this was a nightmare to do bc a) dude’s design was tricky for me and b) i was trying out a new coloring technique and shit so yikes but i kinda like how it looks anyway

anyhow, this is Dagmar and i absolute adore him???? like holy shit what a Guy

Dagmar belongs to @missthunderkin​ (please check out their art it’s phenomenal also Dag is just??? amazing??? and i hope i did him some justice???)

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Proposal (Closed thread)

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“That’ll give us, what? An hour?” He continued nuzzling at her neck, beginning to nip at her jawline. “I was supposed to whip some of our new recruits into shape this morning but I can get one of the others to do it.” 

“Breakfast sounds good.” Ranulfr nibbled on her earlobe, a smirk quirking on his lips. “I’m hungry and I can’t promise what I’ll do with such delicious prey in front of me…” 


Just a couple of older drawings I’m moderately proud of.

(Top image): The very first drawing of the Tokktokki. There was originally going to be one sapient species on Dagmar but now there’s seven.

(Middle image): An oil dragon. They’re amphibious dragons that swallow prey whole. They primarily dwell in petroleum-rich caves but hunt for prey in salt or fresh waters. They have a powerful sense of smell and touch. Their bodies are also covered in a slimey coat of mucus.

(Bottom image): Oil dragon to the left and two (Natural) gas dragons to the right. The bottom one is a male while the top is a female. These wyvern-like dragons live in muggy, warm caves. They’re obligate carnivores and rely on ambush techniques to capture prey. Their bodies are covered in leathery skin.