أمَلي دايماً كان يا بَلَدي
إِني أرجَع لِك يا بَلَدي
وأفضَل دايماً جَنبِك
عَلى طول
oh my dear home land
my only wish has always been
to get back to you and
to stay by your side forever.
—  Dalida, My beautiful homeland (حِلوة يا بَلَدي).

On the 23rd of January 1975. The famous French singer Dalida takes the stage for the 4th time on the well known (Piccadilly Theater) in Beirut. And she sang that day for the last time before the war few months later.

But that day was different, as the famous Arab Lebanese singer Fayrouz was in the first row with her husband Assi Rahbani. Fayrouz applauded admirably, after the concert it was on the backstage the first meeting between the two stars. Dalida was so excited, telling Lebanon’s Ambassador to the Stars (Fayrouz): “I’m honored by your presence, knowing that you are in the first row distracted my mind during singing and I replaced some words by others”, The two stars laughed.

Dalida left Beirut with new songs for Fayrouz, as Dalida admires listening to Fayrouz songs especially (The Flower of Cities - زهرة المدائن) and (I Loved you in the Summer - حبيتك بالصيف). (Video)

In the memory of:
Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti)
(17 January 1933 – 3 May 1987)

Helwa Ya Baladi
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أملي دايما كان يا بلدي اني ارجع لك يا بلدي"
و افضل دايما جمبك على طول
و ذكريات كل اللى فات فاكرة يا بلدي؟
“قلبي مليان بحكايات فاكرة يا بلدي؟