LAMB Section with Gold Motel. A very insightful interview and even better acoustic performances. It’s worth watching the whole thing, I promise.


We’re On The Run by Gold Motel

People & things I would marry:
  • Brendon Urie
  • Brendon Urie as Pallis, because he sings recherche & it sounds amazing
  • the word ‘recherche’
  • Thomas Dutton
  • Patrick Stump
  • Dan Duszynski
  • Gold Motel in general
  • Kingsley
  • Doug from Doug
  • Ferb from Phineas & Ferb
  • Bob Morris
  • The Hush Sound in general
  • Stamps in general
  • Spencer Smith
  • Chuck, a graduated senior from my school whom I hopelessly have a huge crush on, which is dumb, since I’ve only said less than 10 words to him
  • Nic Newsham’s voice
  • Helena Beat- Foster the People
  • The whole Razia’s Shadow musical by Forgive Durden
  • fun.
  • Forrest Kline
  • Ian Crawford
  • Fred & George Weasley
  • limes
  • green tea
  • honey
  • pomegranites
  • my headphones
  • Andrew Dost
  • Nate Ruess
  • Jack Antonoff
  • Foster the People in general
  • The Doctor

I think that’s about it


We have a title and a date…AND A TEASER VIDEO! 

Check out part 1 of 2 teaser vids for Gold Motel’s self titled sophomore album, DUE JULY 3RD!!! 

What do you guys think of the sound and the samples??


As we already know, Gold Motel has released the album date as July 3rd! We have heard samples of some songs and we know three of the 12 songs already, that will be on the album! 

But here is the track listing!

Track Listing
1. Brand New Kind Of Blue
2. These Sore Eyes
3. Musicians
4. In Broad Daylight
5. Slow Emergency
6. Cold Shoulders
7. Your Own Ghost
8. Always One Step Ahead
9. Counter Clockwise
10. At Least We Tried
11. Santa Cruz
12. Leave You In Love

Dan texted me late one night and said, ‘I think I may have written my first song that Gold Motel will want to use!’ and the next day, he played us “Musicians”. The lyrics “Most of my friends are musicians in a subway station” was especially interesting to me because there is one Chicago subway musician we’ve all heard, who sings in an El station in Chicago. This man has incredible soul and grit in his voice — he sounds like a modern Otis Redding. Despite the fact that he has experienced no success or support for his music [aside from a few generous pedestrians], he still sings. We have many friends who are incredibly talented, but who rarely step into the spotlight. This song is an ode to that idea — that whether or not there’s success, our friends and we will keep on singing and playing because that’s what we love to do.
—  Greta Morgan on the writing process of “Musicians.”

Check out this interview with Gold Motel on WPRK 91.5 FM and find out what they were up to the night that Perfect In My Mind was filmed!

Hey guys....

First off, I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving if you’re in the states…I know I’ve been a tad absent but as GM is on the quiet side right now it means not much to post!

Now I got a submission this morning and I deleted it but I wanna go over the submission rules again. 

You are free to submit anything that is directly related to Gold Motel…..your concert photos, pictures of you with the band, anything..so long as it is not a PERSONAL photo of the band. I’m friends with all of the members, past and present, on facebook and I’ll know if you lifted something from their personal page and shared it here. I’m very big on keeping the privacy of the band to the band….The whole group has been so good to me and they are so good to their fans, so we really need to show that same love and respect to them. On that same line remember, if you ask any personal questions or anything that I may or may not know the answer to, I retain the right to NOT answer them. It falls under that whole respecting the band’s privacy thing, okay? 

Anyways, I love you guys and Happy Holidays!! -Beccs <3