So after THIS THING took off and became singlehandedly the most popular post I’ve ever made and will never able to top, I’ve been wanting to do more DP sketches, with MOAR CHARACTERS

So here’s the main trio + Valerie, Paulina, Dash, Star, Jazz, and Dark Danny (Dan), all slightly older! I’ve already drawn Vlad but he’s my favorite so… Click on the pics for some fanons and notes!


I’ve seen some people wonder why Clockwork let the events of TUE unfold and terrorize Danny, and, Clockwork’s neutral status aside, I think I know why.

Danny learns best by experience, a bit more so than most people. He’s stubborn, and he needs things to be drilled into his head if it’s not something he’s passionate about. And you bet Clockwork would know this.

When Danny and the gang are first sent to Clockwork’s lair, Danny’s more concerned with the new ghostly wail than the fact that someone with the exact same logo and very similar ghost suit as him is terrorizing the city. It doesn’t even occur to him what’s really going on until Sam glares at him. And when Clockwork shows up and tells him about and shows him all the bad stuff that happens, what does Danny say? “I don’t have to sit here and explain myself to you!” He doesn’t think his attempt at cheating is wrong, and, more importantly, he’s calling bullshit on his bad future. He has no intent to change.

But, to be fair, why should he? Anyone can show him anything on a screen. That’s why Clockwork prompts him to fly into the future. To experience and realize it’s damn well true. It’s not until Danny experiences that awful future and really learns that he gains the tools needed to defeat his older self and vows to never become like that. And it’s his struggle against Dan that really sinks it in, that really hammers in those steaks.

And as for why he lets the vat explode? Well, if he hadn’t, there’d always be that what if. There’d always be that maybe. If Clockwork had stopped it sooner, then for all Danny would’ve known, he could have saved them himself. He wouldn’t have known for certain he couldn’t save them himself. There would’ve always been that nagging, “You don’t know that I couldn’t have gotten there in time.” After all, if you never see the end of something, how can you be certain what the end truly was?

Letting Danny see the explosion sealed away that thought. It was the last thing he needed to experience to truly change, the last nail in the coffin.

A comic idea I have involving Clockwork adopting all the Dannys
  • Observant: *knocks on the door to Clockwork's citadel*
  • Clockwork: *opens the door, revealing a massive crowd of Dannys, a few Dans, and at least one Dani in the room behind him. Does not look pleased* I'm in the middle of a history lesson.
  • Observant: Don't you think you have too many of them?
  • Clockwork: No. All of them need my attention and guidance. *over his shoulder, a little louder* And one of them needs to learn to control his temper.
  • One of the Dans: *hisses angrily in protest*

The word “phandom” is honestly so complicated and weird. Like, it’s mostly used by Dan and Phil fans who stole it from Danny Phantom which came out in 2004, who stole it from Phantom of the Opera which literally came out over a hundred years ago (not to mention the phantom fan base was called the “phandom” even in the nineties) and I love how the word has so much history and belongs to so many things to the point where nobody knows who’s talking about what