Grifter #2 verdict

Very nice!

This issue is much better than the first. You see him use his ingenuity and instincts to overcome his obstacles. I don’t care for the girlfriend at all to be honest. I hope the Daemonites get some explanation and some background, but I love the way they work.


Here’s to underrated characters

Damned Dirty Daemonites!!

Ok so I need some help. I’m thinking of making a big informational post about the Daemonites the only problem is that they’ve shown up, and are very important, in a few comic books that I don’t read or haven’t read, namely: Grifter, Voodoo, and the original Wildstorm comics where they got their start. 


I’m asking you, dear friends, to help me out by submitting in my inbox any Daemonite info that you have, I’ll put together something and credit you for every contribution I use. Text is fine, links are cool too, pictures are text would be awesome.

Thank you, in advance to every one decides to submit something!

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