Doodles of some characters I love but don’t really know what to DO with AHHH!!!

They’re from my pokemon gijinka days, two were in a group of SUPERHEROS..
Jo had(has?) telekinetic powers, v powerful!! (reuniclus) 
Santi, Nina and Nemo back there came in later, probably have similar powers? never got to develop them much

Alt design for dagmar where she DIED (Yamask)

And the little Pyro is Lyell. Lyell is not a good person (gengar)

I’ve been trying to repurpose them into different worlds of mine, but they’re AMAZINGLY STUBBORN and don’t wanna fit anywhere else


So APPARENTLY, Jergen is NOT Vilkas and Farkas’ father!
He rescued the boys from a necromancer.
I’m a little pissed at this because the lore didn’t have that information when I was doing my research before starting this blog. But still, I admit that I should’ve been a better mun and keep doing constant research. That doesn’t matter now, though.
I’m doing some minor changes to the plot to adjust to the new infos.
Jergen and Dagmar had been married for five years and they hadn’t been able to have any children. Jergen finds the boys when they were 7 months old and took them home where Dagmar fell in love with them almost instantly so they adopted them.
The rest stays as it was, Dagmar dies when the boys are 3 and Jergen has no choice but to take them to Jorrvaskr with him. Then hegoes to the Great war and dies when the boys are 8.
The end.
The two of them will be coming into the mortal world tomorrow for the birth of the new twins and then they will confess the truth to Vilkas and Farkas. I will not be held responsible for anyone’s feels.

some suggestions for that outfit meme, dagmar as a scene/emo and vincent in something ‘he’d never wear’.

the only thing i could think of was ‘Dagmar’s clothes’, but i didn’t really wanna draw Vincent Dagmar’s exact outfit so I just drew him in some stupid hipster outfit.

fun fact, this image isn’t shaded because Vincent manifested physically in my house and smashed my tablet over my head, giving me a concussion but not killing me.


Joan and Dagmar were originally in the same world together,,so I’ve been trying to rework her into Otiose as well!

She’d be something considered Unusual..a very Thin black neph.
Most black nephilim have a rather slooow metabolism, and hold onto weight easily! But Dag here seems to have an excessively fast metabolism..and has trouble keeping up with the sheer amount of calories her body burns right through

And of course, she’ll always be a maneater