Agents of SHIELD EP, Jeffrey Bell, has provided some information on the Civil War tie-in which we will see next season. Apparently, we may see some ties between the Gifted Index as seen on the show and the SHRA (Superhuman Registration Act), as well as the conflict between the two SHIELD factions coming into play.

Interesting stuff, and who knows, it may bring characters like Skye into the larger MCU…

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Daisy Clarke » 20 » Housekeeper at Hotel Vista Del Mar » FC: Saoirse Ronan

Daisy grew up in a loving home for most of her life, living with her Aunt and Uncle instead of her actually parents. Her mother had gotten pregnant at a young age and ran off leaving her sister to take care of her daughter. Unlike most people who would have been angry that their own mom left them she was actually glad. She knew it was the right decision for everyone, how could someone take care of a baby when they were still growing up themselves. She got then chance to have a loving home, and get treated just like she was her Aunts own daughter. Daisy was close to her two cousins, them being boys never caused problems for her. They watched out for her and she watched out for them. No one said she didn’t belong there, even the people who were friends of the family saw her as a part of the family.

As she got older she spent her days with her friends, spending less and less time with her family. Her cousins went off to live their lives which just left her around, causing her Aunt to breathe down her neck just a little too much. Despite her interest she was considered one of the popular kids at her school, dating one of the cutest boys in school and knowing all the right things to say and do. She loved her life even if people were always watching her sometimes she liked the attention other times she would hide away. Daisy’s escape was usually reading or listening to music getting lost in her own little world. That was how she managed to stay sane in her life. One day as she was spending the day in the library switching back and forth between the computer and reading. She met a young boy around her age who kept staring at her. Getting tired of being uncomfortable she walked over to him and told him rudely that he should just take a picture. Instead of walking away or saying something smart back he just smiled at her and went on to ask her about her favorite books. From then on they would meet up in the library and just spend the day talking or reading next to each other.

He had become such a mystery to her, hardly ever talking about his life beyond the walls of that building and always listening to what she had to say. Finally she asked him getting tired of guessing what his deal was. How come he had so much free time to come there and talk with her. She finally learned his name was Chris and that he as in remission from cancer, leukemia to be exact. That opened the doors for them to be closer. Suddenly one day she stopped spending so much time at home and with her friends instead being with Chris. She had fallen in love with the boy, which led to her sleeping with him. She had been sick for days until she decided it was time to stop postponing it and went to take a pregnancy test. Crying herself to sleep that night afraid of disappointing everyone and ruining Chris’s life she figured she could deal with it on her own. That was until he learned his cancer had been back for some time, and he passed away.

Having been hiding her growing stomach, she couldn’t handle his loss and ran away from home. Knowing it was a bad idea she still did it anyway. After giving birth to the baby she put him up for adoption knowing she could never give him what he needed like her own mom did. Finally trying to take control of her life she found her to Avalon and began to build her life there. Not telling a soul about her old life.

Additional Information:

  • She is smart but doesn’t normally show it.
  • Has huge trust issues, not always seeing the good in people.
  • Wants to be a writer someday, just isn’t sure what she wants to write about.
  • Very empathetic, and has a hard time letting go.
  • Loves to take pictures, and watch movies.
  • Longs for company but at the same time is scared of loving others.
  • Has not seen her family since she was seventeen.
  • Got her GED.
  • Had been homeless since she left home, living in homeless shelters, or sleeping on the streets.

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