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Who is your ABSOLUTE favorite robin? I can't seem to choose myself.

That would be this murderous ray of sunshine.

As it turns out I’m an absolute sucker

for tiny assassins

with beautiful redemption arcs.

Also?? Have you seen how small??


Can’t even fit in the panel.

Literally just a baby.

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What is Damian's and Jason's relationship like?


They don’t really have that much on-screen interaction. 

Thing is, back in the preboot days, they didn’t overlap much– by the time Damian was around consistently, Jason was the crazy dude shooting up the city. As usual, we’re gonna skip right over Battle for the Cowl where Jason literally shot Damian in the chest and start with old B&R.

Damian wasn’t a fan.

So yeah, that’s not great. Thankfully the n52 is a bit of a different story. 

They still don’t have that many interactions, but the ones we get are pretty nice. There’s War of the Robins, where Damian decided to attack all the other kids to prove he was better than them (10/10 please buy):

Which, if nothing else, proves they both know how to land an emotional punch. Sibling 101, you know. Anyway–

That brings us back to my favorite issue of RHATO (#17). This scene took place directly after Death of the Family.

Of course Damian died about a week after the issue was published, but I like to think this scene is a different kind of foreshadowing. It’s “hey we’re similar” and “please let me help you.” Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship to me, you know? Especially now that they have the whole zombie thing in common. And speaking of

That’s about as much as I can give you, canon-wise. Basically, the relationship hasn’t been developed very much, but I think it has a lot of potential. As you might know, this is one of my favorite team-ups (angst, angst, angstfluff, fluff, fluff, fluff).

If they had a lot in common before, they’re really rockin it now.

I have this headcanon that not only does Damian not like Tim, but even Damian’s cats don’t like Tim.  Because they’re Damian’s.

Like, Tim will be getting ready for the day after staying at the manor and he’ll be all ready except for his shoes and he’ll be slipping those on when he realizes they are covered in cat shit. And just his shoes. Nobody else’s. (He actually goes and checks.) And it figures that it’s his luck because that just happened to be the day he only brought one pair of shoes because he hadn’t been planning on staying for more than a night

And then he calls Damian–who’s at the Titans Tower because Tim has decided that he’s only going to stay at the manor when the demon spawn isn’t around–and tells him of the unfortunate incident involving the cats and his shoes and all Damian does on the other end of the line is cackle, say “everything is going according to plan”, and hang up.

Needless to say, Tim stared at the phone in immense confusion until he gets a text from Garfield.

XD I switched his stuff out with the sugary stuff again.

Talking about cereal.

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I remember a post about Dick swearing but do the others do that? Jason swears a lot in fanon but I don't recall him or timmy swearing in canon. Damian says "damn" in son of batman, what else?

Okie dokie here is Shelly’s post about Dick swearing, and here is a Jason comparison. So I’m gonna limit myself to the younger three Robins.

Bear in mind that this isn’t even close to a complete list– it’s mostly pulls from the series that I’ve recently reread (Red Robin, Batgirl (2009), both Batman and Robins, Batman Eternal) plus whatever panels I already had on file. Here we go!

Alrighty so I find that pretty much every member of the batfamily uses “damn” and “hell” often. Here’s Tim with 

assorted hells

couple damns

And my personal favorite: “I am so screwed,” when he realized Ra’s was watching him.

I also noticed that Tim is more likely than the others to use fake swears like these

Freaking, darn, and nuts. All in all? Pretty lowkey. Steph on the other hand:

Lots of variations on ass

One bitch and a few damns

Two screwed, couple hells

And a single fuck. Interestingly enough, Steph might have the highest swear rate. I stopped screenshotting after a while because there were so many.


Lots and lots of craps.

And Damian varies a ton by writer. In his very earliest appearance you get

(Side note: Alfred’s response to that is something like “ah, memory lane” while he glares at Bruce, so I’m guessing Bruce was a mouthy kid too)

Weirdly enough I couldn’t find a single Damian swear in the first section of the preboot B&R series. But as soon as it switches over to Tomasi, we’re back in business.

Lots of hells, three asses

Couple damns and two bastards. 

And there you have it

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I feel like Talia is going to face Tiger face to face since he kidnaps her son. She knows this because B totally rampage her too. Talia is super mad about the decision her son is making but Tiger will stop her from taking Dami away against his will. Tiger will protect this kid like a proper family do. What if Tiger introduces Dami to his "family", if he has one. I feel like Dami's relationship with everyone is super deep. He literally has tons of peeps who cares about him so much like Tim and J.

Talia would be livid, and I think she wouldn’t understand? She might see it as some sort of betrayal. “Your father and I gave you everything you could ever dream of and this is how you thank us?”

Tiger will 100% fight her about it. He’s all about letting Damian make his own choices, and this was one of them. Talia can disagree all she wants, but she will not disrespect it. Tiger goes to fight her, but Damian steps in the way and will probably beg, much like he did when she wanted him to leave Dick.

I can see Damian being hella nervous about meeting Tiger’s family if he had one. He’d probably almost see it as “what if this reminds him that I’m not worth all this trouble? What if this makes Tiger change his mind?”

Damian definitely has super deep relationships with everybody, I think what the saddest part is, is that he doesn’t realize it. 

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Death/Coma!Dami anon here! I think when Dami can do things on his own, remember all of the family n know tht they are fighting crime @ night. He'd want to be Robin again to help the family. I can imagine the horror in B, D, Jay, n Tim's face when they hear it cuz they know Robin was what killed him. Killed Jay and Damian. N, they can't do it anymore. They want Dami to be safe and not doing that anymore. They'll be so protective and hovering over anything and nothing. They want Dami to be normal

I think Damian would completely want to be Robin again, and the family might panic a little. Because they all kind of made an unspoken promise, that they would never let anything like this happen to him again.

Damian would insist, though, and despise being cooped up in the house. Would threaten to just go out on his own, he didn’t need their approval. So instead of risking Damian going out, the bros would stay in. Take turns staying with Damian, working the computers and med bay. Use it as an excuse to get some rest themselves. Damian appreciates it, now he’s not the only one not on patrol, but he does feel hella guilty about it too. 

Damian’s favorite nights, though, would be when Bruce stays in with him.