I’m not the type of girl anybody wants to be with. My body takes up too much space and I laugh too loudly for too long and I shout when other people are quiet and when I’m drunk I type in caps and I always wanted to be mysterious and beautiful and untouchable like other girls but if you ask I will give you everything and I fucking despise that


Women are always women : VOY “the Q and the Grey”

- Kathryn Janeway, may I present Q. -
- Not just any Q. His Q. -
- We were involved for a while. - 
- About four billion years. And now you desert me to pollute the Continuum with the DNA of this narrow little being. - 
- I never said it was exclusive. - 
- Stay away from him. -   

kis esti parádé

nagyfater idejön, mondja, hogy csalódott bennem, megint
na mondom mifasz
aszongya: azt hitte már kinőttem a sátánizmust
nézek, mifasz
ja, hogy megosztottam azt egy ördögös posztot (jön az ördög és arra kér, dizájnoljak meg egy új poklot),
ahá. de akkor mikor gondolt még sátánistának? gyerekkoromban az iron maiden miatt vagy mi?
 jó, mindegy. magyarázom neki, hogy az fb-m egy játszótér.
otthagy.elszívok inkább egy cigit


What are they up to this time

I think there’s something wrong with me 

Like profesor at the uni calling me the dimunitive version of my name out of a blue was weird, but ok

My coworker was fairly understandable, cause she called other person similar

but I was yesterday at the post

And that random girl working there goes:

‘So, ms. Agatka, please fill here also’