“dahmer was the first one where i was not doing comedy stuff anymore, where i was really digging into me as a human and really kind of transferred into what i wanted to do as an actor, which was much deeper darker more interesting roles … there was a lot of weight to that and it relied solely on me and that empowered me as artist, to know i could carry a little tiny move, that’s fine. and then a lot of good things came out of that and it was recognised and especially recognised within the industry. and that gave me other opportunities.”

 - jeremy renner on dahmer


The Life Failures of Four Big Serial Killers

Ted Bundy: Dropped out of law school several times, never held a job for very long, was rejected by most of the law schools to which he applied due to mediocre LSAT scores and unimpressive (B average) grades, signed his own death warrant by rejecting a guilty plea.

Jeffrey Dahmer: No friends, no boyfriends, barely made it through high school and flunked out of college after a semester, was discharged from the army before completing his tour of duty due to alcoholism, held menial jobs his entire life, was eventually fired from his menial jobs, lived in a shithole apartment in a bad area of Milwaukee, was evicted from said shithole apartment, was a severe alcoholic, was at one point homeless and sleeping on the beach in Florida shortly after his army discharge, lived with his grandmother for years.

Richard Ramirez: No jobs his entire adult life?  Addicted to cocaine, held no steady place of residence, no close friends, no girlfriends, had awful teeth, only experienced sex with women he violently coerced into the act, smelled terrible

Ed Kemper: No close friends or girlfriends, only experienced sexual intercourse with corpses, lived with his mother, held only menial jobs.


15 Somewhat Mundane Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer:

  1. Disliked his brief employment as a phlebotomist because he hated sticking people with needles.
  2. Slept with around 200 people.
  3. Apparently liked flannel before it was cool–neighbor Vernell Bass recalled often seeing him in flannel, and he can be seen wearing flannel in several photographs.
  4. Was once as a senior given ten whacks from a paddle as punishment for being caught with alcohol at school.
  5. Admired jewelry, especially rings, and in fact bought a blue topaz ring for $1500 in the summer of 1987. He ended up pawning it a year later because he was low on cash.
  6. Vacuumed his apartment on Sundays. He generally liked keeping his home and his person very neat and tidy. However, when depressed, he would stop taking care of himself, going days without shaving or bathing, and his apartment would become littered with booze bottles.
  7. Thought it was a good idea to set up a Satanic altar complete with skulls and black glittering lights in his grandmother’s house.
  8. Favorite beer was Budweiser, “the king” of beers in his opinion.
  9. Liked McDonalds and once described himself as “living off” the restaurant chain’s food in a Thanksgiving home video recorded by his father.  Took refuge at the fast food establishment during his senior prom, which he decided to attend for some reason.
  10. Took German in high school.
  11. Enjoyed camp and the theatricality of drag queens.
  12. Among the items found in his apartment after his arrest were a tube of acne lotion, a taped episode of The Cosby Show, several jars of various protein powders, and two plastic griffins.  The only food in his apartment were bags of Doritos and Ruffles potato chips.
  13. Presented himself as a sort of class clown in high school, performing a variety of odd stunts such as bleating like a sheep, acting like a person afflicted with cerebal palsy, faking seizures, and screaming out random things in the middle of class.  However, his classmates usually laughed at him rather than with him, finding his sense of humor too dark and bizarre for comfort.
  14. Stated in his confession that he started drinking as young as age 13 to alleviate some of the severe shyness and anxiety he felt around his classmates.  A fellow student named Chip Crofoot reported that he’d seen Dahmer taking sips from a flask of gin he kept in his locker in seventh grade.
  15. Did not have air conditioning in his apartment.

“Mr. Dahmer did not feel as though these people were dead because he was still relating to them.  He would talk to them, he would cuddle them, he would hold them, he would think about them.  He took the skull of somebody he’d killed and kept it in a locker so he could be close and have companionship with it.  Now, that’s very, very sick, but to him it felt as though there was something warm and comforting happening, not that he was doing something terrible and awful.”

- Dr. Fred Berlin, a psychiatrist for the defense