Arm wrestling challenge: Dan vs. Bruton
I don’t know who to call Frostbite’s people as a whole… frostians? farians?frozenians?

Danny supporting Dan…?
I can hear Jazz screaming/cheering Dan!
Sam looks comfy…
…and of course, we have Tucker… counting his “victorie$”

and no. You’re not seeing things. That’s a tiger-striped, a female and the color from their furs aren’t the same. They have different tones of gray (no pun intended as this whole this is Gray scaled BUT you get the idea)

Have the original version

A comic idea I have involving Clockwork adopting all the Dannys
  • Observant: *knocks on the door to Clockwork's citadel*
  • Clockwork: *opens the door, revealing a massive crowd of Dannys, a few Dans, and at least one Dani in the room behind him. Does not look pleased* I'm in the middle of a history lesson.
  • Observant: Don't you think you have too many of them?
  • Clockwork: No. All of them need my attention and guidance. *over his shoulder, a little louder* And one of them needs to learn to control his temper.
  • One of the Dans: *hisses angrily in protest*

I love the idea of Danny Phantom being crossed over with Marvel or DC because of TUE. Like it’s usually Danny getting involved with the heroes and shenanigans ensue and they save the day, but since they don’t really mention TUE, it’s safe to assume it’s still canon.

That means that one day someone could offhandedly ask, “who would win in a fight: Danny Phantom or Superman?”

And without missing a beat, Danny Fenton says “Phantom,” no explanation, and generally everyone just rolls their eyes and is like “sure Danny.” But he knows. He knows because he did beat Superman once, in another reality. There’s no way the heroes of the world would have just let Dan take over and destroy everything like he did- hell, maybe in his reality, some superheroes first put on their suits to fight Dan. But they weren’t around when Danny showed up to the fight, so he knows.

Danny doesn’t say anything else on the situation, but there’s a pit in his stomach and he can’t eat for the rest of the day. He smiles the next time he talks to Superman but can’t help but wonder how Dan did it. He also promises to himself that he’ll never figure it out.