Dan and Phil Plays Pokémon Go!
Right, so. I doodled again and, yep, this happened. Since they successfully stepped outside to hunt for Pokémons, I would like to give these two adorable dorks a two thumbs up. 👍👍 Hoping for more!
- Gill-senpai.


Typostrate video wednesday 23

Last week Dan Bryant from D&AD wrote to us with the question if we can show some videos which they found in their archives, showing some nice typography ideas, conceptions and documentations. For the typostrate video wdnesday we make a, exception and show all 5 videos.

Mercurius Discovered

The first video plays at Monotype’s Archive, Type Director Dan Rhatigan unearths the original drawings for a typeface he’s never seen before, Mercurius.

Hot Metal Histories

The second one is about hot metal types. Has the digitisation of Typography killed the craft? For our second film with Monotype we decided to talk to Robin Nicholas who has been working in type for over 45 years and has seen firsthand those changes – from pencil to pixel.

The Helvetica Debate

The third film is a helvetica debate. When we disovered that one of our favourite graphic artists, Supermundane, had a lifelong love of typography, we knew we had to bring him down to the Monotype Archives.

Exploring Gill Sans

In the fourth film in our series, A Living History of Type, Type Director Dan Rhatigan unearths the project files for Gill Sans, one of the most iconic typefaces in the Monotype Archive.

Meet Bodoni and Rockwell

At least Monotype Type Director Dan Rhatigan, and We Are Shadows’ Creative Director James Lee Duffy dust off some more archived typeface material, and discuss the origins of Bodoni and Rockwell.

Thanks to Dan for the great collection of films. There are even more films coming. So watch out.

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