Papa North AU

An AU where Project Freelancer shuts down, the Meta never happened, and everyone keeps their rightful AIs. Asexual Aromantic North returns to Earth and adopts a newborn baby girl.

North just being absolutely in love with his new daughter; she’s absolutely perfect and he loves her little chubby cheeks.

Theta being hesitant about the new squishy human in the house but trying to warm up to his ‘little sister’.

North being pretty used to staying up all night from Theta, so tending to the baby at night isn’t a problem. He stays with her even after she stops crying and before he knows it the sun is out.

Theta making holographs to entertain his sister or calm her down.

Auntie South teaching her niece not to take shit from nobody; she is the main reason the girl punches the her first bully.

North never forgetting to remind his daughter everyday of how beautiful she is and how much he loves her.

North and Theta staying up with the girl to read books beause tHEY NEED TO KNOW WHO DIES

Uncle York getting Delta to make cheat sheets for his niece whenever she has a rest in school.

Uncle Wash buying her a sphinx kitten for a birthday present.

Blanket forts during the winter beause this is a family of nerds.

North obviously isn’t very intimidating but if anyone ever so much as makes his baby girl cry then he will flip his shit.

PTA Dakota Siblings. South flipping the bake sales table and shouting, “FUCKING FIGHT ME HELEN”

Baby North bringing Theta in for show and tell so everyone can meet her tiny holographic big bro.


Daddy North and Freelancer family. Please.


Aaaay more facecanons. 

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i’ll do anything for you

in which agent washington misses his friends.

a norkington playlist
(art by synnesai)

01. little lion man // mumford and sons 02. ocean bed // king krule 03. chasing cars // snow patrol 04. lids // locus child 05. for the widows in paradise // tin box boys 06. i can lift a car // walk the moon 07. instant crush // daft punk 08. piledriver waltz // arctic monkeys 09. people help the people // cherry ghost