This sketch was supposed to be cute and adorable… I don’t know what happened

KnB Replace PLUS Special Chapter: Girls’ Day [English]

Translation: @midorichan10 [LINK]
Raws: here
Cleaning/Typesetting: @suzu-yuki

This took longer than I thought it would. I did it anyway. = w = Please enjoy and thank Midori-chan ( @midorichan10 ) for the translation!

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bruhccellati  asked:

First of all, congrats on 1k followers! Your art is lovely and you definitely deserve it <3 Also, can I request a Gyro since I've just started reading sbr (and he's awesome af)? Have a nice day!!

Thank you!! :> i dont think ive drawn him before, so this was really fun! (thats a little weird tho cause hes my favorite from sbr??)

anyway without further ado:


I recently started a new long-form photography blog on my portfolio site- the first real entry is a list of fifteen of my  FAVORITE PHOTOBOOKS: 2015

Images above:

1. Nobuyoshi Araki / Crazy Old Man A 
2. Masahisa Fukase / Wonderful Days
3. Ed Templeton / Wayward Cognitions
4. Yusuke Yamatani / Rama Lama Ding Dong
5. Nobuyoshi Araki / Imka


So my main problem with Japanese Denny’s is that it fucking sucks. 

If I’d been drunk when I went to Denny’s in Tokyo for the first time–as originally planned–I probably would have cried and stormed out in protest. Instead I quietly sat there with my jaw hanging open, staring at a menu of grilled fish, soup and rice. Where the Christ was the signature Grand Slam? My entire daily caloric intake combined and presented on a single plate with an ice-cream scoop of butter? Yes, there were unhealthy things, but I recognized none of them. Weird bun-less hamburger patties and Japanese omelet (please Google Japanese omelet I can’t even begin to explain) drizzled with white (mayo?) sauce. I settled for a meal of 2 pancakes found hidden on the dessert menu, which came to me–tasting dry as fuck–despite arriving on a plate soaked in melted vanilla ice cream.

I miss North America.