Damn she looks so so beautiful here

EXO REACTION (Your SM Audition?)

This is gonna be fun to do, sorry for answering so late ! - Admin A 

Kai: “Jagi, you have to put more emotion to it. Like this..” *catches you practicing your dance number*

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Xiumin: “You’re so cute ! Please don’t stop, I want to keep watching.”

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Suho: “Don’t worry, Jagi. If you can’t get this part down, I’ll buy you the best singer and dance instructor in Korea.” *sugar daddy mode activated* 

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Lay: “Crap, she stopped singing! She’s looking over here, damn it I think she saw me, what should I do…”

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Baekhyun: “Jagi, you sound beautiful.”

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Chen: “Where did all this come from? You’ve been hiding this talent for what reason exactly?! You’re little dance is adorable!”

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Y/N: Hey Chan, since you were there the whole time what did you think of the dance with the song I’m singing?” *is doing hush by Miss A ;) *

Chanyoel: “huh? What?”

Kyungsoo: “You sound lovely, you should probably try to control your breathing to hit the high note though, Jagi.”

Y/N: “Care to demonstrate?”

Kyungsoo: “Okay, deep breath and..”

Sehun: “You didn’t need to practice for me, you could just show me now.” *pervy mode activated*

Luhan: “I loved every second of it, babe. Do it again?”

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Kris: “So, you’re singing a BTS song…”

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Tao: “Do you really believe you can just get away with wearing this cute little outfit and dancing like that in front of me?”

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WOOOOOOO I got Tao feels okokokok, stay loyal!! Stay loyal to kyungsoo damn it! -Admin A

Okay. Let me just take a second to tell you guys something. This little dork right here iseestarsinthesky has completely stolen my heart. I’m literally just so damn in love with her. I’m in love with the way she smiles, the way her face lights up when she talks about something she is passionate about. She swept me off my feet with how she said she will be my girlfriend. And she takes my breath away every time I look at her. She is the most beautiful girl in the ‘verse and so amazing and perfect and oh I could go on for hours about her. Like you guys have no idea. I plan to keep her for a very very long time, if she will have me for such time. Which I’m hoping so.

Didn't like at all Itazura Na Kiss... Unpopular opinion, I wouldn't like a man like Naoki as a boyfriend... But I do want a kinda great end like it had this anime.

I expected a little bit more of love from Irue always, all the time! I was getting annoyed with all his stupidity and manners of conquist…
Also o saw this anime was a little machist or Kotomo was so damn obsessed that with her low self-steem she could never look up for someome who treated her just righttt…
Ugh, I like it tho… I also fell in love with Irue, and I don’t know how… He was so mean, unsupportive… But I got a thing on him anyways…
I just liked the fact that they actually got together at the end and had a beautiful girl. Really lookimg forward to a guy like this to build a family in my future. Irue here actually became mature and never cheated on her or stuff like that… Great ending after all.

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I remember reading that Michael Bay made fun of Ashley Green's looks, calling her average looking or something like that when the girl is quite pretty. I think Emma is attractive, it's just that she looks typical and generic, that's all. It would not be a problem if she can act, but she cannot. Also, she just looks so damn young.

Okay, I can’t really agree with Ashley Greene here. She might be pretty in a plastic, Megan Fox kinda way, but yeah… not for me. That just shows that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, though. ;) You mean one of these blind items? Well, Michael Bay is a pig, so if he really did make fun of her looks I wouldn’t be surprised.