I’m sorry!

// I’m very sorry about my inactivity!

I’m pretty exhausted and actually sick at the moment so I was mostly in bed the past few days and might not be able to post much the next few days, too. I will upload whenever I can but it won’t be daily, I guess.

I will try to get back to daily posting as soon as I can!

I hope you understand!

Also a HUGE thank you for 250 followers!! I’m very very thankful for that, this community is great!

Thanks for reading!


sunday 19.2 & monday 20.2, semester six, week six

Baked, cooked, ate & took a walk – that was my Sunday. I did a bit of linguistics in the evening, but that’s frankly all. Today was better. I tidied and took care of the house in the morning, reading a bit as well. (By the way, this book on contemporary central Asia at the library had never been borrowed before me. Never… How sad is that?) Anyways, I spent my afternoon on my translation paper, and I finally finished it! Yay. Good Monday for me. (I’ll feel less guilty when enjoying a day out tomorrow then.)