Damn she looks so so beautiful here

Let’s be clear here… Dan Stevens worked his ass off doing a damned fine job on Beauty and the Beast under very difficult conditions. 

He was a team player.

 He gave his best to Emma. She gave her best to him. 

He did everything that was asked of him.


So yes he looks kinda funny in the hippo suit with spots… but LOOK AT WHAT HE ACCOMPLISHED. He took the technology to a whole new level. He did it with respect and flair and his own  je ne sais quoi (and yes Gaston I do know what that means…)

I stand with Bill Condon. I’m in awe of  Dan’s acting and dedication to his craft in Beauty and the Beast. He essentially did the role three times: Once with the motion capture. Once with the facial capture. Again with the Beast’s voice and singing. 

He most probably won’t get the awards he deserves. But we all can stand behind him anyway cheering. For we know… We know..!

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so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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Lena Luthor's pick up lines
  • Lena: Supergirl more like Super whoa!
  • Kara: *blushes* Stop it.
  • Maggie: Hmm very nice *nods head*.
  • Lena: Kara Danvers, I think you mean Kara Damn girl. *winks*
  • Winn: *claps*
  • Kara: *looks away* Golly.
  • Lena: Oh my God Kara.
  • Kara: *looks around* What, Lena?
  • Lena: I think I may need sunglasses because your smile is so bright.
  • Alex: *rubs chin* Brava Luthor,Brava.
  • Kara: *hides face while smiling* so cheesy.
  • Lena: *clears throat*.
  • Maggie: Oh boy here's the grand finale.
  • Winn: And What will Luthor do next?
  • Alex: Why is the suspense actually killing me?
  • Lena: Kara?
  • Kara: *smiling* Yes Lena?
  • Lena: You're hot.
  • Maggie: ...
  • Winn: ...
  • Alex: ...
  • Lena: What? Compliments of beauty are always a great finisher.
  • Kara: *smiling* She's right.
  • Winn: Wow
  • Alex: Only my sister.
  • Maggie: *scribbles in a notepad* compliments beauty, great finisher.
Where’s daddy

(A/N): Literally so much angst and pain

Request: Hi ! I love your stories ! Do you think I can request a Bucky x Reader, where she has a 6yo son and he is Bucky’s but he doesn’t know ‘cause of HYDRA capturing him when she found out she was pregnant & they haven’t seen each other since, please?

Warnings: ANGST

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @l8nitl0vr

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    Grant Barnes ran around the park, squealing alongside all the other children. Their mothers watched them from afar, all smiling and cheering their babies on. Some of them even had fathers watching them proudly, their eyes twinkling happily and their heart full of joy. And then there was (Y/N) who was sitting on one of the benches furthest away from the playground all by herself. She had no ring on her finger, no man to kiss her cheek and call her beautiful, she had no husband and Grant Barnes had no father. Perhaps six or seven years ago he had one but that felt like a century ago, a century ago the war ended, a century ago when every woman stopped at the stations to pick up her man, when every wife presented her child to the recently returned soldier but that hadn’t been (Y/N)’s case. Rather than go and pick her lover up from the station she had sat at home, breast feeding her brand new baby boy. 

   "Momma!“ Grant yells as he approaches his mother, all smiles and giggles despite the sweltering heat of Brooklyn. "Will you come play with me?” (Y/N) smiles as she reaches out to ruffle Grant’s hair, a small, disbelieving chuckle falling from her lips. 

   “Baby, don’t you want to play with the other kids?” 

   “No mommy, I want you to come play with me,” Grant tugged on (Y/N)’s sleeve, persistent in his choice. (Y/N) chuckles as they stand up, much to Gran’ts delight as he squeals happily. 

   “What do you wanna play baby boy?”

   “I wanna play soldiers!” Grant exclaims innocently, his eyes shining with excitement. (Y/N) sighs softly as her heart aches, the memories of Bucky slowly surfacing. She had managed to keep them down, try not to dwell on the thoughts of her long lost lover but it was always inevitable- there was always something that would remind (Y/N) of Bucky. The bitter scent of coffee in the mornings, a poster for a new science convention, the smell of fresh sheets, the warmth that would surround (Y/N) every time she climbed into bed; there was always a bit of Bucky in everything, even if he never really was there. 

   “Okay, who do you wanna be?” 

   “I want to be Captain America!” Grant shouted, beaming from ear to ear. Little did Grant know that he was actually named after the man himself, (Y/N) had figured Bucky would have wanted their baby boy to have something to do with Steve and since- well, since he wasn’t around anymore the least (Y/N) could do was name her child after him. 

   “Okay Cap’n,” (Y/N) salutes their baby boy, smiling when he giggled with excitement. “Where’s our first mission?”

   “Over in Germ-Germ-Germ-” 

   “Germany?” (Y/N) suggest lightly, laughing when her son beamed at her. 

   “Yes! In Germany,” He slurred the word a bit, making his little facade even cuter. 

   “Well Cap’n, I don’t see a plane anywhere, how do you suppose we’re gonna get there?” Grant hums, stroking his chin in thought before jumping excitedly at an idea.

   “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind carrying Captain America to battle,” Grant suggest, his blue eyes shining up at (Y/N) with child like hope.

   “Captain,” (Y/N) placed a hand over her heart, sniffling softly. “It would be my honor to carry you to Germany,” And with that (Y/N) slides her arms around her baby boy, marching him across the playground and to a nearby tree or as Grant called it- Germany. Grant squealed in delight as (Y/N) made airplane noises as she all but charged for the trees, more than delighted to make their sweet baby boy happy. All the other mothers and fathers stared at (Y/N) distastefully but she didn’t care, not when Grant was laughing hysterically and having the time of his life. (Y/N) could only have wished that Bucky was here to see him…

~70 something years later~

   Bucky looked down at the file in his hands, about the life he had left behind. There were pictures of (Y/N), looking as beautiful as he remembered her but there was someone else…a little dark haired, blue eyed boy who looked like the perfect combination of Bucky and (Y/N). 

   “His name was Grant,” Fury mutters from his seat, his eyes glued to Bucky’s hands clutching the folder. “(Y/N) named him after Steve,” Bucky gulps, reaching out with a hand to run his fingers along the photographs of what should have been his wife and baby boy. “She found out she was pregnant the day you fell of the train,” Bucky sighs shakily, throwing the folder to the side as he rubs at his burning eyes. He’d left an entire life behind, he’d left behind (Y/N), the love of his life, he’d left behind his family, he’d even left behind a baby he didn’t even know he had. “It’s not too late y’know,” Fury states as he grabs the folder, tucking all the papers and photographs back into manila folder gently. “We’ve kept tabs on Grant over the years…he’s in a home Bucky,” Bucky looks up at the older man, gulping once again. “He’s losing his memory so I suggest that if you wanna meet your kid you better do it now,” 

   And that’s how Bucky ended up where he was right now, standing in front of a white haired nurse in some retirement home. 

   “I’m uh- I’m looking for a Grant Barnes?”  

   “Oh! He hasn’t had visitors in years…” 

   “Yeah uh- I’m a distant cousin, thought I’d come see him for a bit,” The nurse smiles, clutching a clipboard to her chest tightly. 

   “That’s so sweet, he’ll be glad to see you. He’s in room 303 by the way, just down the hall and to the left,’ Bucky gives the nurse a light smile and a polite thank you before he walks down the hall, stuffing his hands in his pockets. All around him the sounds of beeping machines and oxygen tanks filled the air, leaving his heart aching at the thought that his boy- his own damn child- was one of the poor sickly elders here. 

   Bucky’s feet stop abruptly in front of room 303, the door decorated brightly in pink and red hearts, each one stating something wonderful about Grant- about his son. With a shaky sigh Bucky knocked his knuckles on the door, waiting for a nurse or someone to let him in. 

   “Come in!” A sweet female voice called. Bucky gently opened the door, poking his head inside the hospital room. There were two people in the room, an elderly looking man who once looked as though he had been beautiful but age had slowly withered away that beauty and a young female, perhaps around the age of twenty, sitting directly across from the man. “Can I help you?” She asks, smiling at Bucky sweetly. 

   “Uh yeah- um, I’m here to see Grant Barnes?”

   “That’s me,” The old man smiles, gibing Bucky a small wave. “What can I do for you sonny?” God- his own child was calling him son and if that didn’t sting Bucky didn’t know what did. 

   “Um-” Bucky looks down at his hand sheepishly, biting his lip in thought. He hadn’t really thought of what he was going to say when he finally met his own flesh and blood, he thought he’d chicken out and leave before he ever even met his son but now he was here, standing right in front of him. “Was your father James Buchanan Barnes?” The elderly man loses his smile, his face taking on an ugly kind of glare. 

   “What do you want to know about my father?” Bucky sighs again, raking a hand down his face, one that looked almost like his own sons expect much, much younger. 

   “I have a little problem you see- I’m James Buchanan Barnes,” 

   Explaining his situation to his son had been hard, he was almost thrown out of the building until Bucky began to tell Grant things about his mother that no one except himself could know. From there it had been a bit choppy, his son was in shock, as was Bucky, but slowly they opened up to each other and now here they were- talking about (Y/N) as though it were the most normal thing in the world. 

   “You shoulda seen her,” Grant sighs, his eyes twinkling as he looks at the ceiling. “She was so beautiful, all my friends liked her,” Bucky chuckles, smiling so damn widely he was surprised his face didn’t bust in two. 

   “She was gorgeous,” 

  “And strong, so strong,” Grant whispers, breathing out heavily. “She got a job after you- after you died,” Grant hesitates to say the words, almost reluctant to admit that his own mother was dead. “She worked long and hard hours just to provide for me. We were poor but that never stopped her- we may have been low on money but you can bet your bottom dollar that she would find a way to make me and the neighbor kids desert,” 

   “She always was so generous,” 

   “She was the best mom anyone could ever ask for,” Grant smiles a little, a small, tender little thing that had Bucky wondering just exactly what Grant was thinking. 

   “I wish I could have been there-” Bucky sighs, his heart suddenly sinking. “I wish I could’ve seen your first steps, or heard your first words, I wish I could have seen you on your first date or watch you walk down the aisle-” 

   “That doesn’t matter now,” Grant smiles, reaching over to take Bucky’s metal hand in his own, withered one. “You’re here now and that’s all that matters to me…It’s nice to finally meet you Dad,” Bucky smiles, chuckling a bit even with the tears burning at his eyes. 

   “It’s nice to finally meet my son,”  

Imagine this with me:

Lena and Kara in a hotel in Metropolis. They went there for one of those TED conferences. Lena hears somebody knocking on her door and rushes to open it. When she does, she finds Kara looking at her like if she’s hypnotised.

She asks if everything is okay but Kara won´t say a thing. Kara gasps and blinks trying to clear her mind and say something, but she honestly forgot why she was on Lena´s door since Lena is wearing only the hotel´s robe and she looks so god damn beautiful… and hot!

So after a few seconds Lena starts to blush and she has this nervous smile on her face. Kara just doesn’t know how to deal with the whole situation and when she finally says something, her ears hear her saying “Hot”, and then in an attempt to disguise she complements “Is it hot in here?”

Lena smiles because she knows that´s not what Kara meant, but she makes things easier to the poor girl at her door and just agrees inviting Kara in. -@itsmrsdimples

Special Fic Rec ❤❤

Ok so, I began this blog on December 9th, well, actually I’ve been on tumblr since 2013 (nice, old Naruto Era), yet, I consider this one the actual date of this blog birth, since it was the day I posted my first BTS Fanfiction - Sanitarium (which I still hold very dearly to my heart).

To be honest, even if writing has been one of my passions for many years, I never expected much from my own stories, especially since English killed me in more than one way (ah, it kicked my ass so hard during my high school days lol); yet, I surprisingly found an incredible amount of happiness in writing for seven lovely dorks - not to talk about the crazy, wonderful authors and friends I had the pleasure to meet here, people who helped me grow and who gave me some of the most pleasurable reading moments of my life :’)

But I was saying, I didn’t expect much from posting my fics, yet, nearly 5 months later, I reach my first mile stone. Really, I can’t believe it: 1k people are reading my fics, and supposedly they also enjoy them. It happened quite fast, in my opinion, and I also know I’ve been very lucky for many authors are amazing and still don’t have the exposure they deserve! It takes them a lot of hard work when they should really be appreciated a lot more! This is why, to celebrate this milestone (ok, compared to other authors is not that big of a number, but still I consider it an important accomplishment ;^;) I decided to do a special, big fic rec to share the talent filling this social!! 

Some of these writers are super known actually, yet others have a smaller public: they have such a fantastic way with words tho, such a breath-taking creativity, that I just needed to tag them and link their stories - hopefully, some of you will fall in love with their work too; please, if so, go send them all a lot of love, for they are not holy amazing authors but also amazing people :’)

And I’m incredibly happy to have some of them as mutuals, if not even as friends <3 <3

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Eternal Love: Chapter Two

Originally posted by jungkookpd

Bts Vampire AU! Bts Prince AU! Smut in upcoming chapters! Overall Sexy!

If you are new to the story please read chapter one first to understand what is happening!

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.


Previously on “Eternal Love”

“Hyung”, Jungkook spoke up, “ Do you feel that” he said gripping his chair, almost snapping the arm rest.

“Is that her?” , Jimin almost moaned at the feeling you ignited throughout the castle.

Namjoon turned to face his brothers, “ She’s the one “. Unwillingly revealing his fangs alongside his hyungs.

“ What is this feeling…?” Seokjin asked. The rest of the hyungs looking at namjoon for a response.

“It’s what father felt for mother… eternal love” he smirked as he licked his fangs.


After eating your hearts out, you and Annabelle looked at each other and laughed.

“Fat pigs we are”, Annabelle said, rubbing her full stomach.

“Who would want a pig any other way?”, you laughed, rubbing your own stomach.

You looked around the room, analyzing the beauty once more; Annabelle watching you, wishing she could read minds like her brother Seokjin in that moment. Everything about you was so fascinating to her; the way you smiled, your humor, the energy you brought into a situation most people would consider dark and lonesome. I mean come on, your own parents sold you away to some random family in order to make children. But that is what was so beautiful about you, you turned such a negative situation into something positive; making a friend minutes within waking up.

You then turned to Annabelle, I mischievous glint in your eyes, “ So Annabelle, what do you do for fun here”, you asked, obviously wanting to escape the big yet some what suffocating room.

She looked at you with an equal mischievous look in her eye, “ How about you and I play dress up, make ourselves look like princesses and then run a muck in this damned castle,” she suggested. You obviously shocked yet excited with her dropping of formalities.

“ I love it”, you squeaked, obviously excited to not only get out of this room, but to run around with your now , close friend. You stood up holding your hand out to her, “ shall we princess Annabelle?”, you asked in such a posh way you almost gagged.

She giggled, looking down at her lap, “ If only you knew what type of princess I was “, she thought to herself. Looking up at you.

She took your hand, feeling that spark you were to give everyone within the castle, “ we shall princess (Y/N)”, she said in an equally ridiculous tone. She then pulled you into a incredibly large closet full of the most beautiful dresses, jewelry, shoes, etc….

You looked around, one again in complete shock. “Now i’m positive this is all a dream”, you said, gawking at the gowns before you.

“ Meh, I’ve seen better”, Annabelle teased, looking at you from the corner of her eye. Stepping in front of you, “ Let’s turn you into a princess”, she said. You rolling your eyes jokingly and giggling.


“Hyung, Annabelle hasn’t sent us any notice on the princess”, Hoseok said as he paced the room back and forth.

“She’s keeping her all to herself”, taehyung said in annoyance.

Namjoon paying no mind to his brother’s concerns for their princess/ soon to be Queen.

“Hyung”, Yoongi approached his brother, “She’s absolutely extraordinary”, he said as Seokjin stepped to the opposite side of Namjoon. “She’s… definitely different from the other’s, she’s got the spark fathers always talked about”, he said.

Namjoon only turned around, ignoring their comments. “Hyungs, sit down”, he ordered; the rest sitting in the chairs that surround the room.

“There is no doubt that she is the one, her energy… well… there’s not much to say about that, we all feel it”, he said, watching the boys come down from the high your presence ignited in them, their fangs disappearing as they got use to the feeling you caused them to have. “If father were to still be with us, we all know what he would say to us, and we must follow his wish’s if we are to rule this kingdom properly,once and for all”, he said as he made eye contact with his brothers.

“She is our queen”, Jungkook said.

“Our light”, Hoseok added.

“Our strength”, Taehyung said.

“Our love”, Jimin added.

“ Our courage”, Seokjin said

“Our dignity”, Yoongi added.

“Our reason to live”, They all said in unison. Remembering what their father told them about finding their eternal love.

Their heads suddenly snapped towards their bedroom door, at the sound of your  door opening. A loving/ mischievous smile appearing on all of their face’s. Their hearts started pounding against their chest’s, excitement bubbling in the pits of their stomach’s.

“Our beauty awaits”, Jimin said as he rose from his seat, charmingly sweeping his hair back, walking towards the door.

“Jimin”,Namjoon called out, Jimin looking back to his hyungs. A smirk crawling across Namjoon’s face as he continued to look forward, avoiding eye contact from any of the boys in the room, “ Let our princess know”, he said, as he looked at Jimin, “That her king’s “, he paused, slightly cocking his head to the side. “ We’ll see her for dinner”.

A slight smirk now crawling across all of the hyung’s faces, jimin letting out a deep chuckle, “Will do hyung “, he said as he stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him.


“ You have a sense of style, I will give you that”, Annabelle said, impressed with the elegant light blue dress you picked out for her to wear. The dress fit her curves wonderfully, truly making her look like an elegant princess, maybe even a queen, but that’s what you were going for.

“Right back at ya”, you said, equally impressed with her choice of style for you. You wore a white dress with a beautiful golden floral pattern at the bottom. The dress was fitting at the waist and flows at the bottom, the light breeze making the dress show off your figure even more. You wore your hair down, as Annabelle did. Annabelle had braided two pieces of your hair, connecting them together in the back, giving you a more innocent look. A look she knew would drive her brothers crazy. You both wore matching diamond pendants, a cute suggestion made by you.

“There’s no way we will be able to run around in these dresses”, you laughed behind Annabelle as she stepped into the long hallway. Your back facing her as you closed the door behind you. “Plus, i’m a complete klutz, and these heels will not serve me… CRAP”. You yelped as you tripped over your own feet.

A pair of muscular arms found their way around your waist as you fell backwards, your eyes closed tightly, dreading the impact your body would make as it contacted the floor, but there was no such feeling. You slowly opened your eyes, making sure you didn’t just pass out from your fall.

“A klutz you are indeed”, a sweet voice, who was definitely not Annabelle whispered as he looked into your eyes. A slight smile spread across his face. Showing off his deep dimples.

“Is this heaven”, you said, earning a deep chuckle from the man holding you tightly.

“Charming, but cheesy darling”, he whispered into your ear, causing you to blush intensely.

“Jimin, you can let go of her”, Annabelle said in an annoyed tone, scolding how cheesy you and her brother were being.

He only chuckled, helping you stand up straight. You brushing off your dress, recollecting yourself. He looked at you, his head cocked to the side, waiting for you to look at him.

“I’m so sorry about that, like I said, i’m a klutz”, you giggled as you looked up into his eyes with a small smile as a way to say sorry.

He gave you his lovely smile, his eyes disappearing into crescent moons, making you swoon at his soft appearance. While his facial expressions were soft and charming, his attire was incredibly striking and intimidating. He gently grasped your hand, leaning down, leaving a gentle kiss. You gasped at the sudden spark left by the contact between you two.

He too felt the spark but chose to ignore it for your sake. It wasn’t just some electrical current Jimin felt, oh no, it was a sexual, longing spark that ignited in him. A spark that would soon ignite in his hyungs as well, given that you are their “soul mate”. He only smirked, looking into your eyes, seeing that the same feeling was released within yourself.

It took every bone in his body to not pin you against the wall right then and there to have his way with you, but he figured he would save that for another time.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you”, he said, stalking closer to you. Your body tensing up as he came closer.  “My princess”, he whispered seductively into your ear.

You let out an airy sound, a sound between a sigh and a moan, only giving him more confidence with his first encounter with you.

“Oh this is going to be so much fun my hyungs”, he thought to himself with a smirk.


Authors Note!

I really hope you all like the story so far! Just a warning so you all don’t get confused. The next few chapters will be focused on the boy’s one on one relationship with the main character; how they connect with her and what they do on their ”alone time” ;) .

Please keep in mind I am open to any ideas you all have for upcoming chapters! Any and every suggestion you all send me will appear in upcoming chapters so keep a look out !

And please let me know if you guys like the story! 

Be with Me

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Supercat

Rating: T

Author’s Note: This is a prompt fill for @onegoodframe who asked for prompt #20, “Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?” Thanks to @zennie-fic for looking it over. Hope you like it!


“Do you ever think about it? Us? Married?”

Alex took a deep breath and glanced up from the chart she was reviewing, shooting a worried look at Cat Grant. Much to her surprise, the Queen of All Media didn’t look ruffled by Kara’s question in the least, but she did smirk slightly.

“Do you?” Cat asked nonchalantly, leaning forward in her chair as Kara stared at her from her bed in the medical bay of the DEO.

Biting her lip, Alex barely refrained from interjecting. Her sister had always had some weird… thing… for this woman, and, for the first time, Alex was witnessing it firsthand. She had to admit, the two women had chemistry, but with Kara powerless and drugged to the hilt on pain medication, now might not be the best time to let a former reporter interrogate her sister.

“Do I what?” Kara asked, sounding so light and airy Alex wondered if she’d float out of the bed if she’d been able to.

“Think about us being married?” Cat’s smirk became more pronounced.

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❝ Just like you baby. ❞

Plot: RM and you are both idols and your groups are on the MAMA SHOW AWARD and he shows skinship, he is boyfriend material on the show, on the red carpet and after the show

Rap Monster xReader

Words count: 1,1k+

For @littlee-cutiee, I hope you like it! Kyu^^.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by myjaebutt

‘Welcome to all those who have just tuned into this amazing event,’ One of the presenters of the major awards said, ‘If only you could all feel the amazing vibe that is going on right now.’

‘Look at all these amazing artists,’ The female presenter said with a smile, before waving towards someone for their attention, ‘Ahhh Rap Monster!’

Said male turned to the elder lady and had a soft smile on his face. He extended his arm to a beautiful female who held onto it gently and followed him with the dress flowing freely behind. You walk with your boyfriend of a good 2 years. He had been such a gentleman since arriving to the awards show. Not only because you were both idols but because he was genuinely looking out for you, despite this not being your first MAMA. From helping you out of the limo to helping you put on your shoes before stepping into the public eye, because he didn’t want you to bend down in your beautiful dress that now adorned your perfect body.

‘Hello.’ He bowed, you still at his side.

‘You look rather dashing tonight, Rap Monster-ssi.’ The presenter complimented him with a warm smile, ‘And so does your beautiful girlfriend. Please tell us who you are bother wearing.’

‘My beautiful girlfriend and I are wearing Versace, but her beauty does more justice then my face does to the clothing.’ He now had his hand on the lower part of your back, sending shivers up your spine.

‘Please give us a preview of the amazing outfits.’ The celebrity couple were asked as a camera panned you and Rap Monster.

Rap Monster wore a black fitted suit with a red shirt that matched your stunning dress. His tie was a black bow tie that matched his black waistcoat and formal shoes. There was gold cufflinks that brought the entire outfit together. His hair was styled up with his signature smile on his face. Stepping back he gestured you so take front stage. Taking your hand, he made you twirl around so that everyone could just see how gorgeous you were looking tonight. You wore a long flowing red dress with a long back and front neck line. The sleeves were red lace, that had an intricate pattern, that ran down to your wrist with a deep slight up your left leg. You wore golden heels that matched your boyfriends cufflinks. Your hair was styled in an elegant messy bun with simple jewellery accentuating your beautiful face.

‘Doesn’t she just look so damn beautiful?’ He asked the two presenters before placing a kiss on your knuckles.

‘Absolutely stunning.’

‘I am one lucky man, aren’t I?’

You couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘You are so cheesy, Joonie.’

Lacing your fingers together, he guided you towards the walk through, ‘Rap Monster!! Over here!!!’

Being used to this, the both of you begin to pose for each click of the camera that came your way, ‘Yes over here!!!’

‘The camera’s love you Jagi.’ Rap Monster said through a smile as you both turned your head at every shout.

‘So they love me or you, Mr Rap Monster?’ You teased as his arm moved from your lower back to around your waist.

‘How about a kiss!?’ A reporter shouted out towards the two of you.

Looking at each other, Rap Monster didn’t hesitate one bit in placing a soft yet passionate kiss on your lips, ‘That is such boyfriend material !!’

‘I would like to agree with that.’ You giggle as you both break apart and laugh at what the fangirls had just said towards Rap Monster.

Skinship was something Rap Monster was never afraid off. From holding your hand, to a quick kiss and all the way to sexy whispers in your ear that would have you weak at the knees. You mentally thank yourself for having him to hold onto during those times. Walking into the main venue, you both went to take a seat. Both your groups were placed next to each other, so you were able to sit next to him throughout the entire show. Even though your group had only been around for two year, he never held that against you. He always treated you like a real artists and his Queen. Settling down, you crossed your legs and he placed his strong hand on your thigh. Leaning over, he pecked your neck before you placed a hand over his.

‘The young talent is phenomenal to see tonight!’ The host began his introduction, ‘Just look at all these beautiful and handsome idols! Aren’t they just simply amazing? Don’t worry old idols, you are all as amazing as well’ The crowd cheered, ‘And isn’t the young love just as wonderful?’

As he asked that, the camera zoomed to you and Rap Monster sitting with your groups, ‘Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!’

‘Wait what?’ You asked, shocked at the chanting that was happening.

Placing a hand on your face, Rap Monster caressed your cheek before placing a delicate kiss on it, ‘Aren’t they just adorable! Ah young love is always so inspiring. We hope for good music due to this happiness, Rap Monster.’

Nodding his head, Rap Monster smiled before pointing at you and hold a thumbs up. The show progress and you had slipped backstage to get dressed for your groups performance. All changed, BTS was before your group. Watching your boyfriend from the wings, you smiled at how god damn sexy he looked doing what he does best. Looking to the left and seeing you, he gave a quick smile and wink in your direction before returning to the show. You could swear that he had you swooning for the reminder of his stage. Soon you took the stage and the crowd went crazy.

‘Y/N!’ You heard a distinctive voice yelling out and you couldn’t help but smile hard as you spotted Rap Monster fanboying over your dancing and singing. Himself and Suga held up a board with ‘We Love You Y/N’ sprawled on it in big letters.

Chuckling to yourself you make a cute heart with your arms above your head before finishing off the performance with a bang. The last award was given as you and your group went backstage to change. With the show ending, you went to get your things together. In a changing cubical, you slipped on the dress when suddenly you felt a presence behind you. Their hand zip the dress up and place a sweet kiss on your neck.

‘You were amazing, baby.’ The familiar voice made you melt in his touch, ‘I am so luck to call you mine.’

Turing around you see he is all dressed in his formal clothing as well, but his arms are behind his back, ‘What you got there, Joonie?’

‘Just some beautiful flowers for an even more beautiful woman.’ He produced a bouquet of stunning red roses.

‘They are gorgeous.’ You take them in your hands and inhale their sweet fragrance.

‘Just like you baby.’


One week ago I flew to Paris to attend my first B.A.P concert, and in the days that followed I was too busy touristing to properly write about it. But we just got back home this morning, and the post-concert depression is setting in, so here goes…

As seen in the pic above, we got great seats where we could see the whole show with no one blocking our sight (or room to breathe). We got in pretty early, and could’ve gotten spots on the floor, but were really happy with this view. It was great, because we had lots of room to dance when the DJ played. Though me and my partner somehow managed to always move to the left and push the poor old lady next to us from her seat. She seemed happy tho, lmao. And the DJ was awesome. Everyone cheered and danced and had a blast, and it rly set the mood. It was lit af and I was kinda sad when it ended tbh XD

Let’s talk about Zelo. This kid was an explosion of fanservice. Interacted a lot with the fans and threw hearts everywhere. Last one to leave the stage, and ran back in for a sec bc he’s a tease. He spoke a lot of English, which was great since I don’t speak much French, lol. I’m sure y’all know by now, but his new solo is entirely in English, and he sings. I had this song stuck in my head the next day. 

Jongup was a shy gentleman, oh my god. It was his time to pick a fan to bring on stage, and when finding out she was 18 he joked he might get in trouble with the police. We laughed. He lead her all the way back down the stage afterwards. He didn’t perform his solo, which was a shame bc it was the solo I’d been looking forward to the most.

Youngjae. This wrecker, omg. He showed off his great pronunciation when they introduced themselves in French in the beginning. He spoke a lot, probably more than Jongup when the fan was on stage. During Carnival he ran around with a camera filming the fans, and it was adorable. Wow, I love him.

I’ve wanted to hear Daehyun sing live for so long, and he was truly amazing. He performed his solo song, which was fucking lit. I haven’t watched any fancams, but I’m pretty sure he was dancing in the US. Here he barely did any dancing, and was alone on stage, but it was great. He was the bartender during Jongup’s fan event, and told the girl “ONLY ONE” when she couldn’t pick her favorite member. I’ve heard his little giggle live, oh my god.

HIMCHAN. Okay. This man is amazing. Lead the fan chants. He wasn’t on stage during Farmata, but I don’t know if he was in the US tour. Everyone cheered really loud whenever it was his parts in any song. Best moment of the whole concert was probably at the end when they were all saying goodbye, and when it was Himchan’s turn we all screamed so loud and long that he did a little bow before we’d let him speak, lmao. He got a lot of love.

Yongguk didn’t say much, which should be no surprise to anyone, but he was happy. I was just so happy to see him. He shouted a lot into the mic. During BangX2 he suddenly had a big water gun and went crazy with it while the others sang the last chorus. Everyone cheered really loud for all his parts as well. His smile is just gorgeous. He got a Tigger. When waving their goodbyes, he really made sure to direct his attention at every part of the audience. He looked deeply thankful and content.

Some favorite moments:

At one point Zelo did one of his impressive back flips, followed by Jongup, and then Youngjae came running raising his hands in the air, and I was like “wait what? is he gonna do it too?” but then he just rolled on the floor. Still raised his arms in triumf as we cheered and laughed. Jongup looked so done. Daehyun died.

During the fan event, I think someone asked the girl who her favorite was (I listened more to the Korean than the French translator) and she responded with Youngjae, Daehyun & Jongup (aka everyone on stage except for Banghim bc Zelo was preparing for his solo). Himchan got up from his chair and went over to Yongguk like “let’s get out of here” lmao

SKYDIVE. Oh my god, this stage was just so fucking cool. Watching all six of them finally perform this song on stage together was beautiful, and the whole audience shouted “SKYDIVE” so damn loud. Jongup’s part was epic as always. Wow, I saw that live.

I’m so proud and thankful for the audience. We cheered and sang along so well, stomping the floor. The boys seemed really happy with us, lol. After the encore, when we knew they wouldn’t come back up again, the DJ played Wake Me Up, and everyone stayed behind to sing the entire song to an empty stage. That was precious. I hadn’t met a single BABY irl before this day, so being surrounded by thousands was really cool, and everyone was so nice and helpful all day. Thank you, French BABYz ♡

And for those who’ve been wondering how my partner was gonna enjoy himself, he had a blast. On the way home he had Feel So Good stuck on his head, and it’s a song he’s never shown much interest in before. He was sad they didn’t perform 1004, because that was the first BAP song he really liked. His own words after the concert: “Well, at this point I gotta be at least a 8 months old fetus, right?” BABY in the making, for sure.

Read It Wednesday

Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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so @aceryder​ was one of the recipients of my 100 follower fic giveaway and requested: ryder x liam where the two of them meet at in a bar in london before the arks leave for the milky way and really hit it off together.  ao3 link.

and, well, here’s the story :~)

Summary: Two weeks before the arks leave for Andromeda, Liv Ryder meets a handsome man named Liam at the bar. Too bad they’ll never see each other again.

Near Morning

Olivia will never get used to the feeling of solid ground under her boots. She’s a spacer, through-and-through. Before Mom had taken her final turn for the worst and she and her brother and her dad had all relocated to Earth, she doesn’t recall a time when she’d ever spent more than three months planet-side at a time. Now, it’s going on six, Mom’s dead, and the final preparations for the Andromeda Initiative have been set. Two more weeks, and it’s bye-bye Milky Way, hello, new home

She can’t lie to herself, though. She knows they’re really just running away from something. Might even be the same thing, in the end. 

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Wild Kard in LA [Hi-Touch Experience]

Okay so first of all, I was nervous as hell. This was my first time going to a fanmeet, and it was also the first time I was going to be able to have the hi-touch experience (shout out to Charmaine for being the real MVP and scoring P2 tickets). I was trying not to think about the hi-touch thing throughout the fanmeet because I really wanted to focus on what K.A.R.D was doing on stage. They were amazing (understatement of the year btw), and, if I have the time and have collected my mess of a mind, I might do a post of the whole fanmeet. I am going to be putting together a video of all the videos I shot though (so if you’re interested, look forward to that later). Okay so legit getting to the hi-touch thing. Charmaine and I were like in the last row of P2 for the lower seating (we were Orchestra Left), and we were watching P1 do their photo thing which was amazing and funny (K.A.R.D is sooooo nice and chill. They deserve all the love they’ve been getting and more!!) K.A.R.D fans are amazing as well. Like some girl had a J.Seph sign and was standing next to him and doing a heart with him, but her sign was upside down. ALL of the fans sitting and waiting started to yell that her sign was upside down, so that she could fix it before the photo got taken. She and J.Seph looked so confused which was funny and cute, but in the end they understood what we were all yelling and motioning her to do, and she fixed her sign in time! (K.A.R.D fans looking out for each other is A+++++). Alright so they got through the P1 photos, and some of the P1 people got to stay because they also had P2 benefits; the rest had to leave immediately (security was super strict about that.) So then SubK started the hi-touch. They went row by row sending people up. Some people like ran by and high-fived the members and others sort of took their time (which was fine because why wouldn’t you). Since we were all the way in the back we had to wait a while for them to get to our row. THEN THE ROW IN FRONT OF US BEGAN HEADING DOWN. I thought I was gonna lose my head. I was starting to get even more nervous than I already was. THEN THEY SENT OUR ROW DOWN. I SWEAR THE WHOLE WAY DOWN MY MIND WAS RACING AND I WAS FREAKING OUT BECAUSE WE WERE GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO K.A.R.D. The SubK people were so nice and everything. They were making sure we didn’t run and were telling us to watch our step because the stairs had this big space between each step. (I feel my heart racing as I’m writing this. What is wrong with me?)

The order was: J.Seph, Jiwoo, Somin, and at the end was B.M. As I was walking up it felt like time slowed down BIG TIME. Like the space between the stairs and where J.Seph was at felt really far. I was being really conscious of not tripping because, as most of my friends know, I tend to trip A LOT. THEN, AFTER WHAT FELT LIKE AGES, I GOT TO J.SEPH. NOW LET ME TELL YOU! J.Seph is so GORGEOUS up close. Pictures do not do him justice! He has flawless skin, and he’s just so HANDSOME and GORGEOUS!!! My soul was snatched. J.Seph’s taller than me, and I was wearing my WILD KARD hat (it’s such a nice hat), so he bent down a bit to get to my eye level. I DIED MULTIPLE TIMES THAT NIGHT AND THIS WAS ONE OF THOSE MOMENTS. It felt like he was staring into my soul! The boy has such pretty eyes. Like how does someone like him exist IDK! I WAS SHOOK! Literally all I could say was ‘Thank you.’ Like that’s all my mouth would let out. He firmly met high-fived my hand, and he smiled (my heart melted) and said ‘Thank you’ back to me. HIS VOICE is so nice and soft too!!! Also his hands? SOFT. SO SOFT.

After J.Seph was Jiwoo. OH MY GOD. SHE’S A CUTIE PIE! She had a bright smile on her face, so I couldn’t help but to give her that same smile back (my mind was working overtime in this moment trying to process).Like Jiwoo is a goddess! She’s so BEAUTIFUL! Her eyes are super bright and happy too! She leaned forward to meet my hand (she has such pretty hands too btw). It was a nice and firm hi-touch. Like she had such up beat energy that I was vibing off of, and in the brightest voice I have ever spoken in (like this shocked me how my voice changed) I just said 'Hi!’ I couldn’t think of anything else to say (and it’s not like I could’ve said much anyways since it was like a quick two second hand touch and move on sort of deal.) BUT SHE SAID IT BACK WITH ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT SMILE! (I died again here.) Jiwoo’s voice is also so soothing. Like it’s nice and rich, so I’m just in love.

On to Somin. I was still on this giddy high from Jiwoo, and that carried over to my hi-touch with Somin. ANOTHER GODDESS! She is so damn pretty (like K.A.R.D is killin’ it in the looks department, if you think otherwise, FIGHT ME). So I’m over here smiling like an idiot in front of Somin because I can’t do much of anything else, and just like with Jiwoo I was like 'Hi!’ in the brightest voice that ever did come out of me. Like Jiwoo, she said it back to me with a bright smile. Now let me tell you: her smile is so beautiful. Like she is a beautiful person. AND HER VOICE! Her voice is so light and nice! It’s like a feather like voice (does that even make sense idk?? but it does in my head haha). It made me even more happy. My hi-touch with her was probably the shortest though (idk why I felt like it was a bit longer with J.Seph and Jiwoo).

Finally we got Matthew, B.M., Big Matthew. MATTHEW FRICKEN KIM. The whole day I had been thinking about what I would say to him, if I could say anything to him. I had a couple of things in mind, but my mind was so scrambled by the fanmeet and by the fact that I was about to see him up close that I forgot anything I had thought of. HE LOOKED FINE AS HELL! Like that guy is so GORGEOUS too! AND HE’S SO DANG TALL!! I reached about the middle of his chest I think, so I had to tilt my head up a bit to look at him (also my hat blocked his face so I had to tilt my head up more). His eyes are so nice. SO. NICE. I reached out to high-five him, and ended up clasping his hand instead of just giving him a high-five. HE RETURNED THE GESTURE (I almost cried)! His hands are so large too in comparison to my own, so I was just losing it already. B.M’s hands were rough too, which is something that I really liked? I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone, but I liked that his hands were rough; maybe that’s just me though. Anyways, as I held his hand I blurted out, “I love you man!” AND THEN I DIED AGIN BECAUSE HE GAVE ME THE SWEETEST SMILE EVER. His smile is like heaven on Earth. It was so warm and nice, and his eyes turned into crescents, and I was dead AGAIN! He said 'Thank you’ in the most gentle voice too. MY NIGHT WAS MADE. Then I left the stage, and my mind was still not caught up with the fact that I had just met K.A.R.D. It honestly still feels like a dream.

K.A.R.D is a group that I have fallen for so fast. They’ve become my favorites in record time, and they’re probably the first group that I’ve liked this quickly. They’re all so talented, and they really demonstrated that through the fanmeet. AND THEY’RE SO CHILL! Honestly, K.A.R.D is so relaxed, laid back, and they give off the most welcoming vibe. I can’t wait for their official debut. I can’t wait to see where life takes them because I know they’re meant to be great. I hope we international fans will get many more opportunities to see and engage with them. I also hope that they continue to receive love as they move forward and grow because they deserve every single ounce of that love and a hundred times more!

Also thanks to SubKulture Ent. for organizing all of this, and for allowing us the chance to turn up with K.A.R.D! It’s been real!!


Chapter 5 Part 2: A Stormy Night
It’s a Friday night and it’s raining. I’m sitting here alone looking at my phone wondering exactly what am I supposed to do. Miguel’s Crazy In Love is playing followed by the trilogy of the Weekend along with Was Good By PartyNextDoor and I’m still alone. Shit. This cup of Hennessey has me really in the mood to just feast on some pussy right now. Damn how I need it at this moment. My phone is ringing:
Hello? This Rico…. Who’s This?
Hey Rico…. It’s me…. Storm… I need to see you
You do? Why?
Listen baby, I’m missing you. I know we just fought not too long ago but I need you right now…. It’s raining and thundering outside and I hate being in the rain without you…
Wait a min? You’re outside my house?!
Yes….. Come get me…..
I’m coming…..
I felt like God had answered my prayers. I mean I was mad at Storm but let’s be real here….She is so damn sexy and I know she was going through shit with her ex but if I can have that just for a night, she will be staying here forever….
I walk downstairs after putting on my robe and go and open the door…. She’s standing there with her duffle-bag and a black coat covering her body. I welcome her inside my home.
“Beautiful place you have here Rico” she said shivering.
“Thank you. So what made you come here? I’m still mad at you…. How could you abandon me for a nigga who never loved you?”
Storm looked at me and then looked down at the floor and said “It was just for his money. I got caught up in that and lost sight of you. But I’m here. I was never going to leave you.
Storm put her tea down on the table, walked over to me and sat in my lap swinging her legs through the legs of the chair. She takes off her black coat and my eyes were in shock in what she was wearing. A white lingerie outfit with her ass just popping out of it… We start kissing… I pick her up and press her body against the wall. She digs her nails into my back and starts scratching me moaning my name.
Storm looked at me with lust in her eyes and said “Put me down…. I want suck the shit out of your dick. I put her down and she unbuttons my pants and pulls out my long black cock and slides it in her pretty mouth. Storm deep throats me I’m leaning my head back and I’m looking at her while she is sucking my dick. I got mad in the back of my mind because of the shit she did so I shoved my dick down her throat to make her choke and gag all over it. I saw her getting wet and playing with her pussy.
I picked her back up and I said to her “Let’s go to my room.” I carried her up the stairs; we kept kissing. The thunder got louder. The feelings got stronger. The urge to make love was in our reach. I threw her on the bed, ripping her panties off. I kiss her chest, feeling her rubbing my back slowly moaning in my ear “I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Fuck me like you were a virgin again. Fuck me until I cannot breathe any longer.” While I was kissing her stomach the lights went out and the candles became extinguished. The thunder and lightning was still roaring and the rain kept pouring harder and harder.
I went down on her, spreading her thighs wide I began to kiss the front of her wet pussy lips massaging them gently and easy with my tongue. Storm’s moans got louder and she screams “You are no AMATEUR. EAT THIS PUSSY LIKE YOU MISSED IT.” I did as she pleased. I stuck my tongue deeper in that juicy ass pussy making my tongue vibrate inside her walls. Storm began stroking my dick harder and faster and next thing you know, I was inside of her. I pinned her down to the bed ramming my dick deep in her tight walls. I lifted her legs in the air and put her feet over my shoulder while I kept hitting her spot. “OOOO Daddy give me that dick! I need more. Keep fucking this pussy now daddy!” Storm said.  
I kept going, giving her longer strokes and seeing her cum all over this dick. I pulled out and she sat up on the bed continuing to suck my dick. She slurped and slurped like she was sucking on a Popsicle.  Storm knew that what she did turned me on and as soon as I was going to tell her to turn over and to arch her back she goes into her duffle bag and says “Handcuff me to the bedframe daddy.” She arched her back putting her phat ass right in my peripheral. I handcuffed her and tied her feet spreading her legs wide and I was inside the eye of the Storm. Storm’s pussy soaked my dick while she kept throwing her ass back hard against it. We were going at it. I took my time whining my dick back in her pussy. “Fuck I’m going to cum” I said to her. She looked at me and said “Oh no you’re not.” Storm sits her ass on me beginning to ride my face with her pussy and I go back to eating her. Storm takes my dick and sticks it back in and begins to ride me. She rides me faster; taking her hands and told me to grip her ass while she fucks me. Storm goes even faster gasping, groaning and moaning until I was able to pull my dick out and shower her with my hot and sticky load.  We kissed passionately until daybreak and the storm went away.
Damn. What A Stormy Night ;)……

Part 3 Coming Soon….. Who’s Ready

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How Do I Work It? | a.i.

gotchu love xx [not taking requests, but this is the only exception]


“Y/N!” Ashton called you from the living room, having you rush down the stairs to find him. You walked along the smooth wooden floor with socks, sliding over into the well-furnished living room before. “How do I work it?”

“Work what?” You asked him, shaking your head as he held ‘it’ to you. You grabbed his phone and saw that he was at his Instagram story area. “What do you wanna do?”

“A live stream!” Ashton gushed, having you smile before sitting yourself next to him. He quickly grabbed your legs and propped them on his, having you turn slightly more towards him. You giggled, looking at the excited Australian before you.

His brown hair was a little messy, still curly with the trim he had just a bit ago. Some of those locks played down to his nose, highlighting those hazel eyes with ease. You were amused to see that he had actually shaved the little beard he owned just for this live. Prickles of hair were now ornate on his chin, being fully ignored by his delightful smile.

“Okay, so we just press here and… there we go.” Instantly, you held it up to you to see for yourself. People were instantly pouring into the stream, going by the thousands without you or Ashton saying a single word. You were so shocked by the influx that you didn’t realize all the fans were looking at were your face.

“Aha, Y/N, look at the comments!” Ashton gushed, having you shake your head before turning to your boyfriend. He gently took the phone from your hands and faced it to him, having the fans go insane. “She is very pretty, isn’t she?” Ashton said happily.

“I think we need to take you to the eye doctor again, baby,” you began jokingly. You poked at the crinkles of his right eye, having him tilt the phone a bit so the fans could see you, too. “You’re getting blinder if you find me pretty.” 

“You’re right,” Ashton agreed. Quickly, he moved his face just inches away from yours, having you back up a bit from the sudden motion. “You’re actually beautiful.” 

You placed your face on the side of his face and gently shoved it away. 

“Shut up,” you denied sheepishly as Ashton began to laugh. You shoved yourself more towards him to show up in the live stream better. “Have you seen this guy in that photo with Calum and Michael? Where they’re looking down and rocking those double chins? Ashton is such a zaddyish model.” You pretended to swoon, having Ashton roll his eyes as his eyes read the rapid commenting. 

“Does that mean you fell for my looks?” Ashton said with a playful tone of sadness. 

“Nah, you were like, the coolest dork I met,” you began with a grin. “Though, it’s still a sin that you don’t like FIFA.” Ashton quickly put up a triggered expression. One that entirely read ‘I am so done with your shit right now.’ It made you cover your mouth to laugh loudly. 

“Just gonna completely ignore that,” Ashton began, having you playfully hit his bicep as you two read the comments. “Okay guys, if you wanna ask us anything, you can. Like, we’re bored and chilling, so if you want…” 

“Oh hey!” You swiftly pointed at a comment on Ashton’s phone. “‘For Y/N, what has been your favorite moment on tour with Ashton?’“ You placed your chin in between your index finger and thumb in thought. But Ashton was quick to give you a memory. 

“Oh fuck, she’s probably gonna start with the drumming shit,” Ashton began, letting out a deep sigh as your face lightened up. You snapped, beginning to giggle before actually being able to tell the story. 

“Okay, so I was setting up Ashton’s kit over in Finland, yeah?” You began. “And as I was, I was testing out the sounds, too. So I would hit the drums with the drumstick to make sure the drums are adjusted correctly. And as I was, Ashton like, comes over from left wing and like, leans on one of the drum stands. He had this weird cocky face on and he was all like, ‘you wanna keep banging those drums or me?’ And then–” 

You had trouble continuing the story, quickly cracking up before getting to the good part. Comments were flowing over how cute the two of you were acting. Even though you were going to say something stupid about Ashton in the story, Ashton was staring at you adoringly. He loved your laughter. 

“Okay, she’s going to laugh to her death, so I’ll finish,” Ashton began as he sighed once more. “So then she like, threw one of the drumsticks at me without actually hitting me. But I flinched so bad, I topped on the floor and landed on my arse.” 

“It was bloody fantastic!” You exclaimed, clapping as you snorted from your harsh laughter. That’s when Ashton joined in, calling you a piglet as he laughed with you. “Holy shit–!” 

Tears began forming in your eyes, having Ashton place his face in his hand in pure defeat. You leaned your head against his shoulder, still cracking up with him. But slowly, you calmed down into a few giggles, resting your head on his warm shoulder. 

“But you looked cute while falling, so I give you props, babe,” you complimented, tilting your head up to see Ashton’s salty expression. You smiled, biting your bottom lip as his face softened into gentle awe. His eyes glimmered a bit, his hazel eyes being highlighted as they stared into yours. 

“You’re so lucky I like you so much,” Ashton said simply, rolling his eyes a bit playfully. 

“I am so luck, aren’t I?” You respond softly, reaching up to plant a tender kiss on Ashton’s lips. They were soft, gracious for how consistent Ashton is with his chapstick use. You swiftly swipe your tongue along his bottom lip before pulling away to give your boyfriend a wide smile. 

“Y’know what, I think it’s the other way ‘round,” Ashton began as he stared back at the phone. “I’m incredibly lucky that she likes me so much. She’s so beautiful and kind and patient, like I’m damn lucky to have Y/N.” 

“Stoooop!” You moaned against his shoulder, having him chuckle from your attempt to cover your face. You then felt Ashton plant a kiss on the top of your head. You then look over at the phone, which is completely diverted to your flushed face. 

“My favorite face of hers right here, guys,” Ashton mused, having you cover your face with your hands. “Babe, look here. We’re the couple of the year it seems.” 

You uncover your face to read the comments. There were a series of ‘awwwww,’ ‘they’re so perfect,’ and ‘these are my goals!’ You smiled, feeling elated that people agreed with your relationship. Even though haters resided in the comments, a majority of them were down about your relationship. 

“Ya’ll are so sweet,” you gushed. “But seriously, you guys need to find yourselves an Ashton, because it’ll absolutely be the best thing you do.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your face against his. This motion suddenly caused him to almost drop the phone. 

“Shit!” He caught it hastily between his hands. It was a very lucky catch, you thought. But as he found the screen once more, the both of you noticed that you were back at the Instagram layout. “What did I do?” 

“You ended the stream, dummy!” You exclaimed with laughter, watching as Ashton struggled to start a new one. 

short n sweet xx 

God’s Plan   By: Y. Black

Wow, I can’t believe it. You here. Look at you so beautiful. I been so anxious just to see your face. Damn look that’s my nose on ya face. “Damn it feels good to have you.” Cole said it best. These tears of joy one day you’ll have the pleasure to know. It’s crazy to know half you is exactly me. All these emotions, I’m beside myself. Look at the queen that birth you. She’s amazing and she’s going to love you unconditionally. She did so well. She’s so strong I hope you get that part of her traits. I never fathomed I’d be a dad, a surely to not be blessed with a beautiful woman like your mom to create a life with. And look at you head full of hair. Lungs blaring throughout the maternity ward. I guess you wanted the world to be sure of your arrival. Trust me baby for you there are no rivals. I just wish I was around to be your idol.
It would kill me to know I can’t raise you. Daddy won’t be there to bathe you. Show how much of a joy you are to see. Can’t admire your beauty as you sleep. Can’t stop looking at you all I see is me. Then I’m rushed with all thoughts of what won’t be. I won’t be there for your first words, or watch you stumble after your first steps. I had plans on teaching you to ride a bike, daddy daughter date nights. I poised to put my pride aside for you. There wouldn’t have been no doubts, you’d know daddy loves you. My entire reason for being would have be altered. But I’ve been robbed, no you’ve been robbed. Better yet we’ve been robbed.
They stole me from you my little angel. I had no clue I would only be allowed to be a spectator of your amazement. I hate this for us. It’s crazy, because I was out already spoiling you. See you had your momma craving Popeyes biscuits, a Chic-Fil-A samich, and to top it off her hood ass wanted an Arizona. I was on the home stretch, just needed to make it to the corner store and head home. Straight to the back, the lemon tea was awaiting me. I grabbed a fruit punch for me since I couldn’t resist.  AS I turned back I heard the familiar click clack. A nigga had Shareef hemmed up, meanwhile I’m on stuck in the back. “Who else in this store? Why the fuck you keep looking in the back?” Shit, I’m just tryna make it to you mommy, and I’m caught up in the middle of an armed robbery.  My heart was in my throat. Scared to breathe for fear a nigga might choke.
Then I heard it, ears ringing. Slight stinging. Looked down like damn nigga shot the fruit punch out my hand. Shit had my whole T-shirt red. But it didn’t explain why a nigga was feeling light in the head. All I could think about was you. How gorgeous you are. How you were already my everything. Then it hit me, my baby girl was going to have to live a life without me. I kind of felt like I was incessantly drowning. But I, looking at you from the other side you’re everything sweet pea. Just wish I was there to show you what you mean to me.

Remedy (8)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, angst, fluffy, smutty, a very protective Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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(your beautiful point of view)

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed as I usually do. Retweeting really good fan art and random shit DIY’s as I please.
Until I come across a post. It’s tagged in my username. Since I’ve been dating Dan I’ve been ignoring the posts, I’ve been tagged in.

But I’m too damn curious. The link was to a YouTube video. Titled “15 REASONS WHY (Y/N) (L/N) IS UGLY AND FAKE”  Now any normal person would have clicked away, but you see I’m not normal. I clicked on the video. I watch until about reason 7.

I clicked out. I looked at the retweet it was “tbh they make a lot of sense. She’s only with him for views and she’s playing him. Dan doesn’t deserve someone like her.” The video had pinpointed every single insecurity I had and a few I didn’t even realize I had.

I went to Dan and I’s shared room. I opened the door. He wasn’t there. I flopped on the bed, I wrapped myself up in the monochrome covers and cried.

Daniel POV
I unlocked the door, sorta stressed because​ I had to go to the store, AlOnE. I put the groceries away. I was listening for (Y/N)’s loud seal like laugher. Silence. I listened for Phil’s soft muttering of him vlogging in his room. Nothing. I listened for shouting from the gaming room. Nada.

I finished with the groceries. Making sure to hide my precious  cereal child. Oh crunchy nut how I love thee. I slowly approach the stairs up to my room, not wanting to scary anyone. Until I hear soft crying. (Y/N) must be looking at that (Marvel interview/Favorite Fandom you potentially cry about) again.

I go in expecting her to be crying with a phone in hand. (Y/N) is crying but her phone’s on the other side of the room. She’s in my sheets wrapped up like a burrito. She’s practically sobbing. I scrambled over to the bed.
“(Y/N) why are you crying, Who do I need to fight?” She looks up at me with her (e/c) eyes. “I’m fine.” She lays in my lap. I stroke her hair. I notice her phone open on Twitter.

I see it’s a rant about how awful (Y/N) is. She looks up at me tear filled eyes. “ I’m fine, I’m over-” I shake my head. “No, ( Y/N) this isn’t okay, they shouldn’t be doing this.” She sits up and leans her head in my shoulder. I sigh. “I’m sorry they’re so damn​ agressive, You don’t deserve this.” She sighs, “do you think i’m only here for your fame because I promise I’m not, I love you and I hope you know that.” Her voice sounds so sad and depressed. I pause, she looks up at my face.

“I know that your a beautiful person and you love me and I hope you know I  love you.” I kiss the top of their head. She pulls me back into the sheets and wraps  her arms around me.

I lay back with her, she squeezes me and I wait until she falls asleep. I pull out my phone open to the Twitter who posted the video and the rant.
Do you think this is okay?
I really shouldn’t even be acknowledging your clear ignorance. But your actions aren't​ affecting me. They are hurting one of the most beautiful person in my life. Your words are hateful and mean, I don’t mind if appreciate you’re being an opinionated fan but don’t attack someone because you “think” they’re bad for me. You don’t have a single clue as to what
(Y/N) is like so please don’t say anything more like this thank you.“

I read over my tweet, liking how it sounded. I posted it. I looked at (Y/N)’s tear stained face.  She was smirking and clutching on to me. I put my phone on the charger and curled my arms around her and gave her a small peck on the forehead. I fell asleep not worrying about the fan but only about holding onto (Y/N).

I want to thank @regrettablewritings I didn’t think I was going to post any of my fanfictions but I decided to just do it, I was scared super nervous but what’s the worst that can happen.