Doodles of some characters I love but don’t really know what to DO with AHHH!!!

They’re from my pokemon gijinka days, two were in a group of SUPERHEROS..
Jo had(has?) telekinetic powers, v powerful!! (reuniclus) 
Santi, Nina and Nemo back there came in later, probably have similar powers? never got to develop them much

Alt design for dagmar where she DIED (Yamask)

And the little Pyro is Lyell. Lyell is not a good person (gengar)

I’ve been trying to repurpose them into different worlds of mine, but they’re AMAZINGLY STUBBORN and don’t wanna fit anywhere else


Joan and Dagmar were originally in the same world together,,so I’ve been trying to rework her into Otiose as well!

She’d be something considered Unusual..a very Thin black neph.
Most black nephilim have a rather slooow metabolism, and hold onto weight easily! But Dag here seems to have an excessively fast metabolism..and has trouble keeping up with the sheer amount of calories her body burns right through

And of course, she’ll always be a maneater


I’m still trying to get used to drawing Hellefix as a Charr so for now I’m just getting used to drawing her as a humanoid charr cause that’s easier for me xD
Oh and in the last pic, there’s Jude’s GW2 chara, Dagmar
//whispers gal pals