Dear Daenerys

It’s not just the fact that you’re gone that hurts. It’s that sometimes I forget, and then remember again.

Last night I came home and was worried that you weren’t waiting at the door. I ran through the house looking for you, before I remembered you were no longer there.

Last night I got up and went up the stairs to go to bed and when I didn’t almost trip over you I turned to see where you were.

Last night I shifted and turned and was surprised when my foot didn’t come against you and disturb you as you sprawl over the bed.

This morning I reached out for you and you weren’t there. I called for you to come outside but you never came.

Knowing you’re gone isn’t even what hurts the most. It’s those moments when I think you’re still there that make me wonder when it will stop hurting.

It’s the moments I turn around and expect your smiling face that rip the wound open again.

It’s the moments I reach out for you and find nothing that make me break down.

I know you’re in a good place on the other side, running faster than you ever could in this realm. I know you’re waiting for the day I join you.

I know that a part of you is still here, that you’re there with every memory, and that with every time I turn around to look at you, it’s really you and I just can’t see you.

But it still hurts.

I miss you, you weird little dragon. With all my heart.


She jamp.


Head scritches are the way to her heart.


There couldn’t possibly be a better way to pay tribute to the Season 6 Finale of Game of Thrones than to post these incredible Game of Star Wars mash-ups from Andrew Tran / @doctaword!!!

Arya with Needle, the lightsaber is by far my fav, but Daenerys, Mother of Rancors and Jaime Lannister, the Sith Slayer are so cleverly named too!!!

698 Days until the Han Solo Movie

537 Days until Episode VIII










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