his steady breathing. A sigh left your lips and your hand went out to rest against the dresser as you pulled off your heels. Earlier that day you and Dana had gotten into an argument over the fact that he wasn’t going to your event. Over the past few weeks you had been working hard at work. With the job field you wanted to go in it required you to intern at an institute of your choice as a part of your credit hours. During that time you were asked to join in on the research studies and while doing so found a new habitat species. A banquet was held in honor of this new discovery and you were in fact offered a permanent position on the team after you graduated. You had wanted Dana to attend the banquet with you and celebrate a bit, but he turned it down because he had made plans months before to go with his best friend to another event.

The two of you ended up arguing over this and in the end you went to the banquet alone and upset. You were more so disappointed in the fact that Dana wasn’t going to be there with you to accept an award. Throughout the night you weren’t as excited as you should have been, but at some point you understood why Dana went with his friend. They had made these plans before you or Dana were even together. Not to mention you said a lot hurtful things towards Dana in the mist of your anger. Now that you were home your anger had subsided and all you wanted to do was cuddle with your boyfriend. 

You made your way to the bathroom and began to take off your makeup before slipping out of your dress to shower. It had been a long night and all you needed was a nice hot shower.  You couldn’t wait to tell Dana the good news you had, but since he was sleeping you decided to wait and tell him in the morning. You had no idea how long you were in the shower, but when you got out you felt better than before and slightly aroused. Once you had gotten dressed you climbed into bed and pulled the covers up over you. Dana shifted in his spot and turned to lay on his back. You stared at him for a few seconds and chewed at your bottom lip in thought. Another sigh left your lips and you scooted over to rest against his side, head laid on his chest. Out of instinct Dana’s arms wrapped around your chest and he drew you in closer. Your fingers trailed over his skin and slowly but surely Dana awoke. “Mhm hey,” he hummed, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. “You’re warm,” Dana whispered.

“Hi…I’m sorry about earlier,” you whispered, moving so that half your body was rested atop of him. Dana smiled at your words and you could feel his chest rumble as he laughed.

“That’s a first you know? You being the one to apologize first,” he said. You laughed too, rolling your eyes at his words. It was true. Whenever you and Dana got into arguments he was always the one to apologize first. 

“Well it was my fault,” you admitted, Dana smirked at your words and nudged his nose into your hair. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you moved your leg up his body. Dana moaned a bit which made you confused even more. “Are you hard?” you questioned, not sure what brought on Dana’s arousal.

“Shut up,” he whined, beginning to laugh along with you. 

“How are you hard right now?” you asked, hand reaching down and softly grabbing at his cock. Dana shifted beneath you and let out a shaky breath. 

“The fact that you apologized first is hot. Turns me on,” he replied, eyes closing in bliss. You gave his cock a soft squeeze and nibbled at the skin upon his neck. Dana’s moans grew louder as you kept stroking. “It really turns me on,” he emphasized. You could feel the wetness pool between your legs at the sound of his moans. You moved in your spot until you were straddling him, hips already grinding against his clothes crotch. Dana pulled you down into a passionate kiss, his tongue darting out to lick at your bottom lip. Your lips parted and Dana stuck his tongue inside. You moaned into the kiss, hips moving at a faster pace. You pulled away from the kiss and trailed your lips down his neck and sucked some love bites into his skin. Dana’s chest rose at a rapid pace and you reached down to pull off his boxers. 

“Well I guess I’ll say it again. I’m sorry,” you whispered seductively. Lips trailing down his skin and towards where he needed you the most. Your touch left Dana’s skin on fire and he smiled in delight when he felt your tongue slide over the head of his cock. You swirled your tongue over the head and slowly took him into your mouth. 

“Fuck we should argue more often,” Dana joked. You moaned around his cock, the reverberations making his breath hitch. Your head began to bob at a steady pace, saliva beginning to pool out your mouth. Dana loved when you went down on him. It always made him feel like was on a high. Similar to how someone felt when on ecstasy. You came up for air and continued to stroke him. Dana lifted onto his elbows and watched intensely as you went back to giving him a blowjob. This time you took him all the way down your throat and reached out to play with his balls. “I love your mouth,” he moaned out, slowly thrusting into your mouth and taking control. You knew Dana was getting close to his release from how much he was moaning. At that moment you stopped what you were doing and climbed back up to kiss him. Dana took this opportunity to flip you onto your back. His hand reached down and into your panties to rub at your clit. He smirked even more at how soaked you were. 

“I need you so bad,” you hummed, pulling him back down into another kiss. You caressed his jaw, inhaling his scent deeply. He pulled down your panties and slid between your legs. “So at the banquet the awarded me for-mhm,” you moaned, feeling Dana slip inside. 

“You got an award?” he questioned and you nodded in return, spreading your legs apart further to allow him to inside even more. Dana started off with a slow thrust and your back arched in pleasure.

“And they offered me a job once I graduate,” you moaned, lifting your hips to match his pace. Dana smiled and his face buried into the crook of your neck. His pace began to pick up and your legs wrapped around his waist to draw him in closer. Dana cursed under his breath and rolled his hips into yours. His thrusts were sharp and it sent a tingle down your spine. 

“Well I guess this is celebratory sex,” Dana said, sending a kiss to your lips. His left hand gripped at your thigh and your hands tangled into his hair. Your moans echoed around room and the sound of skin slapping against skin could be heard all around. The air in the room was hot and sweat lined your skin. Dana pulled out and slid behind you so that the two of you were spooning. Once again you felt him fill you up to the brim and you let out a whine. The new position allowed him to reach a different angle and you could feel the head of his cock brush at your g-spot. Dana reached around to rub at your clit and your eyes shot open at the new sensation. The intense pleasure had you withering in his arms and you knew the sounds of your love making would wake the neighbors but you didn’t care. It was a perfect end to a semi crappy night. 


it’s been three years, where has time gone?

Cole Fluff

“Okay, I got two double cheeseburgers, a chicken sandwich, one mango smoothie, one Hi-C, one Sprite, 3 apple pies, 3 large fries, and a 5 piece chicken nugget.” You say as you place the large McDonald’s bag and sodas on the table. The boys flock to the food, savagely shoving fries into their mouths without so much as a thank you. “Um, excuse me, where is my thank you?”

“Thank you!” They say, muffled by the food they were shoving into their mouths.

“Whatever…”, you mutter under your breath. Cole, however, hears this and plants a kiss on your cheek.

“Thank you, we were starving.” He says with a kind smile. He has such a gorgeous smile. You smile back.

“You’re welcome. I know once you guys start working you don’t want to stop.”

He smiles and opens his mouth to say something but is cut off by Dana. “Ay, Y/N, let me teach you how to do autotune.”

“Okay!” You say, giving Cole an apologetic shrug. He shrugs back in response and continues to eat his food as you to sit with Dana. You try to squeeze onto the computer chair but find it is not meant to comfortably seat 2 people.

“Dude, just sit on my lap. This is super uncomfortable.” For some reason the first thing is glance over at Cole, but he isn’t paying attention. Hesitantly you shift so that you’re on Dana’s knee. He sighs with relief. You glance back at Cole again and this time he is looking. And by the look on his face, he is not happy.

“Stop it, Dana!” You say as he tickles you mercilessly.

“Admit defeat!”


“Admit defeat!” He says still tickling you. You run away, peeking at him behind the couch.

“Stop it!” You laugh.

“Could you two be anymore obnoxious!?” Cole shouts over all the commotion. You and Dana stop playing around abruptly. Gabe looks up from his phone, startled. Cole never raises his voice. He looks so incredibly frustrated.

“Cole, we were just-”

“Just what? Annoying the shit out of me? Honestly, I am trying to make a beat and you can’t stop acting like a stupid girl for a second and sit down!” He shouts again. You are taken aback. He’s never spoken to you like this. Gabe stands.

“Yo, Cole, chill. They were just playing.” He says.

“Yeah, Cole, chill.”

“All you are is a distraction! You run around looking pretty for us, you’re just entertainment for when we’re bored. Just get out.”

“Why,” you choke on your tears,“ why are you being so mean? I didn’t do anything. Why are you talking to me like this, Cole?” You say as you feel yourself starting to cry. Something washes over his face as he sees how badly he’s hurt you.

“Wait, Y/N-”

“I’m leaving. ” You say, snatching your purse and shoving your way out of the the studio as quickly as you can. As you reach the exit you see that it is now raining, and Cole had been your ride. You groan internally. Did he really mean that? That you were just there to entertain them like some type of monkey?

“Y/N! Wait!”

You roll your eyes, “I can’t exactly leave.”

Cole glances behind you. “Oh. ” he turns back to you. “I’m sorry I yelled at you like that. I just-”

“Do not talk to me like that ever again. I am your best friend not your showpony.”

“ I know, I won’t, I won’t.” He says shaking his head as if he’d made the biggest mistake of his life.

“Then why did you?”

He opens his mouth then closes it again, he shuts his eyes furrowing his brow as if he was flinching away from something. “I was jealous.”

“What? Why would you be jealous of Dana?”

“Because…” He trails off, stopping himself from continuing.

“Because…?” You question mercilessly. You were still very angry but something about him made you a little more forgiving. You, of course, know why.  And suddenly he pulls you close to him, one hand cupping your face, the other at the small of your back. He hunches over and kisses you softly, like a whisper.

“Because I love you.”

“You love me?” you say, shocked. He had never…  but with sudden realization you realize he had. Glancing at you and smiling, always kissing you on your forehead and cheeks, always wanting a hug, never getting angry at you even when you did the dumbest things. How long had he?

“I love you, I love you, I love you. I could say it a million times, and it would always be true.” He pauses, studying your face. “Do you…?”

“Yeah,” you smile. “Yeah, I do.”

I do 5sos smut/imagines/preferences too!

Dana Smut for ??? (I stopped keeping track, just enjoy it.)

You had fallen asleep on top of Dana the night before due to the tiring activities you two took part in. Your head rests on his chest as it heaves up and down. Your fingers trace his golden skin. You nuzzle your head into his neck, kissing him a few times. His eyelids flutter a bit but he doesn’t wake up. Well all of him doesn’t wake up. A small part does. Actually its not small. Its rather large actually, and growing harder by the second. You slip your hand underneath the sheets, dragging your hand softly along his skin until you reached his erect member. You wrap your fingers around it, rubbing up and down a few times. Silently, you slide down his legs, knees grounded to either side of him, until your faced with it in all its glory. You slip your mouth around him and continue to slide your hand up and down. You hear a moan escape from his lips. His eyes flicker open slowly. He looks down at you, shocked.

“Baby-” A gasp escapes as you continue sucking, flicking your tongue around the tip painfully slow. He reaches for your hair, holding on tight. His mouth forms an ‘O’ as his breathing catches. He moans some 'fuck’s and 'shit, baby’s as you gently forces you down on him. You take as much of him in you as you can without gagging. You pump what you can’t with your hand. “Baby, I’m gonna-I-Oh!” He shouts releasing hot juices into your mouth. You lick around the tip as you swallow. He looks down at you, looking almost proud. “Come here, babygirl.” Obediently, you crawl along his body, sitting on his lower stomach. You can feel his member, still erect, against your backside. He smiles up at you. “What was that for?”
You shrug, rubbing your hands along his chest. “Maybe I was just bored.”
He smirks in response. “Such a smart-ass. ” He pauses. “How about you lay on my chest for a bit?” You look at him in confusion, but do it anyway. He kisses your neck as he wraps his arms around you. Slowly he slips into you. You gasp at the feeling of being filled. He laughs. “Sorry, I was bored.”

“Bored enough to fuck my brains out?” you said slyly, sliding up and down on him slowly. He bites his lip.

“For you, anything.” He says before flipping you over and starting to slam into you mercilessly.

“Dana!” You shout in surprise, but soon your moaning his name. The room is filled with curse words, the sounds of the bed creaking, and the slapping of skin. Dana bites his lip again as he tries to speed up, growing restless and anxious to climax. You reach up, scratching at his back as he falls on top of you, bucking his hips into yours rapidly. His lips find your ear.

“Fuck, I love you so much, baby.” He moans, his breath radiating against his skin.

“Oh! Fuck me!” You shout, gripping his skin.

“Say my name, baby. Shout it.” He whispers, breathily.

As you feel yourself rising you let out a trail of curse words finally finshing with:
“Yes, Dana! Please!”

He rams into you a few times, grunting as you feel him fill you. He kisses you roughly, gripping your neck. As he calms he lays against your chest, still inside you. 

“Well, now I don’t want to get out of bed.”

You smile at him, “Then don’t.”