“The Inquisitor surely stands because of the ones we saaaaaang-“

Pretty Lavellan Tarot Card, Just because he deserved it. Someone has to take that game away from me help 


DA:I Dalish - omg not another mage on your way good luck we don’t have templars and magic is so very uncontrollable without them around to oppress people
DA:O Dalish - Mages are super important the best and purest of us and we have enough so that it’s a competition also sometimes we’re so desperate for mages we need them sent to us like in the case of Merrill


‘’No creature is more revered by the Dalish than the halla. No other animal has a god of its own. These white stags are much larger than ordinary deer, and the Dalish halla keepers carve their antlers as they grow, making them curve into intricate designs. In ancient times, these stags bore elven knights into combat, but since the fall of the Dales, they are used less as mounts and more to pull the aravels.’’

CIRCUS PANTS FOR EVERYONE. Blame this on @peanuts-envy who sent me this photo which may possibly be the most Chargers thing I’ve ever seen. Shoutout to Rocky who is too short and is throwing off the entire balance of the picture, GOD, ROCKY, JEEZ.

(background is just a screencap, i looked at the task of drawing skyhold and balked, i’m sorry, i’ve failed you all)

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BioWare: Lol look how backwards the Avvar are, believing simple spirits are gods! Lets make fun of them and try and correct them every chance we get. What silliness from the Avvar!

BioWare: Hey you know The Stone we’ve introduced but haven’t bothered to really delve into? Let’s do that! There’s actually no such thing just Titans. Dwarves are so silly.

BioWare: The Elven Pantheon? Totally fake they were actually just evil mage overlords and look how silly the Dalish are lol!

BioWare: And we’ve already been pretty clear how wrong the Qun is, right?

BioWare: But that pseudo Christian religion, well that’s up to the player to interpret. 

BioWare: #DragonAgeInquisition 


Siblings Garlan and Amelia Lavellan just came back from some shopping in Val Royeaux. 

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I wonder if Dalish have more tattoos? (which I guess they call vallas (writing) in general) Like they have the vallaslin as a symbol of adulthood, cultural pride and defiance to submission, but do they have other markings for other things?

Is all Dalish bodyart symbolic? Or do they also have purely aesthetic tats? Do they add a drop of blood to all of them, or just the vallaslin (I’d say just the vallaslin personally)

Some examples of what they might be like:

Vallasulevin - “Marks/Writings of Purpose” - Added when one takes on a certain role in their clan (Keeper, Hearthmaster, Craftsmaster etc), placed somewhere visible showing their accomplishment and place of honour among the clan hahrens and allowing outsiders from sister clans to identify them.

Vallasdin'vhen - “Marks/Writings of the Dead” - Mourning marks honouring the beloved dead. There are no uniform designs or ceremonies involved, it’s simply a tribute of love and grief - a promise to the soul of the departed that those who love them will remember them and honour them in life.

Vallashanin - “Marks/Writings of Glory” - Taken by elves who have performed some great, noteworthy feat (usually in service to their people). Examples would include recovering vital lore, saving their entire clan from some great threat or something like slaying a dragon. Much like the vallaslin, there is ceremony involved. The honoured one chooses their design and where it will go and undergoes a ritual cleansing before receiving their tattoo in front of the entire clan. It marks them as a hero to the people.

Vallaslath - “Marks/Writings of Love” - Tattoos taken to show ones love and dedication for living loved ones, while often taken for the sake of lovers the Dalish see nothing odd about markings for family and friends either. Often the tradition is for the loved ones to tattoo each other, often using a drop of the other’s blood in the ink (although I do wonder about the hygeine of that… eh. Magic.). For the less artistically-inclined they may design the markings and ask another to do the markings on their behalf. In some clans it is traditional for the applications of vallaslath to be a part of a bonding (wedding) ceremony. In the unfortunate case where love ceases to be between bearers of the vallaslath, the tattoos can be removed with healing magic.

Vallasirua - “Marks/Writings for seeing” - Aesthetic tattoos.