Paris 60 directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo: Now available to watch for free is what was to become my first feature length film. My swan song film of sorts to the French New Wave films of the 1960s and particularly Jean-Luc Godard, who was and continues to be a great influence on me and my work. I say swan song, because I was going through a heavy period of making films of a similar style and feeling, and this was me trying to step back a bit from that and incorporate more of my own “voice”. I thought for a long time what to do with the film, and in the end, I think it’s now time to release it into the world, in the true spirit of JLG. I never made it with the intention of making money, or gaining any kind of fame, I just made it, to make it, with the hope that indeed some other people may enjoy it. It’s a very personal film, for various reasons, and I like it very much. I hope you do too.

Interesting trivia for those who may be interested.

- The film is called Paris 60, because that was the year and location that the French New Wave started to really take off in world cinema, and was the release year and primary filming location for JLG’s A Bout De Souffle.

- The film lasts exactly 60 minutes

- Is part fiction, part documentary

- There is a feature length prologue film that was made years before, that was ultimately never released

- Completed over a roughly 2 year period