Damian's clone


I love Damian and his other selves…. x)

I love drawing “Harry’s” hood-hat-thingie. They never gave Damian’s clone a real name, did they? If they did I must have missed that. Oh well, I’m calling him Harry. Harry likes candy. Harry is not “half retarded” like Damian says, but he does have the mentality of a small child; they weren’t able to age his brain along with the rest of his body. 

Tallant is a dork but he tries so hard to be cool. 

Ibn is awesome. Need I say more? (laughs) Mar'i will show up in one of these.. 

I have a few more of these I plan to draw out. And then hopefully I color I HATE COLORING!! 


….y'all don’t hate me. Please. 



Fun with Damian Wayne, his clone I’ve dubbed “Harry”, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, and Tallant Wayne. And Talia even showed up this time. I don’t even like her but I still can’t get over what Morrison did to her character. 

I’ll add this to the long-ass list of things I will one day-maybe-I hope I will color. 

Look at all the Damians!! x]

You know what. Screw DC. and their attempts at continuity. They honestly don’t know what they’re doing anymore, and I no longer care.. So here, have four Damian-incarnations: 

Damian Wayne

his older clone..

Tallant Wayne (all I know about him is that I love drawing his hair!!)

and Ibn al Xu'ffasch. 

 Damian is alive, and he and his other selves hang out together and play video games and eat Chinese food. It’s true. I just saw them all at the Dollar Store buying snickers.