Damian's clone

DC: You know what would be awesome in Batman Beyond?

Me: Damian Wayne having become a cool retired crimefighter as an adult and Terry being like “?????how???”

Me: Damian trolling the heck out of everyone by pretending he has no clue what’s going on? Taking that Wayne Obfuscating Stupidity to new and untold heights of sheer unbelievable trolling?

Me: Just Damian sitting there, sipping his tea, going “oh that’s my clone, don’t worry about him, I have dozens” like that’s perfectly normal, while Terry tries not to twitch and Bruce is just internally screaming?

Me: Damian letting his clones troll everyone, but dropping the act in a hot minute the second Bruce is Too Extra™???

DC: actually we were thinking more along the lines of making him the new demon’s head and evil and crazy after another fall out with his father but you know



I love Damian and his other selves…. x)

I love drawing “Harry’s” hood-hat-thingie. They never gave Damian’s clone a real name, did they? If they did I must have missed that. Oh well, I’m calling him Harry. Harry likes candy. Harry is not “half retarded” like Damian says, but he does have the mentality of a small child; they weren’t able to age his brain along with the rest of his body. 

Tallant is a dork but he tries so hard to be cool. 

Ibn is awesome. Need I say more? (laughs) Mar'i will show up in one of these.. 

I have a few more of these I plan to draw out. And then hopefully I color I HATE COLORING!! 

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AU both Jon and Damian were created as clones in a lab to take on batman and superman. Dick and others find them both in pods and rescue them. Dick ends up taking Damian to Bruce and Jon to live on the Kent farm. Damian forms an attachment quickly to Dick after being ripped apart from the only friend and humanly contact he had that was Jon.

aw heck, and what if Damian and Jon struggle with their respective dads, especially without each other. And yeah sure Damian forms an intense attachment with Dick but obviously is still missing something, and so is Jon.

So, long story short, DICK PSEUDO-ADOPTS BOTH OF THEM SURPRISE AND ALL THREE OF THEM ARE VERY HAPPY AND LOVE EACH OTHER MORE THAN ANYTHING WOOOOO. Dad Dickie taking care of the clone babies of his two most loved mentors and own dads. It makes the super dads a little sad that they ‘failed’ but are happy that their sons are together and happy, and that Dick seems so happy to have these lil baby sons too. 

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If you don't mind, and if you have the time, could you recommend some Damian Wayne centric fanfics?

Certainly, anon!

The Kid by kleine_aster: Always recc, Jason and Damian bonding and whump.

Unless You Want Me To by TheDelphian: First chapter is about Damian, chapter fic looking at how Jason tries to be a better big brother while Dick is ‘dead.’

Brothers by theLiterator: Dami and Tim angsty bro-piece. 

In A Parallel Life by Firestar385: Will always recc because this is the Best Batfam Fic Ever, and has great character development for literally everyone, Dami included. 

Eye for an Eye by LuerdeLaube: Jason realizes exactly how adorable Damian is. The Best. 

damian clone triplets!!! by drakefeathers: Angsty au. 

The Long Road Ahead by pupeez4eva: AU, will (hopefully) be updated soon (please please please please.)

Forever Today, Never Tomorrow by whore4batfam (IdentityConstellations): Amazing, good, pure, angsty. 

Found Not Lost by audreycritter: Dami and Tim post Tim’s ‘death,’ The Best.

And, on an egotistical note, Hate is such an ancient game, Dying from the exit wounds, For you I’ll always take the bullet, We want what little love we hold, and Better brother, better son, are all my fics that feature Damian in a large role. 

Hope this was helpful! Enjoy! :)

Reducing Territorial Aggression

Summary: Damian’s a possessive snot.  It shouldn’t be cute, but it kinda is.  Tim tries to train it out of him though.  Part three of the Courtship AU.  Parts 1 and 2 come before. 

It’s all Tim’s fault.

He gets that.  He should have predicted this sort of outcome. It’s a personal failure for him as a tactician and mission leader. 

“I’m so sorry, Kon.” He says to Kon who just gives his little accepting smile that squeezes Tim tight. No wait.  That’s just Damian’s arm around his waist. 

“It’s okay, Tim. Really.” 

“No, it’s not.  I got distracted and forgot our plans like a jerk.” He grips the doorframe to pull himself forward a precious inch.  “Let me make it up to you, if you want we can go out now for pizza or something.”

“That is very unlikely, Timothy.” The inch Tim so rightfully earned shrinks into a centimeter as Damian tugs him back.  The brat is only fifteen, “Sixteen next month Habibi,” but the height distance between them has reversed quickly.  Already Damian can rest his chin comfortably on Tim’s shoulder, and does so now just to stick out his tongue to the Super outside. 

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….y'all don’t hate me. Please. 



Fun with Damian Wayne, his clone I’ve dubbed “Harry”, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, and Tallant Wayne. And Talia even showed up this time. I don’t even like her but I still can’t get over what Morrison did to her character. 

I’ll add this to the long-ass list of things I will one day-maybe-I hope I will color. 

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I am kind of upset about Emiko being Damian's 1st crush, I don't know the character that well, but she seems to be a Damian clone, father good and mother assassin. I also don't think Damian would know what a crush is until it hit him pretty bad, like years later bad, or something.. I'm trying to be supportive of Percy's writting, but damn it, it's getting hard! I still hope this issue is just a buffer, just for fun, after metal and before Raven's arc..

Agreed anon, I’m pretty sure Emiko and Damian barely know each other. And this is why I wish DC would actually make DamiJon canon.

Damian doesn’t need to have a crush on a child who’s parents are LITERALLY a carbon copy of his own parents. 

Plus, it’s a cliche and I’m seriously tired of DC’s issue with hetero ships. (Certain ones are fine mind you)

I’m not supportive of Percy’s writing, after the 4th issue I was done and hopefully, it can get rebooted.

For @fishfingersandjellybabies because she wants Dick and Damian cuteness, even if I’m a few days late.

Dick followed the sounds of crashing and cursing up from the cave and into the parlor. Tim was perched on the coffee table, snarling and looking ready to pounce.

Damian, on the other hand, was crouched behind the arm chair-which was tipped on its side-and glaring at the teen.

“What the hell is going on here?” Dick asked, exchanging a glance with Conner, who was standing off behind Tim. He looked terrified.

“Damian tried to attack us.” Tim said, narrowing his eyes. He didn’t take his eyes off of his assumed target.

“Okay, youngins. Time to put away the weapons.” Dick stepped over the decorative pillows on the floor and over to Tim. He helped his younger brother off of the table and gave him a gentle nudge over to Conner. “You two go out for a bit. Have dinner on Bruce, okay?” He asked.

Tim shot another glare at Damian, but still he tucked himself under Conners arm and let the Meta lead him out of the room.

“Alright, Kiddo. You wanna tell me why you attacked Tim and Kon?” Dick asked as he picked up the pillows and rearranged them on the couch.

Damian didn’t say anything, just flopped back on his behind and stayed curled in a little ball.

“Damian? Come on, I know there was a reason. You wouldn’t bother them if you didn’t have a reason to.” Dick righted the arm chair, unshielding the child tucked behind it. The man leaned down and hoisted the boy up until he was standing. “Talk to me.”

Damian heaved a deep sigh and closed his eyes, Dick assumed trying to calm down like Bruce had taught them.

“I was in the hall, and I heard them talking about Jon.” Damian admitted. “The clone said he ‘couldn’t stand the little brat’.” Damian explained, his lower lip puckering.

“Come sit down with me.” Dick said, turning Damian towards the couch and encouraging him to sit down. He flopped down beside him and the 10-year-old leaned against him slightly. “Listen, Conner and Jon have some issues in their family. Kon had to work really hard to be accepted as clarks son, and Jon didn’t have to work at all.”

“That doesn’t give him the right to call him a brat.” Damian grumbled.

“Just don’t take it to heart. After all, Tim calls you a brat.” Dick said, wrapping his arm around his littlest brother.

“Drake and the clone belong together then, as they do not know true greatness when they see it.” Damian said, snuggling further into Dicks chest.

“Well they see it in each other. And that’s all that matters. Come on, why don’t we go video chat Jon on the computer in the cave? Bet he misses you.” Dick said, getting to his feet. Damian blinked at him for a moment before getting up to follow.

“Would it be improper to ask Jon to fly out here to stay while the Clone is staying?” He asked as he trailed his brother.

“I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, as long as you both be respectful of their privacy.” Dick ruffled Damian’s hair and smiled. “But we should check with B first.”

“Very well.” Damian pursed his lips, and Dick tried to remember if his apartment was clean enough to keep the two boys for the weekend.

Damian Wayne is conflicted, which doesn’t happen very often. What should he do?
I am an assassin, he reminds himself. A very mature, serious assassin who should behave accordingly. But then he peeks through the door again, and really, it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.
Drake is asleep in one of Father’s armchairs. He looks like he dozed off halfway through a yawn— he’s sideways with his head on one armrest and his legs on the other. One knee up, one draped across. His hand is resting in a mound of papers strewn across the floor.
“Come on,” Todd whispers. “You know you want to.”
Okay, screw it. He’s not that mature.
Anyway, people are always telling him to act his age. Damian slips inside the door and approaches Drake on tiptoe, stopping in front of him. Todd gives him a thumbs up from the hallway— he’s got his phone out, ready to record. Here goes.
Damian nudges Drake’s leg off the armrest and ducks behind the chair.
You would think that would wake him up, but it doesn’t. Drake’s hanging half-off his seat, but he’s still asleep. He mutters something about clones.
Damian glances back at Todd, who shrugs and motions him forward. Okay, round two.
He stands up carefully, shoves Drake’s remaining knee towards the edge, and sprints for the door.
Drake topples out of his chair with a thump. “What the—?” He blinks confusedly at the carpet, squinting at it like it just betrayed his trust. He doesn’t see his brothers peering around the doorframe, or Todd’s phone, which he left propped against the wall.
Drake just scrapes his papers into a pillow and curls up on the floor. Ten seconds later, he’s asleep again, napping in his pile of case notes.

For safety-dancer (hello again!) who requested sleeping Tim

Look at all the Damians!! x]

You know what. Screw DC. and their attempts at continuity. They honestly don’t know what they’re doing anymore, and I no longer care.. So here, have four Damian-incarnations: 

Damian Wayne

his older clone..

Tallant Wayne (all I know about him is that I love drawing his hair!!)

and Ibn al Xu'ffasch. 

 Damian is alive, and he and his other selves hang out together and play video games and eat Chinese food. It’s true. I just saw them all at the Dollar Store buying snickers.