DAMON: Is Robert del Naja and Banksy the same person? Ehhhh, mmmmm, I do not want to say no, but if I said yes, then he is Banksy, the pressure would grow on him. I know Robert and “you know who” very well. They are both my friends, but they are not the same person.

INT: Ok. So…

DAMON: Wait, wait … You know what? I was with Banksy last week at a party and I’ll tell you something: Banksy is my friend Remi Kabaka.

INT: Really?

DAMON: Yes, he is a Gorillaz producer and works with us. There you have the world exclusive.

Remi Kabaka Jr is the son of a famous Nigerian drummer who played with The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Steve Winwood, among many others. He is a producer, DJ, is part of the Gorillaz Soundsystem (a DJ group that came to Creamfields Buenos Aires in 2008) and directs the Laz Inc gallery in London, which sells Banksy’s work. Is it possible that Damon Albarn has decided to end the biggest question in the art world of the last decade


Summary: “War is war, it’s the reality of it.”

Pairing: Damon x Reader

Warnings: swearing, deaths

Word Count: 1993

This fic tackles two major topics rather than how I intended for it to be but hopefully you guys enjoy it!

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“I’m trying to explain! I’m not yelling at you, you just wouldn’t listen!” He argued. “You’re raising your voice and you’re telling me that you’re not yelling at me?!” You argued back. “Like you listen to me too?!” You added. “No one ever listens to me and all you fucking do is give me attitude.” He said. “Well, if you actually let me explain shit rather than assume–” “Oh, babe, you do that shit too! And don’t even bother denying it–” “I’m so done.” You muttered. “So you’re done with this relationship–” “No, I’m done with how you’re always fucking acting.” You expressed, walking away and into your bedroom. You hid yourself under the covers, something you tend to do, not letting tears slip down your face, but nevertheless it did. Damon closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, deeply sighing. He hated arguing with you yet it was unavoidable. He clashed so much with you sometimes he wondered why you were still here after all those arguments.

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"Take my hand" Damon whispered, reaching to Roberts as they walked through the dense woods outside of Maple Bay. It was hard to see anything but Damon seemed to know where he was going. "Just a little further."

Robert held Damon’s hand as he was guided to the forest, utterly confused as to why they needed to be here. “Damon.. Where are we going? Did you find some cryptid?” He asked as he had pulled him along on a few hunts and it was pretty much always in the woods but now the other was acting all mysterious and he wanted to know why.

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Paul Rudd - idk when but I always loved him in Friends (can’t wait for Ant-Man)

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Christian Bale - more so since last year

Matt Smith - as the doctor but also 

Matthew McConaughey - more so recently

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Matt Damon

Jessica Lange (so gutted she’s left AHS)

Robert De Niro

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Jon Richardson

Greg Davies (definitely my favourite at the moment!!)

Stephen Merchant

Simon Amstell

Dylan Moran

Bill Bailey

(from Mock the Week - Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne, Hugh Dennis, Chris Addison)

Miranda Hart (and her show Miranda)

Tom Rosenthal 

What struck me when I first met Damon was that in the midst of the Britpop wave, he was completely different from what I’d expected. Blur were one of the defining bands of the British indie scene, yet here’s a guy talking to me about reggae and soul. His reference points were unexpected.
—  Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack - NME Feb 15, 2014