Dump some of my recent Miyusawa doodles and artworks here XD

P1&2: Cover Page for a friend’s misawa fanfiction based on my doujin Fairy Tales; Postcard for my doujin last year as pre-order goods

P3: Badge desgn for a friend’s misawa fanbook

P4: wanted to draw Miyuki in the same outfit, but lost the momentum now…

P5: Tote bag design, most probably the pre-order goods for my new doujin At the End of Winter

P6 and 7: Sticker Set for the Chinese version of my doujin

P8: Ensemble Stars x Daiya crossover.

P9 and 10 under Keep Reading: some R18 doodles I’ve drawn today, anatomy practiceXD

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NSFW BELOW<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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Voice actor parallels between Daiya no Ace and Boku no Hero Academia 

…all I can say is… voice actors are mad talented. 


“I-It’s cuter than i thought.” - Miyuki Kazuya

Happy birthday to the precious fresh sunshine, Eijun! Please be well and be happy all the time <3 TY-sensei please don’t take away my sunshine’s happiness ever again