Damon Intrabartolo

“On May 2, 2004 we went into the studio to record the original Off-Broadway cast of BARE. We were so saddened to hear this week of the passing of the show’s co-creator Damon Intrabartolo. In Damon’s honor we are streaming the tracks that came from that memorable session for all to hear. He may be gone, but these songs will live on in his memory. And may they have the power to heal.” — Kurt Deutsch / Founder, Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight Records



In a beautiful and moving tribute to the music and memory of Damon Intrabartolo, the original Los Angeles cast of BARE (2000) and the Los Angeles revival cast of BARE (2013) come together as one ensemble to sing “No Voice.”

Soloists: Katie Stevens, Keili Lefkovitz, Lindsay Pearce, John Griffin, Jonah Platt, Stephanie Andersen, Wallace Smith, Nathan Parrett, Payson Lewis & John Torres


Damon Intrabartolo, Writer of Pop Musical Bare, Dies at 39

Damon Intrabartolo, who co-wrote the coming-of-age pop musical bare – telling the story of two boys in a Catholic boarding school who are forced to keep their love in the shadows – died suddenly Aug. 13 in Arizona, Playbill.com has confirmed. He was 39. May he rest in peace.

More info at http://www.playbill.com/news/article/181168-Damon-Intrabartolo-Writer-of-Pop-Musical-Bare-Dies-at-39


Here’s a preview of the choreography in “bare,” done by Justin Amellio! Just a segment of what the show is going to look like come July 17!


Nick Blaemire and Justin Matthew Sargent - Are You There

Nick Blaemire and Justin Matthew Sargent sing “Are You There” from Bare as part of Fly: A Musical Tribute to Damon Intrabartolo at Joe’s Pub, Monday, February 24, 2014.

"Are You There" DEMO

Despite the fact that I love the number “Are You There” as it is in Bare: A Pop Opera, there are some lyrics in the Demo version that I think are even better. It seems that in the demo version the song is sung by Jason alone, which is very interesting.

They say god closes doors,

but opens windows when he does,

I look back through that window and remember how it was,

To have my hand upon that door,

To gently turn it’s knob,

I peeked my head inside that world,

I heard my mother sob.

This shows us so much more of Jason’s fear and pain.

I still can feel young Isaac’s fear,

As if I’d held the knife,

That slashed the heart that beat for boys,

Which I said was a crime,

He gave his plea on bended knee,

A young me in his prime.

While slightly muddled, I think religious imagery here is great.

I think this is arguable the most emotional version of the number.

Can you know what you meant to a soul that was searching?

I will never forget what this show did for me. The hole that it filled in my heart, and people it brought into my life. Thank you for writing this musical, Damon. I wish the world was able to see the next great thing you may have done. One year later, you are still and always will be missed so dearly.