Dan Domenech

I’m now obsessed with Heathers (particularly the Musical) and

  • ‘Fight for Me’ is hilarious. Just comedy gold, every piece
  • Singing ‘Dead Girl Walking’ while climbing through a guy’s window is now on my bucket list
  • Barrett Wilbert Weed’s laugh gives me life
  • Finally an alto female lead so I can sing without breaking my voice
  • Yelling ‘Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw!’ in a public place is now on my bucket list
  • Both versions of Veronica have the greatest fashion sense
  • But did she break his dick or something? Why did JD say Ow?
  • I want to wrap JD up in a blanket (and keep him away from weaponry)
  • Dan Domenech’s curls- dayum
  • Ryan McCartan- holy shit holy shit
    • and he’s only 3 years older than me holy shit

Ok,,,,you know the guy with the really squeaky voice in the me inside of me who says “her life had hit a rocky path”?? And in shine a lift he sings “if I share my ugly parts” and just sounds really nerdy and annoying?? Apparently that’s Dan……wth….he sounds like a dark sexy serial killer one second and a super pitchy dork next…and he’s 36 but plays a 17 year old convincingly…,., this guy could be my mom for all I know jesus christ