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They say to me, “you fall in love too quickly”

And I reply, “Yes I fall in love quickly, but it’s with the laughter of a stranger, the view of the ocean, the color of someone’s eyes and the way he reads. If it’s wrong to fall in love with these things, then what should I love? .”

—  Excerpt of my unwritten book (179 out of 365)
Let the Fall Make you Stronger

“Hey! Are you all right?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Um…because you just fell from the roof of the hou-”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong. I didn’t fall. The floor challenged me and I accepted.”

“And how did that go for you?”

“The floor won. But only because it had the advantage.”

“Of being non sentient and vast in size, along with the fact that there is a freaking storm out!!

“Nope. I just attacked from the wrong position.”


“I overestimated my skills.”

“I’ll say. You’re bleeding!”

“Only a little. Ask me again.”


“If I’m fine.”

“Are you?”


“Is it because you’re bleeding?”

“You’re supposed to ask ‘Why’.”

“God, you’re so bloody difficult!”

“But cute. Just ask.”

“Oh for-Why?

“Because this world we live in, it gives us these dreams, you see. These great big beautiful colourful galaxies in our heads of ideas, thoughts and empathetic conclusions to our fellow humans. Our brain tells us, go on, be curious, make those mistakes. Make big, small, tiny, angry, happy, playful, experimental, challenging, beautiful mistakes and the world will reward you with answers, knowledge, and all the beauty it has to offer. But…”

“But what?”

“No one really prepares us for the heartbreak it all brings with it. No one ever tells us that the world will greedily take the good in us, our dreams, and spit us out, soulless, but still alive…and then blames us for watching all our beautiful dreams die.”


“What? Say something?”

“Why were you out on the roof today.”

“I was looking up at the sky.”

“During a storm?”

“I just like knowing it is not just me. I just like knowing that even the skies scream, with the weight of all our lost, forgotten, broken little dreams…

Deportation Crisis

Hello all,

As much as this blog tries not to concern itself with more modern problems in Haiti, I find it extremely difficult to keep quiet at this time. While I don’t think it wise to lay my opinion at the present, especially considering the current crisis goes way beyond a question of deportation and citizenship and calls into question international law and human rights, I will leave you with two recent articles from the New York Times and Washington Post. The Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste also runs multiple stories daily. 

You are very welcome to add reading suggestions to this post, I will gladly reblog them.

Good night. 

Jessica Lange learns of people noticing a comparison between herself and Caitlyn Jenner.

The Daily Beast’ went on to speak to Queen Lange over the phone, they then broke the news to her that she was trending on Twitter. Her candid response was simply: “What does that mean?”

After letting out a hearty laugh—at herself for not knowing what trending meant—she reiterated, “You have to explain what that means to me.”

We gave a quick tutorial on what it means to be trending, and explained that it was because so many people thought Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover looked like her. We also clarified that this was a good comparison, as the overwhelming response is how beautiful Jenner looks on the cover.

“Oh, really?” she said. “That’s so wonderful. Well, now I’m going to have to look for that picture.”

She giggled as she tried to process what all of this trending talk meant. “Trending on Twitter because Caitlyn Jenner is on the cover—you see I don’t do any of this stuff, the Internet,” she said. “So I have no clue when people use this terminology. I have to repeat it to understand.”

We gave her one more rundown of what exactly was going on: loads of people are tweeting about her because of the similarity between Caitlyn Jenner’s styling on the cover of Vanity Fair and her own look, and in a completely flattering way.

“All right,” she said. “That’s an interesting bit of information.”

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Write about a character who happens to be the owner of an odd weapon: a gun that fires bullets that cannot harm the body, but instead cause permanent damage to the soul. Who created this weapon? How did this character find it? And, above all, what would this character do if they realized that they are not the only one with access to a weapon with the same odd properties?

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When you loved him he had his mouth pressed to the lips of a girl who didn’t care. And then he loved you, but by then it was too late.
See timing doesn’t matter to things that have already happened. But timing is everything to things that never had the chance to start.

I woke up and my lovely girlfriend texted me while I got dressed and such. School was average aside from texting in my lap. Then after school me and Schrader went for pizza & walked around the shops. MY brothers are visiting this weekend, so I’m staying home for the rest of it.

why isn’t my lyfe interesting

society is screwed by herowithapen

“Hey, Miss?” A man in with a phlegm filled voice and an unkept beard said. His old army jacket was torn up and some of the larger pieces were used as a blanket to keep warm.

“What? What do you want?” She was a hard working CEO of a law firm. She turned around to face the man, looking quite scared. “Please don’t rob me!” She exclaimed.

“Rob you? How would I, I don’t even have any weapons,” he was sad. Everyone felt like this around him. “I was just asking if you had any spare change.”

“Oh,” she laughed, “of course.” She handed him a few bills, nothing too big but nothing too small because she felt bad for the man.

Society sucks this generation. If you’re out of the streets, people think you’re a hardcore thief. People are too quick to judge today.

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Daily story: so I was in Trig and we were taking a test and I fell asleep during it and I started talking in my sleep and no one woke me up and i guess instead of taking the test they just listened to me the rest of the period cause they took it again next class but the teacher ripped mine up for falling asleep


Okay so when I was in year 10 I was in Geometry and we were taking a test ok. For some reason my school had banned those erasers that smell like fruit but I wasn’t having any of that shit, you’re not gonna stop me from having my smelly grape eraser. 

So I’ve got my awesome ass eraser in my pocket and I fuck up on my test, cause it’s math and I fucking suck at math. I’m sitting there trying to get my eraser out of my pocket cause I was still relatively new to skinny jeans at this point, and this bitch ass fucking teacher goes “ALEX!” and she scared the fucking shit out of me. (Except she didn’t call me Alex, I didn’t go by Alex until recently. I changed my name.) So I jumped, and everyone is looking up from their test and at me at this point and she’s like “Bring me the cell phone.”

Best part of this story is that at this point I didn’t even have a cell phone. I got one later that term. But I didn’t know what to do so I went up to her desk and she’s holding her hand out waiting for my cell phone but I just gave her my smelly eraser.

She sent me down to the dean, I got detention for two days and they called my mom. She wasn’t even mad. She actually fought for me, telling the dean that I gave the teacher what she thought was my cell phone. But alas, it was useless.

My own version of OBLE

okay… So i definitely look so stupid here. hahaha I’m imitating ’oble’ My cute cousin (far right) seems laughing at me and I can’t blame her. Anyways,


Oble…He’s the iconic statue in our university. He’s the mighty naked guy. *grins* with outstretched arms and open hands…but seriously speaking he was made by the great professor Guillermo Tolentino. There are rumors that FPJ’s daddy was the model he used for oble but according to some books it was Anastacia Caedo. Oble’s name came from the word oblation which pretty symbolizes UP (…selfless offering of oneself to his country. )

enough of oble… The photo above is my rendition of him.  and Yes… In my 3 years of existence in UPLB I don’t dare myself to take a picture with him as my bg because there are myths/rumors that once you make ‘pa-picture’ with that damuho.. you will not graduate on time (same with pegaraw). hahaha so I’m pretty scared. lol 

anyhoo… if I can’t take a picture of him why not mimic him instead… lo and behold… HAHAHA :D

and btw, I’ll take blogging seriously this summer to keep me off from boredom. starting tonight. So expect some annoying, random posts from me. prepare thyself. :)) lol again. 

and.. I want to share this*teehee* more oble versions… lol

Oble version nila

credits: http://oble.blogspot.com/2008/12/sino-si-oble.html

okay… so sila na talaga :))) hahahaha :p Those guys are… cool. yeah.. I don’t have the guts to do that. So kudos to them. I think.. They’re from APO. They have this tradition of having “oblation run" annually. ( every december ata :p)  as a form of protest/awareness regarding of current issues in our society.

oble version of my dear friend and ex dorm mate, Shannen Arevalo. (she’s a good photographer btw)

and lastly…

si Oble ng UPLB

credits to owner

Original Oble

credits to owner

-went to the hospital today with my friend to inquire about jobs.
-they had lots of open positions.
-will apply for the medical scribe, nurse aid and kitchen helper.
-still can’t believe that kitchen helper in the hospital make $2,000+ each month!
-I really don’t mind if I get that job, I mean $2,000 each month! That’s crazy.
-after the hospital, we went to starbucks then we headed to school to meet up with my sister and other friend.
-ate at subway then headed to macys to look around.
-did not leave empty handed. Got myself that shirt, a benefit mascara and a lipstick from tarte.
-I work tomorrow and plan to go to Flatbread again for dinner with friends.


I walked in to 2nd period as usual, i sat in my seat and stared at your empty desk. I wondered if you were at school today and just as usual, you walked in just as the bell rings with your favorite hat on your head coming over your eyes to cover up the dark circles. You walk in and slump into your seat. We sit in perfect view of each other and as i’m writing my journal i can feel your eyes all over me. I glance up at you in a way that i know you’ll like and your jaw drops slightly. All period long, we exchange glances and kind, sweet, admiring smiles. 2nd period is over,and now its brunch. You stop me from walking out of class and ask if i’d like to sit and eat with you. I must say, theres nothing i like more than sharing pb&j, grapes, and orange juice with you. in room b6.

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Daily story: so my brother and I were obsessed with pat the bunny when we were younger and whenever we saw a bunny we would try to pat it right? Well one time our parents took us to a pet shop to get our dog and we day a display of bunnies and my brother basically broke into the display and grabbed a bunch of bunnies and we sat there petting them until we got kicked out cause you weren't supposed to handle them without a worker and we "broke a display" but the bunnies were fine and happy so

Oh my god. I want to pet bunnies D: