Feel Better

Imagine Damon taking care of you while you’re sick.

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“I don’t wanna eat!” You whined for the nth time, snuggling back into the pile of thick blankets on your bed. Damon sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Kitten, if you don'f eat you won'g get any better.” He said. “So be it!” You exclaimed. “Stop being whiny little girl and eat, please.” He begged. “Or what?” You challenged him. “You don’t want me to have to compel you.” He said, crossing his arms. “You wouldn’t dare.” You said, narrowing your eyes at him. “(Y/n), I know that, babe, but please eat, for me.” He said. “No.” You said, laying back down in bed.

Damon groaned and went to kiss your forehead and placed the tray of food on the side. “How just drink your medicine?” He asked. “How ‘bout you just give me a bit of your blood and I’m all healed up.” You said, voice muffled by the duvet. Damon threw a straight face towards you. “No. I’d rather go through all this whininess than endanger you.” He said. Sitting and leaning against the headboard on his side of bed.

“Damon,” You called out after a short silence between you two. “Yes, kitten?” “Can you just cuddle me?” He smiled and nodded, peeling of the thick layers off of you and pulling you to his side before placing them back on top of you two. “I like this.” You said, looking up at him. He smiled as he softly ran his fingers through your hair, relaxing you. You hummed in relief. “Does this make you feel better.” Damon asked. You hummed a yes and snuggled more into Damon. He chuckled, pulling you close nevertheless.

“Will you eat later?” Damon asked. You sighed. “Alright, I will.” You answered. Damon chuckled and kissed the side of your head. “And drink your medicine?” He asked. “Yes, babe.” You answered. “Thank you, kitten.” He said, continuing to cuddle you in his arms.

New Snowbarry AU trailer I’m working on! I’m loving how its coming out already, so excited to finished it! It’s gonna be like the trailer ‘Love, Rosie’ so I’m going to add a love triangle in it, and I wanting to do a crossover with TVD  so Damon is going to be Caitlins love interest and have Barry jealous. IDK, I’ll see how it goes haha ;D

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Steroline June Wedding- Ch. 2

A/N:  Here’s chapter 2!!  Thank you so much for all the positive comments about the first chapter, but I think you’ll like this one even more… :)  Let me know what you think, and enjoy! <3

Stefan kept the magazine out on the counter and went back upstairs to find Caroline just stepping out of the shower.  She was wrapped in a towel and had her hair up in the same messy bun as before.  

“Hey,” Stefan said as he walked around behind her.

“Hey.”  She responded.  Stefan wrapped his hands around her waist from behind.  He kissed from her cheek down to her shoulder, making Caroline smile.  She placed her hands over his.

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The Vampire Diaries - Julie Plec  talks Bamon, Bonenzo, Villians and New Characters…

THE EPICNESS OF BAMON: Bamon’s care and affect over one another! (POST 3)

As mentioned in the previous post, Bamon’s obliterating chemistry and connection showcased in season 2, would lead to a severe decrease of shared scenes between the pair in seasons to come…

Seasons 3, 4, and arguably the worst season of series, 5, were seasons of Bamon drought. But yet and even still, the two shared exclusive interactions… When they did, it was explosive. It was meaningful. And one thing became quite clear in the course of these lacking seasons. Not only did Bonnie and Damon share an intricate and complex past… not only did they have obliterating chemistry and an obliterating connection… THEY CARED FOR ONE ANOTHER, AND THEY AFFECTED ONE ANOTHER DEEPLY. 

In episode 3x20, “Do Not Go Gentle,” following Damon’s poor excuse of an apology, he took heed to Bonnie’s words, and not to make a “controversial” choice, allowed vampire Alaric to pass on peacefully, instead of killing him. 

Not only did this act showcase his respect for the young Bennett woman, but the profound AFFECT she has over him. Bonnie is one of the only characters, besides Damon’s brother, who puts him in his place EVERY TIME. She doesn’t baby him, she doesn’t rationalize him; she holds him accountable for his actions. And nearly each time she does, he rises to the occasion for the better, because of it. 

The episode following this would find Mr. Salvatore saving the enchantress’s life… and the duo later bickering about it like a married couple. His words to her infuriated and affected her so, that she questioned his reason for saving her.

In the very same episode, 3x21 “Before Sunset,” his words to her had an inverse affect. “Gotta say I’m Team Bonnie on this.” They were simple words. And yet seemed to be everything the little witch needed in that moment. 

The way Damon affects her? The way Bonnie affects him? It’s truly beautiful and amazing! He gets under her skin, maddens - infuriates her, but he also encourages and empowers her. She gets under his skin, annoys him, frustrates him… and yet she enlightens and challenges him.

Perhaps this begrudging, yet innate, care and affect over one another is what would have Damon Salvatore SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS his lack of concern for Bonnie in season 4… 

“I don’t give a crap about Bonnie Bennett.” … “I don’t care Elena. I don’t care about her!” He stressed in episode 4x13 “Into the Wild.”

But he chose her over Elena, time and time again. 

When everyone was splitting up to search for Jeremy. He could’ve easily told Stefan to stick around and keep an eye on Professor creepy, while he took off with Rebekah and Elena. But no. He said with a steadfast certainty that he would stay behind with Bonnie and Shane to make sure the Professor wasn’t lying about making sure she was safe. 

After asking with bugged eyes of concern “where the hell” she was in episode 4x15 “Stand By Me,” learning she was lost, the azure eyed vampire told Stefan to get Elena home, while he searched for her. 

Damon delegates time and time again to his brother, when it comes to Elena. But most every time it comes to Bonnie Sheila Bennett, it seems no one is capable enough for the task, but him. 

He came up with excuse after excuse for why he was searching that island so vigilantly for Bonnie! But was he really bringing her home for Elena?? What did Bonnie do for Elena when she got there? NOTHING! What COULD she ever have done?? NOTHING more than Caroline!

- So was he then searching that island all so he could avoid dealing with Elena? When he got home, he dealt with her. In a horrible way, yes. But he dealt with her!

So no! I say “NO!” Damon Salvatore searched that island for Bonnie Bennett because HE CARES ABOUT HER! He was concerned about her! He didn’t want to “just leave her” there! And when he found her, he hugged her in relief FOR HIMSELF! Not relief that he’d found Elena’s friend to help lick her fresh wounds. But in relief he’d found someone he cares about! 

Damon brought Bonnie home, and he didn’t leave her in the car, whilst running straight into the loving arms of Elena! - He looked to Caroline with severe eyes of distraught, and told her to get his brother outside. BONNIE was ushered into the safe haven of her friends, while Damon alarmingly told his brother about her brainwashing. 

Not only did Damon showcase his care for Bonnie over and over again in season 4, but he chose her OVER ELENA! Not once, not twice, but at LEAST three times, with the happenings that later happened in the season finale! 

Elena was obsessed with killing Katherine, and bent on doing that, instead of finding Bonnie! But instead of bending to her will, as he often does, Damon reminded her that they NEEDED to find Bonnie! And even scenes later, after Elena stabbed him and went after Katherine, which surely could’ve resulted in her FORETOLD DEATH, Damon STILL searched those tunnels for Bonnie!
That same episode, Silas also threatened Bonnie with the use of Damon, to which she passionately replied, “I won’t let you - “ before being interrupted by the villain.

Even when they didn’t acknowledge it! Even when they refused it like a kid taking medicine, the villains and people around them saw it so clearly! “He doesn’t hate her. I think he actually kind of loves her. We’re mean to the people we care about.”– Elena Gilbert (4x15) 


And if the events from the famished seasons of 3 and 4 were not enough, season 5 would surely help to further prove Bamon’s profound care and affect over one another!

In episode 5x04 “For Whom the Bell Tolls,”  Damon was DEEPLY affected by Bonnie’s death. 

Elena “lost it,” with the death of Jeremy, but Damon never resolved to bring HIM back to life! Elena was saddened by Bonnie’s death, but she would’ve MOVED ON! But no! Not on Damon’s watch! …

He can say it was for Elena, TILL THE COWS COME HOME! And the fandom can say it to! But those tears he cried were for himself and HIS grief that Bonnie was dead! The plan he came up with, was due to HIS CARE of her! - For the affect her absence had on HIM! No one else!

Flash forward to the season 5 finale, and Damon’s aiming a fire poker at her throat, one of my favorite season 5 scenes actually. 

He’s lashing out, feeling distraught — like no one understands the magnitude of the situation, or is trying hard enough to solve it! But then Bonnie exclaims, “I know that!” And her words and expression are enough to have him tossing his weapon to the side. He speaks to her so openly, reminding her what is at stake, even including her “grams,” to which she cogently replies, “I know that, Damon.” And the affect on him is instant. The affect on her is instant. She understands. He understands. And they both know they have that understanding, and they look to each other for the briefest of moments, intimately confiding their fears through their powerful connection that requires no words. Before Enzo interrupts. :/


There was truly SO MUCH between Bonnie and Damon, before season 6 even took place! 

NEVER to be acted upon because of their circumstances and environment!

But when the two of them held hands in episode 5x22 “Home,” disappearing in luminous light together… their complex beginning, their chemistry and connection, their care and affect over one another… would have no choice, but to come to a certain head.


(There are two posts that precede this, in “The epicness of Bamon” series! You’ll find them under that special tag! ;) PLEASE. I strongly encourage reading them all! I’m breaking down Bamon. Season by season. THEY ARE SO ENDGAME!!! I’m here to prove it. :D God bless! Thank you so much for reading! I’ll be posting the concluding 2 posts next week! Stay tuned!)

laitalianax3  asked:

Hey!:) Can I have a ship from both shows. (Male) I have long dark brown hair, green-brown eyes and I'm 5'7. I love being sarcastic, I love writing and listening to music and going out with friends. I'm very protective of the ones I love and I don't trust or forgive that easily. Also, I don't let people easily in but if I do, I'm always there for everyone.

Hey! I hope you like your ships! I think it´s a very good combination ;)

I ship you with… Klaus!!

Since I know you pretty well, I am certain that you and Klaus would be a quite lovely couple. Though, because you´re both need some time to let people in, I think it would take some time for you to get used to each other. But once that is over you´d be inseparable. Klaus would love your sarcastic side and you would cheer him up with it when he´s upset about something. He´d try to uphold his scowl with everything he has but you´d be the only one to break it. His family would adore you as well, especially Rebekah would love to listen to music with you.

I ship you with…Damon!

Damon is the king of sarcasm, so naturally he adores your sarcastic side, especially if it´s pointed towards his brother. I think you and Damon would drive Stefan crazy in no time, because Damon is already enough to handle, with you around, Stefan would always receive some snarky comments from you two. You´d spend your time listening to music, especially in his Camaro, were you´d do carpool karaoke everywhere you go. Since you love to go out with friends, you´d hang out at the grill with the gang a lot, or at the Boarding House where you´d throw the best parties in Mystic Falls.

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