“aw Mr. Grumpy.” you giggled when you saw his face, “what makes Mr. Grumpy so mad?”

Damon waited a moment before turning and flashing you a smile, “nothing. its fine.” he let out a deep breath, “does Mrs. Grumpy have something for Mr. Grumpy?”

So basically Caroline is going to end up completely alone for an eternity?

Her girls will age and die. Stefan already died. Her mother is dead. Matt, Alaric and Bonnie are human. And ALL of her vampire friends wound up taking the cure. So in about 80 years, once her girls have passed away, she will be 100% alone.

Supernatural Imagine

Imagine Dean and Sam meeting the Impala as a human, and it being a guy

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Sam:“Who the hell are you?”

Dean:“Where the hell is the Impala?!”

Impala:“I liked it better when you called me ‘Baby’.”


Sam:*Laughing his ass off* “Dude, your car is a guy!”

Dean:*Angry* “Shut the hell up Sam, AND YOU! Get in th-…never mind, you are the impala.”

Impala:”Please don’t refrain from calling me ‘Baby” for my sake.” *Winks*

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“You should wear suits more often Stefan” you flirted as you approached the brothers. 

Stefan smiled “Thanks. You look pretty good yourself”

Ugh, could you guys hold off on the flirting until I leave” he groaned. 

Sounds like someones jealous their not getting enough attention” you said in a baby voice as you straightened his tie. 

Not jealous, just grossed out” he said while walking away from you two. You and Stefan looked at each other and smiled. It was just too easy.  


the guard had busted Damon outside of the restaurant and Klaus had angrily left you to deal with the situation. “cleary you want to die. otherwise you wouldn’t be here.” he stated.

“you cant marry her.” Damon said.

“and why is that?”

“because i love her.”


Request Are Open!!!

I’m more than happy to start making imagines of any kind, just lmk. I can do

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° Etc.

I can also do fluff and smut if requested, I am comfortable with ANYTHING, don’t be afraid to ask lol