Dan Fielding from ‘Married Alive’ (Night Court S2E19)

So, remember when I said I had scenes of Dan I wanted to gif? This is one of them.

For those not in the know, Dan’s basically the epitome of the Jerk with a Heart of Gold trope with a large dose of greedy womanizer thrown in. 

And in this ep. he starts spending a lot of time with a woman named Patty who’s not conventionally beautiful (i.e. not his usual type) but is the heiress to a $4 billion fortune. So naturally his friends think he’s just dating her for the money. And when they confront Dan about this - right after they hear he’s proposed - he gives this speech, showing that he did actually fall in love with Patty. 

Then she goes and breaks up with him at the end of the ep. because her father threatened to cut her off from the money if she went through with the marriage. Dan covers it up with his usual bravado but drops it once everyone but Harry leaves.

I really like this scene for a couple reasons. One, John Larroquette (the actor playing Dan) is really good with dramatic speeches and this is one of the first he does in Night Court. Second, many of my favorite moments of Dan’s are when he shows that he does have a heart, however buried it may be, because we don’t get to see that side of him too often. (Most of the rest are between him and Harry, which often overlap with the aforementioned moments. They just play off each other so well.). 


Harry, Dan, and unnamed patient in “Dan’s Operation Pt. 2″ (Night Court S4E6);  Dan’s Operation series 9/9


One of the best crossovers ever, Wile E. Coyote on Night Court.


Dan and Harry from ‘Wheels of Justice, Pt. 2′ (Night Court S3E10) 2/3

And here’s part two. If you want an explanation as to what’s going on, click on the link to get to part one. 

My feels about this ep. are pretty much summed up in the first part, but a random fact about this scene - I had to look up what “getting below the belt” meant. Apparently it means using an underhanded trick in a fight or argument. 

Name: Dan Fielding
Flavor of Lawyer: Prosecutor
Location: Night Court

Famous Words: All right, maybe I wasn’t able to afford some snooty Ivy League education. But let me tell you something. When you get your degree from the Bayou Academy of Law & Agriculture, you learn something else: a fighting sow-belly has to WORK for what he wants! Can’t be afraid to get your snout dirty! You know, I live the law every day. In the courts and the jails of New York City. And I may have barf in my cuffs when I come home at night. But that’s the way I like it. That’s why I have the highest conviction rate of any DA in this city. And that’s why I have the lowest percentage of overturned cases! And that’s why you can say anything you want to about my manhood, but nobody, lady - NOBODY - can touch Dan Fielding in a court of law!

Why He’s Awesome: As a prosecutor Dan’s only client is the state, so he’s free to make a pass at each and every woman unlucky enough to wander into the courtroom without running afoul of Rule 1.8(j). Unless you interpret “The People” to include every citizen of New York, in which case Dan will either be restricted to hitting on blow up dolls or driving over the bridge to New Jersey on a nightly basis. He’s already left, hasn’t he? Bring us back some Disco Fries, Dan!

Want a consult? Find him on Night Court.

Dan & Roz - Odd Friendship Trope series 1/?;  Night Court and Tropes series 2/?

Odd Friendship Trope:  A friendship which develops between two characters that would seem unlikely to be friends, whether it’s because of them having diametrically opposed personalities, holding beliefs that would normally get one to try to demonize the other, or some other quirks of their beings that would lead to them clashing. Through their friendship, they learn more about each other and about themselves.


30 Day *Night Court* Challenge: 2. Favorite Male Character - Dan Fielding; 2/30