In the 8th grade
I went to a school basketball game with some friends.
I took my jacket off because it was hot in the small gym.
I felt something snap hard against my back,
And I ignored it.

I felt it again and put my jacket back on.
And still felt it.
I realized after a moment, it was my bra strap being pulled.
I turned to my best guy friend sitting next to me to see if he was messing with me, but he was intensely into the game.

So I turned around to see a group of faces I had never seen,
laughing at me.

“Can you please stop?” I asked as polite as I could.
The boy threw his hands up in defense and I turned back around,
Only to keep feeling getting my bra strap pulled.

I told my friends I was leaving, and walked down the bleachers to a different group of friends.
I heard footsteps and then my hair was yanked /hard/
I turned around to see a girl running away,
laughing at me.

At half-time I walked back up the bleachers, to explain to some friends why I left.

“It is making me uncomfortable.”
“I do not feel safe”
“Is it my fault?”
“He’s just an asshole, right?”
I spoke unsurely of my own reality at that point.

The boy leaned over,
“Do not talk about me” he said.
“Then do not touch me.” I said back

“I can do whatever the hell I want.”

Just then, a friend who is 6'2" and 175 pounds of muscle, came over and told me to chill
“I know him, I will talk to him.” He assured me.
So off to the other side of the bleacher he went.

Absolutely nothing prepared for the events that came next.

“I could f*** her if I wanted to.”
“She can’t do anything about it.”
“She wants it.”
“Tell her not to dress that way.”
“I’ll f*** right now.”

My best guy friend lunged and was /this/ close to punching him straight in the face.

“JUST FOR THAT I WILL F*** HER RIGHT NOW.” He yelled, as he tried to grab my wrist and my best girl friend bent his fingers back /hard/

She grabbed me as I cried, and we ran out.

Flash-forward to the next day

I got called down to the office, and was told someone reported it.

I told my story, and my principal had the audacity to ask me

“Well, what were you wearing?”

—  Fuck off, I should be safe at school

here’s to the people who never fail to make us smile. the people who never fail to make us laugh and feel loved. the people who can make us immediately happy. the people who brighten our days with just a click of a button. here’s the people who are like our second family.