This is what happens when I live on my own there’s a Daiso near where I live. I buy all my Tupperware, plates, face towels and uni stationary xD and it’s all cute… I’ve been rather inactive due to stress and anxiety. I’ll get back to all your comments after I do my homework ^^



THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO MADE THIS CON FOR ME ! This is definitely my top to go Cons , Till this day I will always be amaze at what this fuzzy community is capable of ! 

The 2nd Largest furry convention , a community that shares a common bond that feed upon each other. 

Despite a incidental attack on the convention, Everybody stood strong , and pulled through the ordeal. 

This is the MidWest Furfest 2014 

Chicago , Illinois

Full Res Album here with all the adorable fluffiness !…..7649597856347/

Enjoy the Overload of cuteness !

But Please credit me accordingly by linking / crediting me when re-posting this photos ! it takes me ages just like any artist that put effort into their work.

Do me a favor the next time you see a lil asian lion snapping photos. Smile for the camera ! x3

Photography by SinghaLion / DaisoTheFox

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Oh I’m back in the groove :) half of my @inkwellpress planner- for my month on two pages sad to see March go. It’s been so good to me 💕💕and its my favorite. Also made an insert just for the #listersgottalist challenge my girl @theresetgirl is hosting for April. I was on the fence of just using a typical insert but I thought I’d be extra fancy and make my own lol. I hope you have a fantastic Monday!! #inkwellpress#plannernerd#livelifeandcreate#planner#heidiswapp#targetonespot#daiso#sharpie#pilot#scrapbooking#mo2p#midori#mtn#travelersnote#artjournal#travelersnotebook#makeprettythings#happy#planneraddict