Damn she looks so so beautiful here


So i was tagged by strengthcas to do the 20 beautiful people challenge, to which i almost decline (because damn you’re so pretty!!) So here you have 6 selfies + 1 photo with my sis ♥ I tag: curiositycastielhallowedbecastielelitecastielpowerfulsammywincestlandchurchstielcuddlesacklessynallagmatiquesxviihanerkahail-to-synyster-fucking-gatessynxsterhanerdshailtomshadowswastelaxd There isnt 20 in facf bc i dont know many people here and also do it only if you want to :3

Lair Review for:


All of your dragons are just so stunning, I wish I could do them all!

Keira here caught my eye right away. That accent has to be the most adorable thing ever, and have I mentioned before just how much I adore Seafoam dragons? Because I love them. A lot. She’s just so gorgeous, I love every inch of her! 

I’m an absolute sucker for pastel-colored dragons, and Melissa here is probably the cutest little Coatl I’ve ever seen. That beautiful accent and adorable scarf just go so damn well with his coloration, it’s amazing.

Fleur is just.. Wow. She looks like some sort of ethereal goddess, definitely one of, or maybe the prettiest female Skydancer I’ve ever seen. That accent makes it even better, it really gives her an other-worldly look, and the pixies are just the perfect touch!

Sol is simply breathtaking. I’m kinda in love with his coloration, and even if he didn’t have that beautiful accent, he would still be just as stunning, I’m sure. He looks like some sort of dragon Sun God and I love it.

So… This one right here whilst on facetime put on some poetry YouTube videos and found some transgender ones, and I’ve never listened to such exact words to how I feel towards my transition. And to top it off I have an amazingly supportive loving girlfriend that makes me feel god damn amazing and I am so lucky to call her mine. She’s beautiful gorgeous and I mean look at her she’s just watching a video yet she just has natural beauty and shes amazing human being for what she’s been through and what she does for others. I love you so much 💕