Damn she looks so so beautiful here

19 years later
  • draco: blaiiiissseeee
  • blaise: what?
  • draco: i saw her in the train station earlier... she's so beautiful i cant even
  • blaise: draco-
  • draco: and she looked at me blaise! GRANGER FCKING LOOKED AT ME!
  • blaise: draco-
  • blaise: DRACO!
  • draco: what? cant u see im going on an emotional rant here?
  • blaise: draco. YOU. HAVE. A. WIFE!
  • draco: oh yeah.. shit.. uhh.. delete this conversation.
  • draco: astoria cannot know

oH my GOSH. OK.. I need to take a damn minute of your time to explain something..

LOOK. At this..














I SWEAR THIS PERSON IS FLAWLESS, but sadly, this artist doesn’t think so and is having a really rough time believing in herself and her art. She deleted her Tumblr a while back, but she has an art place to check out here.  If you want, go let her know how crazy great she really is, because she really needs to understand how amazing her art truly is.

Thank you for giving me some of your time to share these beautiful creations. ♥

Preference #6: His thoughts as you walk down the aisle (Requested)

A/N: Wow it’s been forever since I posted a preference. Anyway, in order to get myself back into writing, I’ll post a few short preferences over the next week. Here’s one that was requested a while ago. (And by a while I wanna say like over a year ago haha I’m trash) Also, this is in his point of view.

Calum: God, I’m so nervous for this. What if I’m not enough? What if she decides some day that she wants some one else? God Calum, get it together. Shit, there she is. She looks so beautiful. I am one lucky man, damn. I’m so excited to marry my best friend.

Ashton: Wow my hands are clammy. I’m not even nervous really, it’s just so hot in here. I’m so excited my family could make it. There she is, my girl. She looks so damn gorgeous. That dress definitely accents her curves in all the right places. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

Luke: Okay, I can do this. I haven’t tripped over myself all day, my tux still looks good, everyone’s here, I got this. Oh god, everyone’s standing up. Jesus. She looks so good. Am I crying? Shit, I am. Mike’s gonna give me so much shit, but she looks so beautiful. He’ll understand someday when he sees the love of his life walking towards him.

Michael: Ugh, this is taking forever. Like, hell yeah I’m excited for this, but I’m hungry too. I just want that cake, because that was good as hell at that cake tasting thing. Woah, okay, here she comes. She looks so good, wow. I can’t wait to rip that dress off later. Okay, not rip, she’d kill me if I ripped it, but damn. Inappropriate time to be thinking about this? Maybe, but no one knows what I’m thinking. God she looks amazing, time to promise myself to her forever.

Lea on Chelsea lately!!!

So I got priority tickets to leas taping and unfortunately we couldn’t take pics but I tried to remember as much as I could!!

1.they were playing louder before lea came in and a lot of people were jamming to it!

2. Lea came out looking gorgeous as ever (I’m sure you guys got here tweets) and damn let me just say that dress made her butt look😍lol she’s so beautiful in person, very tiny, just beyond gorgeous!!

3. She talked about 2 different Halloween parties where she danced with Chelsea and lea mentioned how Chelsea basically dances with everyone lol

4. They talked about “booze” (yes lea said booze and laughed like a dork) and she mentioned how she’s Italian (of course) and how there was always wine at the table with a big jug of soda

5. She mentioned how when she would go to her boyfriends house with his parents she’d always be like (where’s the booze?!?!) -pretty sure she was talking about when she was younger.

6. They talked about how j Groff made her pee on her pants before performing on Obama and she said it wasn’t just on her pants and underwear it was actually on the whole bed! Lol

7. She went to whole foods and bought Chelsea organic red wine since it doesn’t give you hang overs

8. She was so surprised when she talked about j Groff and people started yelling! (Like of course we know who he is lea!!) and she said she couldn’t live without him.

9.when Chelsea and lea did a short promo Chelsea was like “we are here to talk about leas album” and lea was like “and my book” all cute it was hilarious

10. She cutely danced when they started playing louder but durin commercials! Lol so I don’t think they’ll show that!

11. When she came out Chelsea was like “okay good your wearing pants” because apparently lea was only in her panties since her dress was so tight lol

12. When she was at the White House she stole toilet paper from the bathroom because it had the president seal on it lol

13. Lea also talked about being on fiddler on the roof and Chelsea asked she must be a good dancer because of broadway and lea said no she just mostly moves her arms and sways lol 14. She also told her peeing story to the producers before the show and they said Chelsea would love that story cuz she likes pee and lea laughed and said something about it being a really weird show lol

She was ABSOLUTELY hilarious and very bubbly! Too cute for words!!

Okay, so I know many of us were hoping casual Regina would wear jeans. But looks like she is wearing a nice, black skirt. I can’t tell if I am disappointed by this or not. I really wanted jeans, damn it (she still looks so good!)

So many more pictures here: http://www.farfarawaysite.com/section/once/gallery5/gallery3/hires/26.jp

The Heart Never Lies


Brie Bella was sitting alone at the airport, watching people walk by aimlessly. She tried to distract herself with…anything to get her mind off a difficult couple of weeks she had.

Daniel Bryan had just filed for a divorce.

Never did she think it would come to an end when she was so sure that it was going to be forever. She was so damn wrong. She looked down at her ring finger, that used to be so prominent with that beautiful ring on, but now it’s not there anymore. Her fingers trailed over the said finger to feel it, as if trying to remember how it felt like wearing it.

She sighed and decided to check her phone. She decided to watch a video until she accidentally opened one that she didn’t mean to play…

But now she didn’t want to stop it. It was a brief video of herself and Daniel working in what used to be their garden. She heard Josie barking in the background. She watched her old self laughing with Daniel after he made a joke.

Brie hadn’t had her eyes off it since that video played.

I liked how Guts put a bunch of ferns on Casca to cover her while they were in the cave.

It was so simple - he did it because his cape was still wet - but it was kind of sweet too, even though that wasn’t his intention. Guts knew that Casca had to be taken care of, so here he went outside under the cover of darkness in enemy territory to collect a bunch of leaves to cover her up (because at this point, he probably wanted to keep her modest more than warm).

Not to mention she looked really beautiful, so it was pretty sensual too.


It’s like, they fought A LOT during this chapter, but hot damn Guts went above and beyond to take care of her.

From bringing her water:

To giving her his shirt:

He’s even making her medicine!

He’s only short of making her dinner.


(Yeah it takes places volumes later but who cares?)


Guts for house husband

Casca is super hot au naturale in actual nature

My mom said Michael is ugly. I couldnt belive what she said and I started to defend him.I got so angry and relized that so many people dont like him.So heres a post of how cute little kitten Michael is <3

I mean look at him!


Look how beautiful his eyes are!


Awwwwww sleepy kitten.

Whoops…..Im pregnante

Just look at him!


Wait which ones MIchael?


Im crying bc of this

Look at this dork!

He look like a badboy! If you say you dont want to fuck him…YOU LYING!!!!


Look at this! This should not be legall.

Can we just take a moment and appreciate this!

Awww. This is a kitten. This isnt Michael!


Too much Michael feels!

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Soo.. Emma senses something is wrong with her pirate prince so she uses what he encouraged her to embrace to prove to him he was right and

“HEY look at your cute girl here listening to you doing magic and stuff!”

and he is gonna be all

**Cries** You listened to me, and now I am suppose to take it all away from you. What am I gonna do oh god you’re so beautiful doing magic oh god blast this stupid curse damn you green witch!“

And I am gonna be all

Kinnette isn’t as pretty as madison? LOL , bitch where? Kinnette is my bestfriend and that anon just got me so heated , this is natalie stating some facts. Honestly madison ISNT as cute and as pretty as people say she is. Madison is so fake about her beauty , but you know what? That’s okay cause at the end of the day real beauty is about who you are as a person. Madison’s attitude and her thirst for fame and attention isn’t cute at all, it makes her look ugly ( in my opinion she looks like a damn fish) but I just want to say that if anyone says anything about Kinnette , know I’m here to back her up 100%! I know everything about her and I know that anon didn’t even phase her cause she’s a bad bitch but I just had to do this, I love you Kinnette my baby 😩 lots of love to our fans 😘 - Natalie 💕

Hey guys. It’s Holly!

I’m just here to tell you to keep on being you. 

When you look in a mirror what do you see? I see a girl that’s struggling to make it. And through all that pain she hasn’t cracked. She overcame her problems and will overcome many more. And damn, she looks better than she gives herself credit for, even with scars. 

If you’re reading this, you’re alive. So clearly you’ve won your fights, probably with the scars to prove it. Look in that mirror again. You are beautiful. So much more than anyone could ever tell you.

If a someone breaks up with you that’s their loss. If someone denies you that’s their loss. If they’re to blind to see how amazing you are, then that’s their loss.

Some people might think you’re crazy or ugly or fat or mean. But real friends know who you really are. 

No one can “understand” you. No one is in the same boat. You’re not lying when you say that. But understand that you are always loved.

By family.

By friends.

Or by me.

Just know that if you ever feel alone, you can talk to me. Because I will never try to hurt you.


Odin Sphere. 

I originally played this almost 10 years ago on PS2 and it was beautiful even then but now it’s remastered and on the PS4! This is just the demo and it’s literally me just standing there, watching her adorable idle animations, in awe. 

It’s so beautiful and she’s so god damn cute with her little yawn and bird and whatnot.

This second video here is just me showing off her beautiful flying animation; look at the way she changes directions!!!!! It’s so graceful and elegant and lovely. Good, pretty Valkyrie. 

I am a little excited.

Edit: By the way, the music is extraordinary. When I still had music on my blog, one of the songs was the Odin Sphere theme. 

Here’s to the most amazing, beautiful, sexy and talented girl I’ve ever met. I’m honestly so blessed to have this girl in my life, let alone call her my best friend.
No one can pull off silly outfits or do something as simple as look out a window and still look like a picture perfect model like she can.
No one else I know implements their every move like a goddess, and is still able to slay at video games and hacking like a savage.
Its very rare to find someone who has the intelligence to match their beauty, but I can truly say that this girl is one of the few exceptions to that rule.
I look up to her and trust her with my life.
So here’s to you, Maria.
You’re the coolest fucking person I’ve ever met and I’m so damn glad I did.