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Three sentence prompt: Talia bringing dead Jason's body to the batfam, rebukes them for not keeping tabs on him and she arrived too late. After Jason's come back and fought with bruce and everything etc etc.

“I don’t know why you stay here, my love.” Talia muttered offhandedly to Damian as she passed him. He barely heard her, though, could only stare at the man hanging lifelessly in her arms. “It’s not like your father is going to protect you.”

“Mother…?” He gasped, even as he felt Dick’s hand on his shoulder, holding him back. “What…Todd, what happened to…”

“I did not get to him in time.” Talia almost sounded remorseful as she laid Jason’s body on the gurney. Gently, she ran a hand over his blood-soaked hair, before turning her angry gaze to Bruce. “But at least I tried.”

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Can I suggest an idea? Because Colin has all the embarrassing stories that Damian dose not want his brothers to know about, with a few chose words he can persuade (blackmail) Damian to do whatever he want. Jason & Tim think he is a god.

Haha I have a bit of a headcanon about that, and qingcong and I talk about it all the time. Colin is most definitely the only one in all of Gotham/the world who can ‘persuade’ Damian to do anything, let alone anything he wanted.

But let’s be real, Colin would only use that ‘power’ sparingly. Like, when someone’s in danger or Damian’s losing his mind via anger or grief.

(Or, if they’re in a romantic relationship later in life, well. Colin might use it to initiate a few other benefits~)

Most of the Batfam probably think it’s pretty damn amazing of Colin. But Dick and Bruce are also a bit jealous because Damian opened up to Colin, and not them, and they don’t know all of his secrets. :( They’re jealous dads~

Headcanon #72

20 year-old Damian using Tinder

Damian swiped right this cute freckled redhead called Colin Wilkes. He’s around the same age as him, and he likes dogs, too, according to his profile description. Whereas those who looked remotely like hooligans and fuckboys were instantly swiped to the left with some classic-harsh-Dami-Wayne commentaries regarding their tacky/pretentious/ridiculous/awful/pathetic pictures.