Dan Domenech

Dan Domenech, who was the Hipster Dork/Officer McCord and Kurt/Ram/JD understudy in the Off-Broadway Heathers asked on his livestream for people to send him photos and clips of the UC Berkeley production of Heathers! So, I sent him like 20 photos and Dan approves of Gay Heathers you guys! @ucberkeleyheathers @gushergurl @sixteenpercent

To all the actors and actresses out there. Don’t ever feel like being an understudy or a swing is a bad thing. And to all of you who think it’s means you aren’t good or that you will never be seen or have you work appreciated, look at Dan domenech. He was the understudy for Ryan. But it was his show that was recorded and put up on YouTube. And now that understudy is the face of JD to the Heathers community. Just because you aren’t the main lead doesn’t mean your not amazing. You never know who’s in the audience.

I’m now obsessed with Heathers (particularly the Musical) and

  • ‘Fight for Me’ is hilarious. Just comedy gold, every piece
  • Singing ‘Dead Girl Walking’ while climbing through a guy’s window is now on my bucket list
  • Barrett Wilbert Weed’s laugh gives me life
  • Finally an alto female lead so I can sing without breaking my voice
  • Yelling ‘Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw!’ in a public place is now on my bucket list
  • Both versions of Veronica have the greatest fashion sense
  • But did she break his dick or something? Why did JD say Ow?
  • I want to wrap JD up in a blanket (and keep him away from weaponry)
  • Dan Domenech’s curls- dayum
  • Ryan McCartan- holy shit holy shit
    • and he’s only 3 years older than me holy shit