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I take your point about calling his evil future self "Phantom," but I'd like to make a case for Dan. As Tumblr user Lightning Streak pointed out, while Danny is a short form of Daniel, a Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge," Dan can be a separate name meaning simply "He who judges." It takes God (and goodness, and deference to authority) out of the equation and shows how Dan is making his own rules. Of course, he's not God, so he's nowhere near as benevolent or just in his judgments...

I’ve actually seen this argument before, and it’s part of why I think Dan is fitting. Though I honestly doubt he thought through it that much himself. He was never the most studious, and researching the meaning behind his name was probably never a priority. Which would, of course, mean that he’d be unaware of that meaning to make a change like that.

Dropping his human name altogether seems more like something he’d actually do. Though again, I still do think Dan is a fitting name. I’m not speaking against it.

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What does #kin mean anyway? I tried to search it and stuff but? (I'm sorry if you've already answered that)

Basically: people associate themselves so much with a character they legit believe they ARE that character from a past life. A lot of people are nice about it and keep to themselves but otherwise people are like:

“Oh look someone drew me!! I look amazing i remember doing that!”

But in reality is it NOT them. Nor was that drawing made for them. They claim other artist’s personal work/fanart as art for them made for them. And then kinpeople always fight about this with people and are honestly very disrespectful.

Kin with wolf: “oh i am a wolf!”
Kin with dan phantom: “oh i am dan! I did all those things because I am damaged but you should still love me and let me do everything”.

Urbandictionary has a lot more info on this but this is basically what it is on tumblr. Some people are kind and dont hurt anyone with their “kins” but others get horribly violent and turn simple shows into toxic environments.


So after THIS THING took off and became singlehandedly the most popular post I’ve ever made and will never able to top, I’ve been wanting to do more DP sketches, with MOAR CHARACTERS

So here’s the main trio + Valerie, Paulina, Dash, Star, Jazz, and Dark Danny (Dan), all slightly older! I’ve already drawn Vlad but he’s my favorite so… Click on the pics for some fanons and notes!

Guess who’s doing another animation? This animation last 8 seconds.
And yes. I want to make it “full”, from cleaning to final effects.

I will record the time it will take to clean this up, add color and everything… I’ll pause the timer whenever I take breaks or get distracted or other stuff non-related to complete this animation.
I’ll do like the last one, I’ll be reblogging this post with the new previews for you to watch how the animation’s coming along.

“Your past does not define you, lad“

A comic idea I have involving Clockwork adopting all the Dannys
  • Observant: *knocks on the door to Clockwork's citadel*
  • Clockwork: *opens the door, revealing a massive crowd of Dannys, a few Dans, and at least one Dani in the room behind him. Does not look pleased* I'm in the middle of a history lesson.
  • Observant: Don't you think you have too many of them?
  • Clockwork: No. All of them need my attention and guidance. *over his shoulder, a little louder* And one of them needs to learn to control his temper.
  • One of the Dans: *hisses angrily in protest*