Daily Prayer

Daily Prayers

Hey everyone! :) I just thought I’d write down some of my daily prayers. Some are traditional Catholic prayers, others are of my own creation. I have it written down where they’re mine, the rest are just well known ones from the Church. These are my morning prayers! In addition to these, I pray my rosary as soon as I wake up, so those prayers are also be included. I’ll make a few more posts for the other prayers throughout the day.

Morning Prayers

Apostle’s Creed 
I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord: Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary; suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.
He descended into hell; the third day He rose again from the dead; He ascended into heaven, is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; from thence He shall come to judge the living and the dead. 
I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting. 

Our Father
Our Father who art in Heaven, 
Hallowed be thy name. 
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, 
On Earth as it is in Heaven. 
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. “
And lead us not into temptation, 
But deliver us from evil. 

Hail Mary 
Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with thee. 
Blessed art thou among women, 
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. 
Holy Mary, mother of God,
Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. 

Glory Be
Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. 
As it was then, is now, and ever shall be a world without end. 

Lord Be With Me
Lord be with me in the morning, 
Through my day, 
And in the night. 
Bring me courage to sing your songs,
And be as holy as I can be. 
Let the devil plague me not in the hours of temptation, 
With his fiendish ways and cunning wiles, 
Which will last as long as I live.
God protect me from all dangers, 
But most of all, Lord,
Allow me to serve you to the best of my ability. 
This I pray O God, 

- Olivia Bernadette 

Mealtime Prayer 

Bless Us Oh Lord 
Bless us, Oh Lord,
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive from thy bounty,
through Christ, Our Lord.


I’m in the UK and recently received a package from the US from a fellow Catholic that I deeply admire and care about.  This person has been instrumental in deepening my faith . Within the package was a written note that included a request that I pray for him.
Though i did not say this out loud, I mentally replied that I do pray for him and have been doing so for a few years.

Now, some people have asked me what to do when someone or a fellow Catholic says “Pray for me”

You can pray for the person the way that I do by including them in my daily prayers or rosary devotions. 

Alternatively, you can use any one or more of the methods below.  The suggestions below are courtesy of Ask A Carmelite Sister

  • Pray the Our Father, either silently or vocally, and put in the person’s name during the prayer. Here is an example of the Our Father prayed for a person named John. “John’s Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come within John, Thy Will be done by John. Give John this day his daily bread and forgive him his trespasses, as he forgives those who trespass against him. And lead him not into temptation, but deliver John from all evil. Amen.”
  • When the prayer is for someone who has strayed away from the faith, or is somehow lost, pray to Our Blessed Mother and enroll (John)  in “Mary’s Lost and Found Society.” To enroll, simply say “Dear Mother, I make the intention here and now of placing John in your Lost and Found Society. Please take care of John.” That’s it.  Leave the rest to Our Lady.
  • Sister Briege McKenna tells people to pray the following prayer:  “Holy Spirit, I ask you to stir up the graces of John’s Baptism within his soul to strengthen and help him.”
  • While praying, close your eyes and think of Christ dying on the Cross on Calvary. Still with your eyes closed, or if you prefer while gazing at a crucifix, see yourself climbing Calvary with your bundle of requests for prayers, or if you prefer, see yourself walking up Calvary with John. Kneel at the foot of the cross and ask Jesus to take care of him. Then, see yourself walking alone back down Calvary and not looking back, saying “Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place these intentions (for John) in your hands.” Leave the rest to Christ.
  • Light a votive candle at your church, if it uses votive candles. Kneel and tell Our Lord that you have lit the candle with John in mind; say a prayer, asking that its burning become a symbol, a reminder, a concrete expression of your prayer.  People like it when you say you lit a candle and said a prayer for them. People also place the lighted candle near a certain saint’s picture or statue, asking for that saint’s intercession.
  • If you like to sing, find a hymn and place John’s name in it as above. Sing it with all your heart.
  • Place a photo of the person who is asking you for prayers in your Bible. Choose the verse you would like to place it near. This doesn’t replace personal prayer; I do it in addition to personal prayer.
The way to begin to truly see beauty in yourself...

The way to begin to truly see beauty in yourself is to begin to see beauty in all of life, and to realize you are connected to life, and that you are a part of life’s great beauty. Believing in your own inner-beauty as a wondrous and unique being will begin to shift your perspectives about the world from cynicism to reverence. If you cannot immediately change your external circumstances, start with your words. We are all constructed out of our self-dialogue. Start with your inner-voice. Your inner-dialogue has a profound impact on your life. Make sure your ritual is not a daily prayer for failure through negative self-talk, ruminations, and gossip. Understand and challenge your personal narrative. Narratives become choices and actions — which become your life. Choose thoughts that give you the emotions of feeling alive and excited about life. Make a truce with your inner-voice and speak ever so kindly and respectfully of yourself. What you talk about you anchor yourself to, so if you want to change your life — change your dialogue. Making peace with your negative inner-voice is like making peace with a great enemy. Your inner-voice can become a protector and champion of your life. You give life to your problems with your words. If you really want change, then begin to use your words to give life to solutions. Your struggle is your strength. If you can resist becoming negative, bitter or hopeless, in time, your struggle will give you everything.

— Bryant McGill

For more clarity you can read in context here:

(This passage is from the “Simple Reminders” book, but I post all my writings freely as a gift for those who cannot afford them. If these writings have benefited you, please kindly leave a review at bryantmcgill.com/sr-amazon)

Are you even a layman?

One of my favorite lectures or parts of a lecture is this clip(arabic only) by Shaykh Raslaan حفظه الله. A very motivational reminder for us to ponder. To think and evaluate our own conditions. To summarize the main point of what the Shaykh said, many of us think we are ‘students’ of knowledge. We posture ourselves like them. We answer questions like them. We try to put ourselves in a position to seem as though we are students, however we are-in reality-barely laymen.

A layman, the general Muslim, prays his five daily prayers. He exhorts himself in the voluntary prayers, especially tahhajjud. He learns and recites the book of Allah. He stays away from haraam and takes what is needed from the halaal. He knows the fundamental issues of his belief(aqeedah) and the general matters of his deen(how to pray, fast, zakat, etc.). This is a layman.

You see reading Kitaab at Tawheed, while we no doubt say it is virtuous to study, does not make you a student, let alone a scholar. Reading selected chapters of fiqh books, or knowing something of the Quran(or even all of it) doesn’t make one a student of knowledge, automatically. Lack of understanding this issue is what makes us promote people to the level of ‘scholar’ so easily because we don’t even know what the average 9-5 Muslim is supposed to be. 

There was a time in our history, as a nation, that even children memorized the entire Quran. You could walk down the street and find a merchant who sold the most meager goods,but later meet him in the masjid and find him leading the people in salaatu taraweeh. THESE were LAYMEN in the past. In our time, we’ve let our ignorance envelope us to such a degree a man barely needs to know anything anymore. As long as he speaks well, he’s a ‘scholar’. Yet many of us, and those who get up to open their mouths, barely pray. We barely exhort ourselves in worship. How many of us are praying qiyaamul layl, consistently? It’s been x amount of years, and we’re still talking about “I’ll memorize the Quran”. 

Before you run around trying to play student you need to ask yourself, are you even a layman?

Urgent Prayer Request 12/3/16

Ive been sitting here trying to think how to write this through all these tears. My stomach is in knots an I feel so sick. I have cried so much this day over Ash that my eyes burn and hurt.
Let me first get this out…  I HATE CANCER. I HATE BRAIN CANCER. UGH! 

Please know I’m not posting this to gain popularity on here or attention. Im posting this because I desperately need it to spread. Please reblog this and pray for Ash daily. He really needs them. Pray for his strength. Pray that he makes it. This is such a hard battle on him. He promiced me he’s gonna fight. Thats what hes doing. He hasn’t given up on me yet. Hes came close. But hes still pushing with all he has in him. 

Where do I start?

5am I wake up to a text message.  “Im at the hospital.” and every bit of this day has gone downhill fast.

Ash has been fighting a fever for three days now. Last night he had a bad nose bleed that wouldnt stop. He got sick an started vomiting blood he got so nausious an that scared him. But the worst part up in the night his eyes got stuck wide open. He cannot close them or blink but he is able to move them; an now they are bloodshot red. The hospital has admited him. They have told him that this is very dangerous.
Theyve given him pain medicine, muscle relaxers, took blood the whole nine yards.

He came back to tell me after they had covered his eyes an put drops in them to protect him from infection that he is so tired an exausted. They scanned him again the second Brain Tumor in the back of his head has gotten worse.Its very deep. They are now planning his surgery they said he cannot make it to January that it has to happen now. So now the time frame is 10 days. Anytime that the main surgen flys in they can do it. I just pray that he hurries up and I also pray that his Family hurries up an gets to him before its to late. He is all alone, nobodys there and it kills me. God please comfort him.

“The human brain its very complicated an this can be one of the new Tumor damages” This keeps ringing inside my mind. That tumor has destroyed his eyes an now they cannot close…. WHY! 

Im on a time watch with Ashi an I cant stand it. This is so hard.
I am so heartbroken.  Why does God give you people to make you so happy an then take them away just to be sad again?

Please pray everyone. Pray hard. Pray for healing an peace. Pray for Ash’s Family. Ive lost people in my life to Cancer but this is the hardest one ive ever had to go through. 


Help us Father God!

God gave you that crooked smile, those freckles, that height, that eye shape, that nose, those stretch marks, the moles. You were created special. In His image. Don’t try to change yourself to look like someone else. There’s no one more beautiful than you. love yourself, embrace everything about your body. It is your temple until your very last breath so make it a home you love. Thank Him for making you the way you are because you are loved, and there’s someone out there that wishes you would see what they do.
Today's Prayer (5/1/14):

Dear God,
I know I get distracted by the things of this world far too often. I take my eyes off of You for one second, and lose focus so easily. Heavenly Father, I pray that You would bring me back to where I need to be. I want to bring You glory. I want to give You all my attention. You are a God who knows my heart, and it’s tendency to wander. Yet, you love me anyways and still continue to pursue me. Thank You Lord.

Today's Prayer (8/24/14):

Dear God,
It’s difficult to see what You’re doing in my life right now. Help me to trust in Your perfect plan. You know what is best for me, and I often forget that. Give me a peace about my future, and give me clarity about my purpose. I want to live how You want me to! I love you Lord. Amen.