Daft Love

tinyconfusion asked:

He would definitely call Rose and their daughter sweetheart...he'd also call Rose other endearments but only in the bedroom ;)


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Are you still taking prompts? if so: a long road trip with good friends? thank you. x

[cracks knuckles] why not

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.” 

Friends || Eliza and the Bear
Go Outside || Cults
Renegades || X Ambassadors
Young Volcanoes || Fall Out Boy
April || Hello Mexico
Good Life || OneRepublic
The Reckless and the Brave || All Time Low
Infinity || Young Guns
Digital Love || Daft Punk


Hmm. It’s a little too late to be printing these out, so just consider it a gift for all you fine people tonight.

Anyway, the fact that these two went to see Phantom of the Paradise 20 times since they love it so much is just hilarious to me. It just tickles me pink that the fathers of modern electronic music are not only very close friends who who grew up together, but also huge, unapologetic dorks.