Last week I offered to draw for people who called their legislators, so this week we have 2 doodles and 7 art cards for folks who took me up on that. :D Art card folks will get theirs in the mail whenever I manage to buy stamps. 

  1. Sladewing (aka Nightstroke ;P) for @write-my-dreams
  2. Jaydick for @carbonjen
  3. Nightwing for @caramelmachete
  4. Nightwing and Damibats for, well, I think it’s for @lquacker but technically she did not tell me her tumblr name
  5. @laporcupina‘s Yoni Safir from Stargate Atlantis for @kiratael
  6. Maria Hill for @camshaft22
  7. ​Wonder Woman for @krameriagrayi
  8. Padme and Anakin for @politicalpadme