Projecting Quiet Noise with @shygirlsmusic

For more wistful photos on the road, follow @shygirlsmusic. To see more from Lollapalooza as the festival unfolds, follow @lollapalooza and browse the #lolla hashtag.

The R&B band Shy Girls (@shygirlsmusic) takes photos to match their music—soft and soulful with the occasional playful punch.

“We try to convey a sense of place and scenes from our travels,” says keyboardist Akila Fields (@sleepyvillain), who runs the band’s Instagram account. Though Shy Girls is fronted by singer-songwriter Dan Vidmar, Dan relies on Akila’s creative eye to capture important feelings and moments from their tour.

The entire feed is in black and white, which Akila prefers because of its simplicity. “It’s something we’ve been playing with from the beginning, even in our music videos,” he says of the Portland-based band, who released their first EP last year. “There is an intimacy and a quiet energy to our music that I hope translates to the photography.”

Shy Girls are also first-time performers at Chicago’s Lollapalooza (@lollapalooza) music festival this weekend, where Akila hopes to roam the event in search of interesting shots.

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