so the batfam most likely uses inappropriate internet slang around damian because sometimes they forget he’s actually just a kid. ofc this backfires with hilarious consequences, example: 

big chaotic battle with the rogues and the batfam. batfam defeat the rogues and tie them up. they’re all high-fiving each other while the rogues glower and complain and squirm around trying to get out of their restraints.

suddenly, damian shrieks “we railed them so hard!” 

deathly silence. no one’s quite sure they heard him right. 

damian crosses his arms. this wasn’t the reaction he was expecting. with an irritated look on his face, he snaps, “what?” at his mortified audience.

EVERYONE busts out laughing. bruce goes bright red. so does damian, but he’s more angered as to why everyone is laughing at him, “what? what is it?nightwing? father? what is everyone laughing at? all i said was that we railed them.” 

everyone laughs even harder. harley has to be partially untied because she’s laughing so hard she can’t breathe. jason falls to the ground in fits. 

“not that i’m adverse to being, as you say, railed,” edward says between giggles, “however you definitely need to be much older.”

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Is there any chance you would be interested in writing or drawing parental/older brother Tim Drake? Bonus points if it involves being undercover/on the run.


don’t know if that’s what you wanted anon but that’s what you get, sorry, i don’t even earn bonus points :’)

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Any College Headcanons for the Batkids? Like, what major and maybe who rooms with who?

Disclaimer: these are just the kids that live with Bruce and are the kids he legally adopted and/or took in, hence the batkids

Dick: He would be a mathematics major, with a minor in ethnic studies

Jason: Definitely an English major

Tim: a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Business

Cass: probably wouldn’t feel the need to go to college since she hasn’t exactly had a traditional education

Damian: would get a law degree out of spite (”Well technically what I did isn’t illegal due to this clause in this law” and he would use this to help out protestors and people who are wrongly accused of crime)

Duke: would get a Criminal Justice degree (would work specifically in missing persons cases)

-due to their age differences, they probably either wouldn’t be in school at the same time or wouldn’t room together. So chances are, they room with people that the college assigns them to or with people who they trust what with their particular vigilante habits.

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-Classic Rock and Machine Guns

It was a fairly cool night in Gotham as you were heading to your home, where your dad was waiting for you.  For some odd reason he decided that Gotham would be the perfect vacation away from his work.  You really didn’t care where you went for the vacation, but Gotham was a pretty terrible choice.  The creepy alleyways and corrupted politicians were a big ‘Hell No!’ for you, but your dad’s inner fan-girl got the best of him.  He was the reason why you were out in the streets with bags of Mexican food that would last for a day or two, probably a day with that stomach he has.  You smiled lightly at the thought of scarfing down all of the delicious food, but you knew he would kick your ass for eating without him.

“Let go of me you imbeciles!!”

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12 with Tim and Damian?

End of semester papers, always a joy. Truly, the only proper way to spend a solid six hours in front of a computer screen trying in vain to think of some way to artfully write about the key themes in a book you barely read without it sounding like utter bs. And such was the way that Tim had just spent those six hours, though the only progress he had to show for it was a few measly paragraphs. But it still seemed like a good place to take a break and get some food, since he hadn’t eaten in the entire time he was working. After a quick stretch, Tim headed to the kitchen and saw that Damian was also perusing the cabinets for a snack. Damian glanced over at him before saying “Drake, you look like you just crawled out of hell and wrestled a bear.” Tim frowned “Thanks, I try my hardest.” Damian let out a mirthful scoff “ Clearly your efforts aren’t feasible. Honestly I doubt you even try on anything.” This was met with a dry, humorless laugh from Tim “And yet I seem to get fairly good results for someone who apparently ‘doesn’t try’.” Damian opened his mouth to spit out a comeback when Tim held up his hand in mixed defeat and anger “Please, stop.” Damian blinked, confused as to why Tim hadn’t tried to insult him or anything. “Listen, Damian, I am tired. I have worked for six consecutive hours on a paper that I don’ t care about but have to do because otherwise I won’t pass this class. And on top of that, I have work to do for about seven other classes that is just as, if not more, difficult than my term paper. If you want to insult how I look right now, fine I don’t even care. But I would like to see you be able to pull off like 5 AP classes and have extra curricular activities and an outside life while still somehow managing to look like you’re not half dead. Okay? Thanks.” With that Tim grabbed an armful of food and retreated back into his den-like room, leaving Damian standing in the kitchen looking completely stunned. The joys of a life as a student were really something he had to look forward to.

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Love your art! Hey, since you've been putting Jon as different sidekicks- how about somehow someway a Green Lantern one? He'd be like a little green glowing pixie! (Imagine all the Lanterns just being absolutely in love with him)

i think Jon would make a cute Blue Lantern and Star Sapphire as well! (Flame bird’s main source of power being Love and all XD)

i think Gardner wouldn’t be very thrilled at the idea of a little Supers running around but eventually he warms up to Jon too! (●♡∀♡)