Montage of the legendary late Dan Osman. This is just bananas.

Happy 50th birthday to Dan Osman, one of the greatest climbers to have ever lived, and generally one of the most badass dudes to have walked on this Earth. This guy is one of my personal heroes. It sucks to only see videos of you climbing and I wish i could have met you in person. 

Everyone. This is a guy who lived for the sport. Taken all too soon from us. 

Happy birthday.


Speed Climber

atentos al 1:11……




😮Dan Osman Speed Climbing (no rope) 80s🇺🇸
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buffyboleyn  asked:

Do you know if there's any reason fans of both MC and the sultanate of women histories tend to ignore the "one concubine, one son" principle applied to most non Haseki consorts that Leslie Pierce talks about? They'll often credit Mahifruz, for example, with like 4 sons after Osman or claim that Mahidevran was the mother of all of Suleyman's sons before Hurrem's. Is this just a fan wish fulfillment thing or is Pierce's theory not fully accepted by historians?

i don’t think it’s a fan wish because çağatay uluçay says in his book “Padişahların Kadınları ve Kızları” that:

“Ahmet Refik Bey'e göre, Mahfiruz Kadın I. Ahmed'den Genç Osman'dan başka Mehmed (1605), Süleyman (1611), Bayezid (1612) ve Hüseyin (1613) adlı şehzadeleri doğurmuştur. (Kadınlar Saltanatı, I, 146).”

“According to Ahmet Refik Bey, Mahfiruz gave birth to Mehmet (1605), Süleyman (1611), Bayezid (1612) and Hüseyin (1613), other than Genç Osman by Ahmed I (Kadınlar Saltanatı, I, 146).”

he also says that she was alive to become valide sultan to osman though… so i don’t know what to believe. 

alderson, for example, gives only osman as mahfiruz’s child.

(this is why we need biographies about every woman of the sultanate of women by leslie peirce)

about mahidevran, she definitely wasn’t mother to suleyman’s other sons. the principe “one concubine - one son” was followed until hurrem came, and she apparently had only mustafa, because leslie peirce says this in “Empress of the East”: 

“Mustafa must have been Mahidevran’s first (and only) child, for she appears to have had no daughters. “Her whole pleasure is this [child],” commented Bragadin in his brief mention of her.”

so yeah, i’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to mahfiruz since she came at a time where the principle of “one concubine - one son” had already been discarded (hurrem and safiye both had several sons) but i’m pretty sure mahidevran had only one.


Dan osman speed climb