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Damian comforting his S/O Would Include. . .

Requested: YEs!

Could I request something with Damian trying to comfort his S/O when they’re feeling sad or stressed please? 

A/N: Omg I got this while I was just about to start a different Damian HC so I’m pretty sure it’s fate. Also requests are open, thank you so much for requesting! I’m verrrrrryyyyyyyyy prone to the Batboys as of right now so those would be (more) appreciated, but I do plan to make a fandom list soon! I’m also working on a prompt list as well, so I will be posting that when I’m done! 

- I personally believe that Damian is 100% not the type to date around 

- If he dates you, he cares about you immensely 

 - So if he finds out you are in emotional distress, he’s there immediately 

- He would have you come over to the manor, he finds that he has all of the rescources he needs to try to make you happy 

- And by resources, I mean allllllllll of his animals

- Like this boy will just show you animals for hours 

- If you’re just so down that can’t even cheer you up, he will watch literally whatever you want while Titus cuddles you by practically consuming you in cuddles 

- If you’re stressed, he will do everthing in his power to get rid of that stress 

- If you fall asleep on his shoulder or something, he will put you to bed and hold you until you are no longer in need of comforting 

- But let’s be honest he would do that any day  

- Will listen to all of your venting no matter how long or repetitive 

- So supportive of you no matter what the subject

Foil packet (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  May I request an older!Damian x reader (the reader was kidnapped and raised by Slade but was rescued by Batman and lived in the manor with Bruce and the boys) where Bruce thinks Damian and the reader are just friends but walks into the readers room and finds Damian on top of her on her bed about TO GO AT IT. (Bonus points if Bruce ends up giving older teen Damian the “keep it in your pants unless you want kids” talk)
Summary: Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
Word count: 765
Warning(s): Mentions of sex, nothing else really :)

My life started like many of the previous Robins, my parent’s were killed at a young age. But unlike them, I was put in the system. Merely weeks after being put in an orphanage, I was kidnapped by none other than Slade Joseph Wilson, also known as Deathstroke.

He raised me as his little henchman, a sidekick of sorts, you might say. A few long and excruciating years pass, and there seems to be no hope of ever having a normal civilian life. That was until the one and only, Batman, the man I’ve been taught to fight and escape from, rescues me.

Bruce knowing full well that if I were to be put back in the system again, not only would I have little hope for a future, but I would also probably be kidnapped once more. So he decided to trust me and let me live with him in his home. 

At first all of the boys were weary of me, not knowing if I was a threat to or not. Alfred and Bruce seemed the most unfazed by my past, and warmed up to me very quickly, well, Bruce as warm as he’s ever going to get.

But I proved to be useful on missions, with my extensive knowledge of tactics and strategies and also villains behavior, since I’ve worked close to them for most of my conscious life, soon enough the batfam didn’t know how they lived without me.

Of course the first one of the boys to warm up to me was Dick, he started talking to me every time we saw each other, Tim following soon after, and Jason after that. Damian was reluctant at first, his cockiness repelling me slightly, but I soon realized that that’s just how he is, so I tried harder and harder to get along with him. Soon we were showing each other our sketches, became sparring partners, and often discussed what ever was on our teenage minds. 

Bruce found it to be nice, that Damian was able to have someone to talk to, since he seemed to have a very tough time opening up to any of the guys. He noticed how Dami wasn’t rude or mean to me, he respected me on a level only achieved by Alfred. He even trusted me to look after his animals when he wasn’t present. Bruce saw me as Damian’s biggest confidant, best friend. He thought of us as nothing more than friends. 

So one day when he came up to my room to ask about some mission he nearly felt himself have a heart attack. Through the crack of the door, he could hear light giggling, but it wasn’t only mine, but a combination of mine and Damians. Then he saw it, A parent’s worst nightmare, Damian was hovering above me, wearing nothing but his boxers. Me just missing my shirt, as we made out, smiling in to the kiss.

On the outside Bruce was as calm and cold as ever, but on the inside he was beating himself up for being such a bad role model and dreading the fact that now he had to give his son THE talk. 

He pushes the door open, and coughs, to get the attention of the occupants of the room. Damian quickly gets off of me. Grabbing his shirt from the pile of clothes and slipping it on.

“Get dressed, we need to talk…In my office.” He told Damian, giving him a glare, the blush on Damian’s cheeks making him smirk on the inside. He abruptly turns around and walks down stairs to his office, waiting for the young teen to soon follow. 

I went down with Damian, waiting on the living room couch as the two men had their talk. When Dami finally exits the office, he seems more flustered than ever before. A small foil packet in hand.

Seeing the packet I can’t help but burst out in laughter. 

I can’t believe that Bruce hadn’t given you the talk before.” I say, pointing at it.

He scratches the back of his neck, unable to come up with a snarky comeback. “Well there’s never really been a need.” 

I nod, trying to hold back my giggles, he just smiles weakly, as we make our way back to my room.

He said that we shouldn’t engage in intercourse unless we want children, but otherwise he said we have his blessing, beloved.”  He smirks, causing me to slap his shoulder. 

From now on, we just knew to lock the door and preferably be in Damians more soundproof room.


With love,

The song of love <3

Where was the music coming from?

Damian had first heard it when he had managed to sneak away from the idiots at another one of his father’s parties. Damian hated the parties with a burning passion and had made up some excuse of needing fresh air so he could get away.

That’s when he heard it. A beautiful sound that sounded clear as crystal and sweet as honey. He heard it from the second floor of Wayne manor and he knew that whoever it was, wasn’t new to this. He followed the sound, walking faster and faster until he was running.

Only to stop when he laid eyes on her. A girl who was sitting on the one bench in the garden, with shining h/c hair and the voice that rivaled the Angels in heaven. Damian stopped and listened to the melody that seemed to put him in a trance and make the world around him practically nonexistent.

“So meet me at midnight, find me by moonlight. I’ve been waiting for so long to feel like I’m whole. More than what you see, please don’t define me. This is bigger than you and I, so give me a chance… And meet me at midnight.” She finished oblivious to her audience. Damian slowly emerged from where he had been hiding and the girl jumped when she saw him.

“That was beautiful. Where did you learn to sing like that?” Damian said as he walked over to her. She nervously fiddled with her hands.

“Thanks. I’m so sorry, I thought I was alone and that no one could hear me. I’ll just be going now.” She said as she turned to leave in a hurry. Damian grabbed her wrist as she turned.

“Wait, I didn’t get your name. Im Damian and you are?”

“Y/n. Y/n l/n. Now please let me leave, I’m sorry for this.”

“Why are you sorry? That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard and yet you act like it is something horrible. So I’ll ask you again. Why are you sorry?”

Y/n ran a hand through her h/l hair and sighed. “I just don’t like singing in front of people okay? Whenever I think that my voice sounds nice, it turns out everyone thinks it’s awful. I’ve just learned not to perform for other people. Now please can I leave?”

“Y/n if you want to, sing for me a little. Only if you want to, and I’ll give you my brutally honest opinion.” Damian said.
***Five years later

Damian nervously tapped his fingers on the table, waiting for his best friend’s turn to perform. Y/n had applied for a job at a club that had live music and she had been so nervous and had asked him to come.

He smiled as he remembered how they met, how insecure she was about her voice. “Now look at her.” He mused to himself. “Going up on any stage to perform for an entire club.”

Finally, the time came for y/n to sing. As the fast beat came on, she immediately started belting out the lyrics. Some people watching said she did it better than the original singers. Damian noticed a few boys his age looking y/n up and down, like she was something they’d like to buy. He scowled and had to remind himself that he couldn’t punch someone just because they were thinking something he didn’t like.

His phone buzzed in the middle of the song and Damian opened it to find his father’s caller ID.

“Damian, I need you to go on patrol now. Joker has escaped from Arkham again and I know I gave you the night off but your brothers are busy and can’t do it.”

“But father, y/n is performing. Can’t this wait?”

“I know you want to be a supportive friend but finding the Joker is more important. Now get out and find him.” With a click the call ended. Damian sighed and threw one last glance at y/n.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered.
Damian had found the joker surprisingly easily and had taken him back to Arkham in a manner of hours. Despite knowing that she’d probably not be there, he went back to the club to see if she had left yet.

As he walked down the sidewalk, he saw the flashing red lights of an ambulance and deep down he knew that it had to do with y/n. He hadn’t even noticed that he was running until he was there, watching his beloved get loaded into the vehicle.

Damian turned to the closest paramedic. “What happened to her?!”

The EMT sighed as he looked at y/n who was unconscious. “A few boys reportedly tried to grab her off the street when she left the club. By the way her hand is broken I’m guessing she fought back and hard. The boys had a knife on them though and she has multiple stab wounds to her stomach. Poor kid. Makes you wonder how much more fucked up Gotham can get.” He said as he watched the ambulance speed off.

Damian couldn’t say anything. He knew. He had known that those boys were trouble, yet he left them with y/n and gave them the chance to injure her.

“Do'ya know her?” The paramedic said.


“Judging by your reaction, you two are close to each other. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were in love,” he said.

Love, Damian thought. I love y/n.

A/n: like if you want a part two with a hospital scene. Thanks for reading:)