A litte survey

So @heart-attack-harry tagged me in this yesterday (thank you, love), and since we’re all knocked down today by the news, I thought I’d do something to shift my atmosphere a bit. 

  • Nickname: Bella (so what is my real name then *eyes emoji*)
  • Height: 5'6
  • Last thing I googled: 168 cm converted to feet.
  • Fave music artist: Harry Styles, obviously. Robert Smith. Damon Albarn. Tom Waits. Susanne Sundfør. Janove Ottesen. David Bowie. Jack White. Matty Healy. Paul McCartney. Jimi Hendrix. Alex Turner. Nick Cave. People like that usually speak to my heart. 
  • Song stuck in my head: They Don’t Care About Us - Michael Jackson.
  • Last movie i watched: Suicide Squad.
  • Last tv show i watched: Vampire Diaries. 
  • What are you wearing right now: My nightshirt.
  • When did you create your blog: *checks* 10th of March, 2016. My other blog was created back in 2011. 
  • What kind of stuff do I post?: Me, or the person tagging me? @heart-attack-harry posts Harry fanfics and blurbs she’s written, and lots of other Harry goodness. And Stevie. I post Harry stuff and 70′s music ++, I guess.
  • Do you have any other blog: One I hardly ever use, but it’s there of sentimental reasons. Had it for years and years.
  • Do you get asks regularly?: No, but can I take a moment to say I’ve been really lucky with my anons? They’re all so sweet and encouraging and inspiring, and not at all like any of the ones I’ve seen around other blogs. I love you guys.
  • Why did you choose your url?: I was surprised it hadn’t been taken already. People keep talking about what this Harry Styles effect is, so I picked it. I’d say people who are fans of his are known to adopt his kindness, which is the best effect of them all. He educates the younger generation by being who he is. The Harry Styles Effect.
  • Gender: Female
  • Hogwarts house: Slytherin.
  • Pokemon team: Dunno.
  • Fave color: I like colours. Not on clothes (please, I mostly only wear black,) but I like green, red, purple, gold, silver, turquoise, soft pink, soft blue, dark blue, mint green, etc. I like colours. 
  • Average hours of sleep: They’re sporadic, but I think five.
  • Lucky number: Don’t have one. Never connected with a number before, but I usually say 4 just to please people.
  • Fave characters: Bernard Black of the Black Books. I have a strange connection to him, and I think it’s cos he’s my inner self. “He looks like he’s swallowed a cup of sour milk and peed himself at the same time. He has this green bilious expression, years of displeasure have shaped his face.“ 
  • How many blankets do you sleep with: One.
  • Dream job: Something within music or writing.


  • A - age: 28
  • B - birthplace: Norway
  • C - current time: 17:56
  • D - drink you had last: Water.
  • E - easiest person to talk to: My best friends, Jaz and Linn.
  • F - favorite song: Of all time? Guh. The Cure’s Disintegration album. On vinyl. 
  • G - grossest memory: When I was little I had a really bad wound on my knee and elbow that got horribly infected. I refused to see the doctor so my Mum tended to it for the two-three weeks it took to heal. 
  • H - horror yes or no: Sure. Don’t really get the question, but sure.
  • I - in love: Never been. I love my cat, though. And I fall deeper and deeper every day. 
  • J - jealous of people: Lately I’ve started feeling jealous of people who have it better than me, who have it all, y’know? It’s a foreign feeling to me cos I’ve usually not cared that much, but I think I’m in a position in my life where I want to move on from where I am and currently don’t know how.
  • K - killed someone: Wtf what is this question? I’m changing it to: Kale or Brussel sprouts: Brussel sprouts.
  • L - love at first sight or should i walk past again: THANK YOU MISTER QUESTION, YOU JUST MADE ME CRINGE.
  • M - middle name: Regine
  • N - number of siblings: One half brother
  • O - one wish: Clean and safe water for everyone.
  • P - person I last called: Mum.
  • Q - question you’re always asked: “Is that your real hair?”
  • R - reason to smile: Harry & Stevie <- same. *sobs*
  • S - song you last sang: The Fletcher Memorial Home by Pink Floyd.
  • T - time you woke up: 12 pm.
  • U - underwear color: Hah. Pink.
  • V - vacation: Mars.
  • W - worst habit: snore.
  • X - x-rays: A few. Did one of my lungs not too long ago.
  • Y - your favorite food: It changes.
  • Z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

I tag: @adorkablehazza @linnsometimes @cheshirepuddin @harrymababe @hazzwatch @ifheartscouldfly @pinkharold @thereignofsoloharry @tigerthightat @stylesinthewild

I had a dream Damon and Robert had a little symbolic wedding and it gave me so many feels, kinda wanna make it canon in verses where he isn’t officially with someone else. So, in non ship verses, consider your muse invited to witness Ye old gays having a sappy wedding ceremony at an old farm house in the middle of a forest, with lots of home cooked meals and juice, cause the place is full of kids and alcohol is forbidden.

Reblog this post if you are a fan of the people/tv shows/bands/other listed below and I will follow you as my dashboard has been a little dead lately:

TV Shows

Supernatural (Dean/Jensen especially, but Misha & Jared depending on my mood) -since end of 2012

Dexter (especially Michael C Hall) - since 2013 I think?

Sherlock - since Jan 2012

Red Dwarf - oh god since I was a child like 15 years ago?

Chuck (I haven’t got much if any of this show on my blog simply because I don’t where you fans hide) - since last year

Game of Thrones - since last year (still need to read the books! So really only a fan of the series atm)

Doctor Who (not series 8 so much, although I do enjoy Peter Capaldi) - since I was a kid. Chris and Matt are my favourite doctors.

Black Books - since ages ago

Green Wing - only recently (Stephen and Tamsin are brill)

My Mad Fat Diary - since it started

Broadchurch - since it started (David’s better as DI Hardy)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - since recently (Andy Samberg and Terry Crews tho)

IT Crowd - since it started


Eddie Redmayne - since 2011

Logan Lerman - since 2010 (although haven’t fangirled over him for ages)

Paul Rudd - idk when but I always loved him in Friends (can’t wait for Ant-Man)

Andrew McCarthy - since 2012

James Spader - properly since last year

Christian Bale - more so since last year

Matt Smith - as the doctor but also 

Matthew McConaughey - more so recently

Simon Pegg

Matt Damon

Jessica Lange (so gutted she’s left AHS)

Robert De Niro

Demi Lovato - since 2008/9?

John Mayer - since 2012

Coldplay - since I was 7?

Panic! At The Disco - since 2013 I think

The Wombats - since 2012

Tears For Fears - since I was kid I think

Lucy Rose - since 2012

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - more so recently

Foals - since 2011/12?

Charlie Simpson - since 2011 properly

Palma Violets - since 2014

Dog Is Dead - since 2013

and others - The Killers, Bon Iver, TDCC, The Doors, Led Zeppelin etc.


Seann Walsh (I don’t use this tumblr that much haven’t got him on here yet because small fandom also) - since 2013 properly

Lee Evans (Need more posts!!) since I was 7

Jon Richardson

Greg Davies (definitely my favourite at the moment!!)

Stephen Merchant

Simon Amstell

Dylan Moran

Bill Bailey

(from Mock the Week - Dara O’Briain, Ed Byrne, Hugh Dennis, Chris Addison)

Miranda Hart (and her show Miranda)

Tom Rosenthal