My Top 10 Favorite Things About The New Ghostbusters Movie

Because apparently I like telling Tumblr my 10 favorite things about nerd movies.

1.     Kate McKinnon. I mean, I could probably leave it there. But I no longer see her and call her “That one SNL girl”. Because she is queen. And seriously, her face. In every. Single. Frame. I swear her face is made of rubber. Like, her expressions are fantastic! I’ve finally found Buster Keaton’s opposite. And somehow I still love both of them.

2.     Chris Hemsworth being a dumb blonde. Okay, so I know I’m like, way behind on the times here. But I’ve honestly never really thought Chris was attractive. Like, I didn’t think he was unattractive I was just like, “Meh. Doesn’t do it for me.” And I swear I’m not attracted to his dumb-ness. I think I’m attracted to the fact that I saw him and was prejudice and thought “Buff, blonde, action guy. He’s got to be a tool.” But tools aren’t okay with making fun of themselves. And the fact that he’s literally playing a reverse-gender-stereotype-dumb-blonde makes me sort of love him. The glasses don’t hurt either. And maybe I’ve just discovered his smile. It’s not my fault! I was blinded by prejudice before!

3.     All the nods to the original movies and the cameos. Seriously, all the people who are mad that they’re rebooting Ghostbusters. Seriously? The original cast is behind this reboot! They support it. And they made all these nods to the old movies. They kept the movie sort of cheesy and goofy like the first two were and didn’t try to action it up to grab the attention of a modern audience. That movie is totally 80s/90s but with better graphics. And it was loaded with Easter Eggs. And I love them for that.

4.     Just Kristen Wiig in general. I mean, I already loved her. But this just made me love her more.

5.     All four of those little weirdos. I’m so glad they made these characters so real and relatable and dimensional. This wasn’t “Let’s make Ghostbusters, but with women!”. Because that would be cheap, and it would feel cheap and flat. And I would have hated this movie if it felt like they were pandering to a female audience to pacify feminists or whatever people think they were trying to do with this movie. They just made an awesome movie with flawed, crazy characters who just happened to be female. And it was awesome and flawless. It so easily could have been, “Ghostbusters but with women!” but it wasn’t. It was just “Ghostbusters”.

6.     The ghosts. I mean, I know they were cartoon-y but I loved them. The movie stayed sort of light and didn’t go full-on The Conjuring. And that made it feel like the originals :)

7.     The five billion one-liners. Particularly from Chris Hemsworth. And his inability to answer the phone.

8.     Kristen Wiig’s face every time Chris Hemsworth was in the room. And Melissa McCarthy attempting to rein her in.

9.     Patty being a genuinely nice, concerned human being. She wasn’t a scientist like the others. She just wanted to help out. And even in a crappy job where people ignored her, she still tried to be nice. And that’s so rare.

10.  Patty saying, “Nothing in here. Just a room full of nightmares.” About the room full of mannequins. Because FINALLY a character in a scary movie who does and says what any normal human being would say.

**And bonus. The scene after the credits :)

I just saw the new Ghostbusters trailer and it looks fun and funny! I was actually really excited for it… and then reality set in.

I looked and saw that it has 30,000 more DISLIKES than likes. Over 80,000 dislikes right now. 

I’m actually really annoyed/upset/offended because I feel like it’s all boys who are HATERS because the movie has an all female cast. 

I’ve never seen any of the originals (sorry), so I honestly have no idea how this movie seems in comparison. But in my opinion I unfortunately think most of the hate and backlash has to do with the all-female cast.

The comments underneath are so bad and negative that Sony is literally going through and deleting a lot of them. That’s how bad it is.

Some of the sexist, horrible comments that I had the misfortune of seeing:

  • “All girls??? Really???”
  • “Absolutely against this abomination! 3 Ugly cunts and a Tranny try to recreate one of the greatest cult classics. This is a Feminist shitfest”
  • “I was interested until I realized it’s all whores”
  • “Why the fuck is there an all-girl crew”
  • “Men did this already. 30 years ago. snore.”
  • “The characters better not be lesbians in this movie”
  • “Why does everything have to be politically correct, first they remake Annie to be a black girl, now they make Ghostbusters a bunch of women. People are too afraid to piss off Feminists”
  • “Ghost tampons”
  • “Since it’s all females it should be called “Dustbusters"
  • “Call me sexist, but having girls do this is a bad idea”
  • “Whaaaaaaat!!!!! who let them out of the kitchen?”
  • “Can’t believe they cast those scum-sucking disgusting trash piles commonly referred to as women”
  • “Girls can’t fight ghosts”

Like I said, I never saw the original Ghostbusters movies. So maybe this new trailer DOES look bad from a true Ghostbusters fan’s perspective. I wouldn’t know. 

BUT IT CANNOT BE DENIED that all the disgusting fuckboys are crying and complaining about this the most because there weren’t any penises in the trailer (except from Chris Hemsworth’s quick appearance).

I don’t know I’m just really bitter and annoyed right now.