So here's something I've noticed about Madina Lake...

There may not be millions of people all around the world who like them, and mentioning them to someone who doesn’t know them will usually get you a blank stare.

But what they do have, all spaced out around the world, is thousands of people who need them. People who, at the mere mention of them, light up entirely. People who love and cherish them, who cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. People who are inspired by them every day, who look up to them and strive to be as pure and decent as them.

Madina Lake don’t have fans… They have a worldwide family.

Seeing how much Madina Lake have grown over the years, as people and as a band, is magnificent. They've changed so much (in a positive way) and they really do make me feel much better about myself as a person. They've taught me not to let others get me down and to always be myself. Over time they've made me feel much more comfortable with my own skin, and i never thought anyone could ever make me feel that way. I genuinely do love them with all my heart. <3