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/Credits: Samy.

R + L = J

There’s still many speculation behind the nature of Rhaegar and Lyanna’s relationship, so I would like to (try to) clear it up with the most logical solution.

When Ned Stark and Howland Reed found Lyanna “in a bed of blood”, she forced Ned to promise her something. The bed of blood is most likely one of child birth, and Lyanna got Ned to promise her he would raise Jon as his own.

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So look, here’s my Daenerys Targaryen rant.

There has never been a character who has inspired me so much. Emilia Clarke… Has been perfectly casted. She will forever be planted in my mind and in my heart for what she’s done with Daenerys. 

But Daenerys.

That woman has seen Hell and she has seen everything beyond it, and look at her now. She has done most of this shit herself, and all of this shit is coming together. Jorah, our “betrayer”, is faithful to her and loves her every second of the way. Daario, who viewers barely know and Dany barely knows, pledged his faith and loyalty, and every single person within those walls surrendered to her and their Mhysa.

So I cannot explain enough my love for a character as much as Daenerys, and as stereotypical as it is. 

But holy shit,

Daenerys Targaryen.