• what she says:im fine
  • what she means:where is dan? i know hes busy but that doesnt explain why all of his social media accounts arent being updated? he says hes always on the internet, but if he isnt on twitter or tumblr, what is he on? is he reading fanfiction? what does dan howell do on the internet? why is it that in every picture dans on his phone but hes rarely on his social media accounts these days? is he on a secret account or is he reading fanfic? tell us the trUTH
Phil’s Livestream // 7.5.15

He’s wearing his black signs shirt

“I almost said hold onto your hats, it’s going to be a tornado of fun.”

“I’m not really sure what you do on the 4th of July. I think you watch fireworks and cook various meats on a grill and wear stars and stripes themed merch.”

Talked about bonfire night

As a child he used to line up all of the fireworks in size order

He’s been melting all week

Apparently his computer has an error message right on his nose

“And for all you fahrenheit nerds…”

He went shopping 

He might make a haul on his second channel

He talked about Amazon prime’s 2 hour shipping

“Frying pan biotch!” (he actually showed us his frying pan)

He bought a shirt just for the 4th of July

He thinks he pulled a muscle in his shoulder 

“Is bae over now? Are we seeing the end of bae?”


He loved the thunderstorm 

“I might’ve been a storm chaser in a past life.”

He turned off all of the lights and made everyone watch the lightning 


He was playing Akinator again today (apparently it found his cactus and Dil’s llama hedge)

“I don’t think they’re going to use Akinator in court.”

Planning on another Halloween baking video because he really enjoys them

Talked a bit about Formula 1

“I like Lewis Hamilton, but I like his dog more than him.”

“I saw a dog and it was amazing.”

“We should get a dog one day a week in this house.”

They don’t have a dog because they’re so busy and they couldn’t give it all of the love it should get

“Random Phil fact: I’m not wearing any socks.”

He wishes their apartment has a garden

“After we got in the last box, I stripped down to my boxers and did a starfish on the bathroom floor.” (about moving to London)

He got a haircut (it’s a little longer on the sides)

He talked about his haircut 

Apparently he has quite the hairdresser who kept saying “Does it feel fresh?”

“It’s a pretty intimate thing, a scalp massage.”

He proceeded to massage their own scalp

“I felt like I had an actual dog on my head, so I had to get a haircut.”

The next gaming video will probably be a Dil video

He might play Shelter 2

He’s probably going to watch pewdiepie’s video after the livestream 

He doesn’t think he suits denim jeans

He talked about how lovely Louise is

He talked about Janice from the shop

He told her how to make mexican food

He asked Siri what 0 divided 0 is

“I would not suit a beard. I have seen far too many edits.”

He hit himself in the nose

He can’t edit with anyone else in the room

He talked about running into Chris

They had a little bit of a catch up (he might be going to vidcon)

He’s excited to hang out with Cat at vidcon 

He talked about what would happen if Dil got married 

He talked about the firework burn video and his old video

“I would rather be a dragon so I could fly, but in this universe I would probably be shot down by the government.”

He thinks Belle is his favorite Disney princess

“If I have a tiger I wouldn’t be as sad as Jasmine.”

“Mulan is pretty badass.” (he’s never seen the end)

He talked about how some of his plants have gone brown on the ends and he’s scared for their health

Their next radio show is tomorrow night at 9pm (their time)

He gave some driving advice 

He failed his first driving test because he almost slammed into the side of a bus

He hasn’t seen Jurassic World yet

He made a ringtone for someone

“Hey Hope your phone is ringing. Answer it nnoooooooowwwww. Ooh.”

“In the future I see the number 7 and 8 dogs licking you.” (when someone said they wanted a psychic reading)

He’s excited for Lady Gaga in AHS

His fringe (pulled down) is past his nose

“Maybe for the tour I’ll just wear my fringe down in front of my face.”

He sang a bit of immortal 

“Spontaneous cat explosion.”

He left to go eat 

It wouldn’t let him leave

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(Let me know if you’re still enjoying the Updates <3 )

-4th of July
-the weather
-they had 32 degrees in the hallway
-he went shopping
-he bought a frying pan today :D
(They broke their old pan)
-“fingers crossed for a US/World Tour next year”
-the thunderstorm
-they had friends over to play some board games and phil switched all the lights off and made everyone watch the lightning outside
-the Akinator video
-new danisnotonfire video soon
-“we’re all Akinator”
-another baking video should happen
-He watched F1 with Dan
-he was not wearing any socks
-the landlord lets them keep the house! (Contract has been signed)
-moving from Manchester to London was horrific
-Dan was editing his new video
-He got a haircut yesterday
-he might do Shelter 2 videos soon
-next gaming video will be a Dil video
-Janice from the shop :D
-0/0 (Siri)
-behind the scenes of a Dan video
-he met Crabstickz (had a bit of a catch up)
-they’ll be at Vidcon soon
-Dil’s wedding
-many cringy videos are private
-his favorite Disney princess is Belle
-driving lessons
-still haven’t seen Jurassic World
-He made a new ringtone for someone :D
-the new AHS season
-he’s very hungry
-a lot of good byes <3


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