Damien Hirst (b. 1965; UK, Artist).
Love Lost (Large River Fish), 2000.
Aquatic tank and filtration unit, couch, table, stool, surgical instruments, computer ring, cup, watch and fish. 274.3 x 213.4 x 213.4 cm (9 ft x 7 ft x 7ftl. Courtesy: Damien Hirst/Science Ltd. and Gagosian Gallery, New York.


“i want a glimpse of an idea of what its like to die. i’ll stop when i’m bored or when i’m barking like a dog in the gutter on my hands and knees. i might get hit by a truck before then anyway. cigarettes are such clinical forms. they are like pills. they have purity before you smoke them. they’re expensive, dangerous, from the point you light one to when you stub it out, it’s death.”

—damien hirst in an interview with sophie calle, 1991