Dan and Phil and dogs is the best thing to happen this year and I had to commemorate this event with some art. Tag urself I’m the black chihuahua


omfg if you haven’t seen this yet i just found it it’s an unreleased dan and phil one word story game!! <3

this overly cute video includes

dan being cheesy and inspiring

phil being a dork with an overactive imagination

dan’s hand gestures

phil wearing pyjamas

dan staring at phil’s ass

phil being cute all over the place and giggling

dan desperately trying to apologize for phil

phil naming things (again)

and just dan and phil lulling you to sleep


If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here, I’m serious no matter what its about

Well, I talked about it, and now I’m gonna do it. Here’s a masterlist of UNDERUSED FANTASY CREATURES. These are humanoid fantasy/mythological creatures that could easily be used for RP, that I don’t see that often. (So basically, anything besides vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, ghosts, and fairies.) This list will include the creature’s name, a link to their wiki page, basic info about what they do and their origins, and a list of suggested FCs for them.

There are TWENTY-FIVE creatures on this list.

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