Damian's clone

I live for smol Damian okay.

I want him to have like a huge growth spurt at 14 that puts him at an inch shorter than Dick and then he just stops and spends the next six years going–

“Just wait until my next growth spurt.”

And it never comes. He would be pressed as hell.


I love Damian and his other selves…. x)

I love drawing “Harry’s” hood-hat-thingie. They never gave Damian’s clone a real name, did they? If they did I must have missed that. Oh well, I’m calling him Harry. Harry likes candy. Harry is not “half retarded” like Damian says, but he does have the mentality of a small child; they weren’t able to age his brain along with the rest of his body. 

Tallant is a dork but he tries so hard to be cool. 

Ibn is awesome. Need I say more? (laughs) Mar'i will show up in one of these.. 

I have a few more of these I plan to draw out. And then hopefully I color I HATE COLORING!! 

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind, and if you have the time, could you recommend some Damian Wayne centric fanfics?

Certainly, anon!

The Kid by kleine_aster: Always recc, Jason and Damian bonding and whump.

Unless You Want Me To by TheDelphian: First chapter is about Damian, chapter fic looking at how Jason tries to be a better big brother while Dick is ‘dead.’

Brothers by theLiterator: Dami and Tim angsty bro-piece. 

In A Parallel Life by Firestar385: Will always recc because this is the Best Batfam Fic Ever, and has great character development for literally everyone, Dami included. 

Eye for an Eye by LuerdeLaube: Jason realizes exactly how adorable Damian is. The Best. 

damian clone triplets!!! by drakefeathers: Angsty au. 

The Long Road Ahead by pupeez4eva: AU, will (hopefully) be updated soon (please please please please.)

Forever Today, Never Tomorrow by whore4batfam (IdentityConstellations): Amazing, good, pure, angsty. 

Found Not Lost by audreycritter: Dami and Tim post Tim’s ‘death,’ The Best.

And, on an egotistical note, Hate is such an ancient game, Dying from the exit wounds, For you I’ll always take the bullet, We want what little love we hold, and Better brother, better son, are all my fics that feature Damian in a large role. 

Hope this was helpful! Enjoy! :)

Damian Wayne is conflicted, which doesn’t happen very often. What should he do?
I am an assassin, he reminds himself. A very mature, serious assassin who should behave accordingly. But then he peeks through the door again, and really, it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.
Drake is asleep in one of Father’s armchairs. He looks like he dozed off halfway through a yawn— he’s sideways with his head on one armrest and his legs on the other. One knee up, one draped across. His hand is resting in a mound of papers strewn across the floor.
“Come on,” Todd whispers. “You know you want to.”
Okay, screw it. He’s not that mature.
Anyway, people are always telling him to act his age. Damian slips inside the door and approaches Drake on tiptoe, stopping in front of him. Todd gives him a thumbs up from the hallway— he’s got his phone out, ready to record. Here goes.
Damian nudges Drake’s leg off the armrest and ducks behind the chair.
You would think that would wake him up, but it doesn’t. Drake’s hanging half-off his seat, but he’s still asleep. He mutters something about clones.
Damian glances back at Todd, who shrugs and motions him forward. Okay, round two.
He stands up carefully, shoves Drake’s remaining knee towards the edge, and sprints for the door.
Drake topples out of his chair with a thump. “What the—?” He blinks confusedly at the carpet, squinting at it like it just betrayed his trust. He doesn’t see his brothers peering around the doorframe, or Todd’s phone, which he left propped against the wall.
Drake just scrapes his papers into a pillow and curls up on the floor. Ten seconds later, he’s asleep again, napping in his pile of case notes.

For safety-dancer (hello again!) who requested sleeping Tim


….y'all don’t hate me. Please. 



Fun with Damian Wayne, his clone I’ve dubbed “Harry”, Ibn al Xu'ffasch, and Tallant Wayne. And Talia even showed up this time. I don’t even like her but I still can’t get over what Morrison did to her character. 

I’ll add this to the long-ass list of things I will one day-maybe-I hope I will color. 

Look at all the Damians!! x]

You know what. Screw DC. and their attempts at continuity. They honestly don’t know what they’re doing anymore, and I no longer care.. So here, have four Damian-incarnations: 

Damian Wayne

his older clone..

Tallant Wayne (all I know about him is that I love drawing his hair!!)

and Ibn al Xu'ffasch. 

 Damian is alive, and he and his other selves hang out together and play video games and eat Chinese food. It’s true. I just saw them all at the Dollar Store buying snickers.